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Broken People

by coie - September 12th, 2007.
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I’m coming to realize more and more that the people I work with who seem the jolliest, have the saddest lives.  I keep a notebook in my apron pocket and on the very last page I have people’s name written down and records of the stories they’ve told me or that I’ve heard from others.  It’s heartbreaking really.  Most of them are not saved– how do they keep a smile pasted on?  And here I am, in my little happy bubble, not having to face what these people have. 

Some came from abusive homes.  Two of them recently had close family members die.  One has MS.  One’s wife died, and dad commited suicide.  Today someone told me that he has to take his 7 year old son in to get tested for Luekemia tomorrow.  I almost started crying today just realizing that most of them don’t have any hope to hold on to.  And I wonder — do they think I am different?  Can they see JOY in me and not just a phony smile?  Am I displaying COMPASSION and not just saying "I’m sorry" as a conversation filler?  I want to witness to these people.  I’ve become friends with them.  Now what?

Please pray that God will always give me the right words and the courage I need to speak out.  I’d like to know from those of you that grew up in sad situations how people witnessed to you.  What caused you to be drawn to Christ?  How was the person that witnessed to you different?

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    keep your "witnessing" to yourself.


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    Dear Coie-

    Letting people know that I am praying for them is one way I plant a seed. Many people can see that we are different by how we live. I know sometimes we need to say more and that is when we need to continue to pray for the Lord's wisdom and that He will speak through us. I know that you are a JOY- filled young lady. I love that about you! I can see your heart and your desire to share your love for Him with others. Especially those who just don't know HIM. (Probably like the commentor before me)

    What a MIGHTY GOD we serve and what a great example you are for us all.

    I have said a prayer for you tonight.

    Love & Blessings,

    Mrs R

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    I will pray for you.

    I became a Christian when I was four years old… so I cannot really offer wisdom of how I was drawn to Christ.

    However, I have had the privelege of leading 3 friends in the "Sinner's Prayer" and in all three cases it was with friends who I had been slowing witnessing to over the course of 3 or more years each. I believe that living a life that is different echoes what we are telling them with our words and they gradually become hungry for what they see that is different about how we cope with life.

    As I said, I will be praying for you!

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    I grew up in a christian home.

    I think the greatest witness is the life that you lead. If you have joy and peace in your life, it will (or should be) evident in your everyday. Other people should look at you and say <i>I want what she has!</i> If you're bitter, mean or unhappy and claim to be a Christian, then why in the world would anybody want what you have?

    (*you* being a general term here).

    I'm nervous about witnessing outright to other people. I'm confident in so many things but really hate confrontation. I have found that the best thing you can do when talking to others about Jesus Christ is to just tell what he has done for *you*. The difference he has made, the peace he has given, the prayer he has answered, the void he has filled. And just be honest and try not to use religious lingo. Not everyone knows what it means to be "saved", but most can understand "giving your life completely to God."

    I'll be praying for you!



  5. Coie

    First of all, I am positive that people around you see joy, peace, love…you exhibit this fruit…how can it not be seen by others?

    I have come to the realization in the past year that it takes time for people to trust, it takes time to build relationships, close relationships where others feel comfortable revealing parts of their self to you. It is in those moments that God is in control of that miracles take place…but all of the pieces must be put there by God, not us.

    You are asking some great questions….I came to know and love Christ at age 25. I went through alot of junk before this happened and I just want to say how blessed you are to come from a home that teaches you the things of God. Not all homes have that…I come from such a home. I was encouraged to find my own path, but never knew what my parents truly believed. I have to say that it was in the relationships with people that truly exhibited God's love that encouraged me in my relationship with Christ.

    My advice would be…show love to those around you unconditionally. They will see it and want to know where you got it 🙂

    Mrs. S-ig

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    Coie, in listening to your burden for the lost I can't help but think how we are all broken. It's true that many folks endure terribly sad situations, but before coming to Christ we all have one thing in common. We are DEAD in sin and trespasses. Jesus' first message to men in Mt. 4:17 was to repent. Even though His life and example were perfect His message was always the same. Repent. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. We're exhorted to always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, 1 Pet.3:15. Our mouths must always proclaim Christ crucified. If in witnessing we merely focus on the benefits of being born-again (which are marvelous), we lose the main thrust. Our benefits and blessings as Christians must never overshadow the vast mercy and grace of God extended to us in salvation. Keep shing your light, keep salting your corner of the world!!

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    Hey Coie!

    *looks sheepish* I haven't been on your blog for a long time! I'm now at (can't log into HSB, grrr).

    Anyway, I know what you mean about people who seem happy, or sort of happy, but have no ultimate hope. It can be heart breaking to realize. Pray for them, and… I don't know what to say. Pray that God would give you opportunities to share the hope that is within you, and that you would recognize them and take them!

    In Him,


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