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Chicken, Anyone?

by coie - July 1st, 2007.
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Tomorrow Ryann and I shall have a great chicken butchering fest.  We will be killing and cleaning out 12-13 roosters.  Ryann and Bobo separated them earlier and it was quite humorous to hear the chickens {which includes my siblings} screaming and squacking as they were caught/ catching.

The goats are all normal now and I’m relieved.  We will be building another gate soon so that they can’t get into the part of the barn containing food.

A couple hours ago I accomplished a great feat.  I got a real, sincere laugh out of my dad.  I think his sisters are best at making him laugh.  Mom says he had to teach himself how to laugh when they first got married because he didn’t know how.  Most of them are pure courtesy, but I got a REAL one today.  I won’t share the subject matter because it was gross and related to James’ reaction to mom’s squash soup (which was very good, by the way).  And don’t take that paragraph to mean that my dad is a grump.  It’s just hard to hit on his type of humour.  🙂

And to wrap it up, I just have to say that it’s kinda funny when one of your relatives who lives in California has to call you when you’ve been in Tennessee for 2 years, to ask if there is an In-N-Out Burger in Roseville, CA.  Yeah, we directed them to it, and then we sat around wishing we had a Double Double w/ cheese and onions and a Dr. Pepper.

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    I'm the first to comment…whoooo hooooo! I don't know why that excited me so…but it does! How are you???? Very well I hope. Wow…ya'll have fun on your butchering day…I'm sure between you and Ryann we'll get some very descriptive posts…and good pictures to boot!

    Have a blessed week!!!!


    Mrs. Carr

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    Now you're making me crave some beef patties!

    It's pretty cool that you still remembered how to get there and all, even after 2 years!

    It's great that you got a sincere laugh, hopefully there'll be more to come past the squash season =D

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    I am like that too… hard to make really laugh, that is. I have a sense of humor, but I think I also have an overriding sense of duty and that makes me too serious a lot of times!

    One thing that makes me laugh, though, is your mom's style of writing! She is so cute and funny, isn't she!

    I think your style is similar in many ways. So you, too, have the ability to make me smile and occasionally even burst out laughing! 🙂

  4. 🙂


    Im skye…

    Im gonna add u to my friends list.

    Comment soon 🙂

    SKYE 🙂

  5. Hey Coie…

    Have fun butchering.

    Glad you got a laught from your dad. That is great.

    My friend's parents actually did know all about the kid, and they were just as excited as she was about getting married. She didn't not rebell against them.

    It just sad that they let her marry him.

    I will post more on this later.

    Hope you are well!!

    As Always…

    !!SUPERANGEL!! !!Amanda!!

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    James's reaction was really good or mom's Mr. P soup was really good?

  7. HI

    I was over at Ryann's blog and thought I'd come over and post a comment!

    That sounds like fun, butchering chickens all day!

    I like the pci of you as your icon! very good!


  8. HI:)

    I loved catching up on all of your pictures and stories! I am glad that the goats seem to be doing better and sad:( that one of them died.:(

    Have a great night and God bless!

    Mrs. J.:)

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    HI, my family and I just had In-N-Out, that's too bad you don't have one by you, my friends live in Northern CA and they only have one that is 1/2 hr away! Well, I love your posts!! Keep it up!!!!

  10. tnmomtomanyblessings

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    Dear Coie-

    I wanted to let you knwo that I finally forwarded that message to our group. I hope you have a wonderful time teaching sewing. The children will be so blessed to have you as their teacher.

    I have been busy having fun with my sister and her family. The will leave the day after the fourth so life should slow down just a little bit — I hope.


    Mrs R

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    Those burgers were sure good! Thanks for that coie! And I tagged you in my blog! Happy Fourth of July, and enjoy your butchering. We'll call ya tomorrow to see how it went!

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