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8 Goats Left

by coie - June 30th, 2007.
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Last night was a bad night.  I went out at seven to milk the goats and started by putting all the others back in their pen.  But I realized one was not there, which is strange because for the most part goats stick together.  Well, to make it short, Bobo found her dead in the woods.  She was not killed, and we think the reason is because of dog food poisoning.

On top of that, Bobo’s goat, Spot, has been acting funny.  At first I thought she would get over it because Belle did the same thing a few weeks ago and was fine.  But today when she was trying to chew her cud (you know, they throw up and then eat it), it all came flying out of her mouth.  And while it was strangely entertaining, I’m still a bit worried about it.  If she was poisoned, then vomitting is a good thing…..

ACK!  Goats have too much personality, so it is awful when they die.

-Coie, who never thought she could cry over a dead animal.

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    Coie, I'm so sorry to hear about that goat. I'm really glad that it wasn't Spot that Bo found dead – I really got attached to her. I hope she gets better soon.

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    I prayed that you goats will all be alright!

  3. Oh, No!

    I am so sorry for you Coie!

    I hope the rest of your goats will be alright.

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    Hi Coie, I'm so sorry about your goat, and I've prayed for the sick one. Some people think that's really lame, to pray for an animal, but I do it all the time. Hoping for a better night for you all! Karen (bensrib)

  5. Ohhhh

    Dog food poisioning? Like from eating dog food? That is bad… because Chloe ate some of the dog's food the other day.. better make sure she doesn't get it again!

    Sorry to hear your goat died.. I have cried MANY times over those darn goats… and some are still a bit outa wack!


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    Coie~~ I agree with you about goats having too much personality. We have 4 goats, but we did have 6 and when we lost 2 of them we were all really sad. :0( Me and the kids love to watch the goats and if I must confess…..I think I get more of a kick out of them then they do. shhhh…..;0) If I ever get computer savy enough, I will post some pics of our goats on my blog….don't hold your breath. LOL

  7. tnmomtomanyblessings

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    I just came over to try and catch up on your posts..

    I am so sorry about your goat. We have several goats that sneak into the dog food bowl. Our animals are all together so it is difficult to keep the goats out of the dog food.

    I hope all the others are ok.

    It was so nice to see you the other day. I hope your class went well today.


    Mrs Roy

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