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Going Orange

by coie - July 27th, 2007.
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My life has suddenly become incredibly busy.  I don’t neccessarily like it.

To my Tuesday sewing students– my Thursday class had NO broken machines.  I think I like them better. haha….just kidding.

To the rest of my readers– I had a sewing class on Tuesday that was nothing short of comical.  It’s a good thing that the three people attending were good friends of our’s.  One machine just plain didn’t work, so after fiddling with it for 15 minutes I remembered that Ryann’s machine was available.  So I ran and got that and set it up for Katie.  Her little sister Kellie was scared of her machine so at this point she was still just staring at the machine and the material yet to be sewed.  I’m glad she delayed or I might have started to laugh deliriously and give up when we found out that her bobbin thread  kept snapping.  Why?  The bobbin housing was defective and was not allowing the thread to come through smoothly.  I played with it over and over and then got the idea to steal the bobbin housing from Katie’s broken machine and switch it over to Kellie’s.  It worked!  Only… class was half over…..Yup…Bean Bags 101 may need to be continued next week.

In other exciting news, I was awarded with the "Weirdo Banner".  I’m strangely honored to display this banner on my blog, which I view as a sister club to my previously mentioned DUMMIES INC.  Only, the weirdo’s club leader isn’t actually a complete dork, so he will probably have a bigger turnout.  But since when is life fair?

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    Yay for weirdos!

    Now I should think up some handshake or something…

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    Congratulations on your award! The twins were impressed, because they knew Joe made the banner!

    Normally I'm not called weirdo, so I fear I shan't join you in your…weirdness club! O:-)


  3. :o)


    Go check out my Mom's blog she is having a contest… here is her link


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    I was thinking before that I wanted to be in your sewing class, but now I'm not so sure, LOL 🙂 Still, maybe if you're ever on my side of the mountain, you can give me a few tips. Quilt squares I can do, but I've never tried to follow a pattern and make clothes before. Let me knwo when you ge tto that class, its only a six hour drive… 🙂 Veronica

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  6. Award

    I gave you an award on my blog! By the way it is in the second entry.

    Thanks for listening!


    ~Miss Corn~

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    A friend of mine is having a contest on her blog. You are suppose to write an entry about a hobbit and comment on her blog telling her that you are/have done it. You can see all the rules on her blog. Oh, and her name is PansyDeepDelver.


    ~Miss Corn~

    PS the link is

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    hey.. you're doing great.. I can't believe what an amazing girl you are- or how amazing of a daughter you are.. or how amazing you are as a sister.

    i love you and am SO proud of my oldest niece.


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    Dear Coie-

    I hope everythign is going well at HD.

    Is it fun or mostly work?

    Fun I hope…Blessings,

    Mrs M

  10. eyebrow

    did you know that i can raise one eyebrow?

    i decided to comment on your blog is because you

    can raise one eyebrow!


  11. Haha, tagged!

    I tagged you on my blog! Come and see! Read The entry before the latest then the first if you want but all you NEED to do in the first is read the end.



    ~Miss Corn~

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    I *CAN'T WAIT* to read your post about shootin' that bird…you are going to post about aren't you??????

    How's the web site coming along?


    Mrs. Carr

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    Hey Coie… how are you? It's been awhile! Sounds like you've had a busy summer. Me, too. I can't believe the summer is almost over and school is about to start!! I tell ya, it flew by.

    Have a great weekend and God bless!


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