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Little Brothers are Funny

by coie - May 30th, 2007.
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Yesterday I was trying to find my car keys which I was in dire need of.  So I summoned Bobo (10) and said (quite dramatically), "Oh great finder of all things, will you please find my keys.  If I don’t have them we can’t go to the library because they have my keychain library card on them."  He grinned and started to comply.  But a few seconds later he returned and said, "Coie, I’ll look for your keys and all, but next time please don’t use flattery on me because I think the Bible says something about avoiding flattery." 

I said, "Ok, big muscled, tough handsome young man."  He grinned, sighed and walked off.

Then he returned and said, "You know, I can find it in the Bible for you where it says to avoid flattery."

So I said, "I know you could, because you are the great finder of ALL things!"  He just said, "Ah, COIE!" and walked off for good.  😀

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    Oh, that's funny! Sounds reminiscent of my brothers!

    <a href="">Anne</a&gt;

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    Hmph, I thought HTML was allowed in the comments!


  3. Bobo!!!

    You just gotta love that sweet, charming, hardworking, lovable, guy don't you! By the way, I think you are one of the most lovely, beautiful, sweet, mature, elegant, knowledgable people I have ever met…(get it…ha-ha) It's really all true though 🙂

    We *SO* loved being with you all for those few days…WE MISS YOU GUYS!!!!!! Also, I'm having to cook and work for my family…not quite the same as having you, your Mom and Dad, Ryann, Emmiko, Bobo and Dippy taking care of us like we were kings and queens!!!!!


    Mrs. Carr

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    Hey Coie!

    How is your "summer" going so far? I saw your post about your busy weekend….mine was REALLY BUSY too! Graduation, dance recital….

    Hope you're having a great week!



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    Would you like to do banner exchange? I saw your banner on Pauls blog, and the Dixon girls blogs, and I was wondering if thats something your interested in.

    Eric Novak

  6. He is quite clever

    You Igarashi's are always keeping each other on your toes!

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    That is so cute! Made us all smile! (I read it out loud to everyone!)

  8. haha!

    that is so cute!

    I love teasing my brothers.

    I especially love dragging my 12 year old brother down and kissing his head. He pretends he hates it, but I think he really thinks it's fun.

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