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Sleeping In

by coie - July 20th, 2007.
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I was so tired last night that I went to bed around 7:30/8:00 and didn’t wake up till 7 this morning.  It was nice!  I think I was getting sick.

On a random note, did you know that whole cloves have numbing properties?  I read that if you have a toothache you should bite down on a whole clove but I never knew why.  So out of pure curiousity, I bit into one and half my mouth went semi-numb.  It was really neat and now I keep breaking into the clove bottle and stealing some.

And on a sweet note, Ryann stole my alarm clock/cell phone the other day so that I could sleep in.  She likes doing that occasionally for a couple of reasons.  1) She likes to be nice and 2) She thinks it’s funny when I wake up at 7:30 and start freaking out because I think my alarm malfunctioned and I’m late for milking the goats.  Well, this time she left a note that said:

Thank you, Coie, for helping me put the chickens away last night.  I hope the chase didn’t wear you out.  🙂  Sleep in…the goats are taken care of. 🙂

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    Oooh, sleeping in is nice!

    Yeah, I knew cloves were supposed to have numbing properties, but I've never tried it! A few years ago when Dad and I pulled my cat's tooth, we put clove oil in her mouth…I'm not sure if it helped or not, she was terrified! lol

    Aww, that was nice of Ryann! 😀

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    Thank you so much for the encouraging comments! I was beginning to wonder what I had gotten myself into, so those really helped. 🙂


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    your sister is precious.. actually, you ALL are precious! I can't wait for our "Charley-Jess-Ryann-Coie-date" tonight! Anyways, Charley and I love you and we're so thankful to have a niece as COOL as you!

    love jess (the girl in the other room)

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    about the zip line…. Do you have a description or directions somewhere you can direct me to? My welder dh is very interested in this project :0)

  6. OOPS!

    This is my first time to your blog and I was so excited I left you a comment under the wrong post. I left it on your July 6 post~Farmish things.


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    Dear Coie-

    I was wrong. I do have the picture of the "little bird" posted on my blog. I am very forgetful at times. Can you tell? Please forgive me.


    Mrs you know who

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    That's pretty nice, but why would you want to drink GOATS milk?! Blech! I'd rather drink pig milk then goats milk since pigs milk is pink like strawberry milk.

    Just kidding. I think I've had goats milk before but I don't remember if I liked it or not.

  9. Hello you Dear, Sweet, Lovely Girl!

    Ah, Coie, I'm sorry it has taken me so long to visit your blog! I have been reading over at least four pages of your blog–the recent ones–and loving them! You are so nice about posting pictures for your dear old friends back in California! Though I know what you must have thought when you visited us last May–"Wow, these are bona-fide city people-BORING!!! Yikes, I bet Mariel here doesn't even know how to mow the lawn!" Then of course you're going to respond to this comment and say, "Well, do you?" And then I'll respond back and say, "You know, actually, I do? I mowed the front lawn yesterday!" 😛

    Love you, Coie!


    P.S. The new HSB spell-check is telling me I spelled your name wrong! A lot THEY know!

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    You've been awarded the Weirdo banner! That's so funny about the Dummies Inc. club!

    Here's the code for the banner:

    <a target=”_blank” href=””><img src=”” border=”0″ title=”Weirdos Unite!” alt=”Weirdos Unite” /></a>


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    Hey! I'm back! Stop by soon.


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