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by coie - September 21st, 2007.
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I detest chickens.  Every time I walk to and from the barn I turn around and see our chickens gathering together from the four corners of Curry Farm and swarming behind me.  It is a scary thing to hear and see 50 chickens flocking towards you. When I get to the barn I shut the door, otherwise all fifty will be in my way as I milk the goats.  If I shut the door then only about 10 will make it in and annoy me.  There are 3 in particular that we hatched (they were actually eggs from the AUSTINS) and they are so cute, but SO annoying.  They jump up onto the milk stand and get in the way and peck my shoes and legs and it makes me crazy.  But despite that fact, I believe I shall always have chickens.  Simply because I like the eggs and meat that we get from them.

More later…this dumb computer is giving me more trouble than our lunatic chickens.

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    i like it when the flock comes swarming around when i walk to the barn. it makes me feel like a powerful all controlling World Leader Chicken Potentate. :: insert evil psychotic laugh ::

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    I have to say, I think this is the first blog post I've read about how dumb chickens are.

  3. HI:)

    You are a funny girl and what fun to catch up a little on your blog!!:)

    When you asked about what/how to share Christ…. listen and let them know that you will be praying for them! Other people that do not know Christ.. have told me that that made me stand out….. among other things. (hee, hee, hee):)


    Mrs. J.

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    Chickens ARE the devil, i'm convinced. My mom (your grandma Sheila) was a attacked by one at one point. Ask your mom, she'll tell you the story. It was the first and only time she swore (that i know of).. lol

    Bet you can't imagine perfect, godly grandma Sheila swearing! me neither . I prolly would have croked from shock. Good thing i wasn't born yet

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    50? When was the last time YOU counted? there's 49.

    -Chicken Counter

  6. Affectionate

    They are just showing you loyalty and affection.

    It is sweet!

    … Or maybe they hope you'll feed them : )

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    Nothing like taking out your frustrations on the neck of a pesky chicken!

    Hey, have y'all thought about raising a couple of TURKEYS?! That would be funny. And useful for the holidays too.

  8. Chickens…

    I totally agree. They are dumb and evil, and dare I quote Chicken Run, organized. That has got to be the only movie where I am cheering for the mean lady. Oh well… maybe I'll sign off and go eat chicken soup. That should make me feel superior and totally on top of everything. 🙂 What can I say? I derive power from little things! lol. ~Dana

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