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At Least I'm Worth SOMETHING

by coie - September 10th, 2007.
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The Service Desk Supervisor, Chuck, at Home Depot held the scan gun to my forehead the other day, frowned at it, and said, "One Cent?  That’s it?!"  Humph.  He is the type where no one knows if he is always joking or always grumpy, so you laugh at him all the time and then realize he is nice.  When he acts grumpy, you call him Chuckles.

I wore pants to work last week, and I think I almost caused a few heart attacks.

I had to stand at self checkout for 6 1/2 hours on Saturday.  I contemplated knocking over the candy stand just to add a bit of excitement in our nearly empty store.  Oh wait…it was full…..of employees.  No customers.  When 8:30 came around they finally let me do jobs around the store like filling up the fridges with soda and bringing returns back to the proper departments.  It was the highlight of my day.

Tomorrow mom and us kids will go to a Park Day in Sevierville, so that should be fun.


What is your favorite book and why?

How do YOU witness to the people around you?

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  1. Untitled Comment

    Thanks for wearing pants. Glad to hear that my sister has enough sense to wear pants.

    -Your sister (the Nerdy one. BTW, did I tell you about my conversation with Mr. Burnett about nerds?)

  2. Coie

    Hmmm….two very different questions. My favorite book tends to be whatever I am reading at the time. Right now, it is Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens and The Shunning by Beverly Lewis. I also just finished The Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers. I really had a hard time putting those down. They definitely encouraged me to think about how I live my life as a Christian…which leads to the second question (I guess they were not so different after all)

    I try to live my life as a witness to others about the love of God, not necessarily speaking certain words and phrases that are typical things to say as a Christian, but being who God has called me to be….relating to others and loving others where they are.

    Hope you are doing well! We miss you all 🙂

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    Other than the Bible (of course… and I REALLY do love reading the Bible, I'm not just saying that because it sounds like its the right thing to say),

    I have a lot of favorite books, but one of my VERY, VERY favorites is Hinds Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard. (As a matter of fact, I have a daughter named Hannah partly b/c of my love of this book!)

    This book is timeless and I have read it over and over and every time get something new out of it depending on what is going on in my life. It is a book about the our spiritual journey and perserversance and trusting God and so many other wonderfully encouraging spiritual truths.

    I have been known to buy copies of it from and give them away!

    If you have never read it, I STRONGLY reccommend it!

  4. Yo!

    So my mom posted a comment, so I guess I will too.

    I'd have to say my favorite book is, umm, The Circle Trilogy by Ted Dekker, or, House by Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti. They're really cool cause there's so much evil, but there's even more light, there's a million times more light, which I think helps witness to other people. Anyway, I just thought I'd say Hey.

    Come check out my blog.



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    So is that you look so dang good in pants that you caused near heart failure? ;0)

    Favorite books… Shirley by Charlotte Bronte, Sophie's Heart by Lori Wick (I'm usually not a fan of that genre but hey–it's a good book.) I have others but those came immediately to mind.

    Witness to people around me? Well, the people around me are usually my children. I think I could always be a better example tho. In public, I try to dress appropriately, look happy even if my children are acting out (that's a hard one sometimes), and be ready to give a reason for the hope that lieth in me….

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    My favorite book, hmm, let me think here. Right now, I would have to say Pride and Prejudice. I love the plot, the way the characters speak, the dresses, the time period, the culture…

    As to how I witness to others, I would have to say at this point that I am just tring to live a Godly life, and allowing that to be my witness. My hope is that the way I act, speak, and talk, will set me apart from others. I don't know that it is, but God and I are working on that.

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    Hey Coie!

    I'm taking a poll on my blog, for use in my upcoming college speech. If you have time in the next day or two, could you come over and answer the question? I need as many responses as possible! Thanks!


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    Where were you??

    I called you but you ignored ME!

    Mrs W and I were sitting there waiting for you!

    Hope everyone i ok.


    Mrs R

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    Hi there! My sisters have new blogs, and they would love it if you would leave them a comment. Their names are Sunshine and HorsieBabe (on the bottom of my friends list). I've got a new post, stop by soon, and read it.


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    my favorite book is the hiding place by corrie tenBoom because it is very inspirational.

  11. Answers to your questions

    Hi Coie,

    Shay and I were reading your blog and I wanted to answer your questions. Here goes:

    1. Book – I have read alot of books in my life and many, at the time, were so meaningful. Eventually I grew very bored with almost any book that came my way. Finally I took this as God's cue to READ THE BIBLE. Actually more like, Study the Bible. So, I have been focusing on Paul's letters. Short answer…The Bible.

    2. Witness – This has been a "biggie" for me because I work with "heathens"…actually very lost, insecure people. Consistent, Christian, behavior and not denying my faith have been my greatest tools. If I try to "preach" they shut down. So, I act in a manner that is consistent with my faith – everyday – and I take my "preaching" swings when the opportunity presents itself. I have found they are more open to the preaching side when Life is "whoopin' up" on them (I have also found that Non-Christians do not handle adversity very well). At this point, they start wanting to talk, and I tell them…"if you take yourself out of the center of your life and put Christ there, and then focus on pleasing Him instead of you……all this stuff starts to melt away". Then it all starts to make sense because they know they are doing a terrible job of running their lives. If you try that when things are going good, they don't listen because they think they got it all under control. So, short answer…Act like a Christian(as an example), do not Deny you are a Christian (so they will know you are there when they need you), and preach when they are ready and willing to listen. Or…you could walk around downtown, wearing a sign that says "The End is Near….Repent or Burn in Eternal Hellfire!!". Either way…it's your call.

    Love your blog and Shay and I are so impressed with the fine Christian Woman that you are becoming…keep it up! God has big plans for you!!!

    Mr. Carr

  12. Books I am reading

    I just found your blog and enjoyed reading it. I am going to make you my friend and tell you that my daughter is 18 and graduated this year and has a blog,

    Right now I am just finishing up reading The Holiness of God and I am reading the book of Romans as well. Next, I will be reading the book Heaven by Randy Alcorn.

    How do you like working at Home Depot and why were they surprised you wear pants? We wear only dresses and skirts and have wondered if that would be a problem if my daughters got jobs at places like that.


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