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My Garden

by coie - July 5th, 2007.
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Yippee!  I checked on my garden this morning and my squash, cucumbers, melons and sunflowers are all coming up!  And, my corn is about 1 foot tall.  I think I’m a true farmer.  😀

Well, my "Aunty Erin" (she’s only a year older than me and she still refers to herself as that) tagged me on her blog.  I don’t usually do tags, but this is the "Seven Weird Things About Yourself" tag, which I kind of enjoy doing.

1. If I put on lipgloss that smells good, it doesn’t stay on for more than thirty seconds. *slurp*  I recently put on one that has spearmint oil, and it supposed to make you have good breath.  It tastes SO good!

2. I use different cups for the different beverages I drink.  There are certain cups I use for tea, coffee, ice water, regular water, and milk.  If I can’t find the right cup, I don’t drink anything.

3. I can be both quiet and shy, or totally bold and bossy (awful, eh?).

4. I have very diverse hobbies/skills.  For instance, in one day I could make a skirt and then go out and weld something.  This is thanks to my dad.

5. I don’t make friends easily, and that is mostly my fault.

6. I am very competitive, but not in a loud way.  It is all in my head and facial expressions.

7. I still dream that I can fly (this happens by me running very quickly and then  putting out my arms and taking off.)

And to finish this up, is this a trick question?

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    haha, I like #5 the best! Only because I dashed any hopes you had of *not* being my friend. Go me!

    I miss you. A lot.

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    I had to laugh at the final question. That IS a tricky one, isn't it. It is similar to a logic question I read the other day:

    1. A Cretan sailed to Greece and told the men there that all Cretans are liars.

    2. Several weeks later the Cretan returned to Greece a second time and told the Greeks that he is ALWAYS truthful.

    So what are the facts here? Is the man from Crete a liar or is he telling the truth?

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    I'm going to prove you to be a liar…

    #6 says 'I am very competitive, but not in a loud way. It is all in my head and facial expressions.'

    Um, even when it comes to competing with dad?

    I don't think so.

    And, you compete while playing Pit, but I must say, your the loudest one when we play.

    Also, it's not your fault for not making friends, it's their fault for not coming to you. lol. It serves them right, since they didn't come up to you and tried to be your friend, they missed out on knowing the best person in the world. 🙂

    Your sister,


  4. Only a year older Aunty


    Does that quiet facial expressions include the nails? They kinda hurt.. Just go ask your cousins!

    Thanks for playing along! 🙂

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    I love flying dreams! They're the best!


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