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What a Weekend!

by coie - May 29th, 2007.
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Wow, am I tired.  We just had an incredible (but busy) weekend.  You can read all about it on my mom’s blog HERE.  I’ll just give some more details.

On Friday we went to the ROYS house for deer kabobs and to meet the CARRS.  The food was so good, and I definately like deer meat now.  The Carr’s are a NEATO family and their kids are SO SWEET! 

On Saturday the JOHNSTONS, Roys, and Carrs came over for lunch and a fun day.  After we ate I was standing in the kitchen when Mr. Roy came in, pointed to me, and said in his Rhode Island accent, "Hey you, come here."

So I followed him outside and out to their car.  He opened up the back and pulled out a .22 rifle.  He said, "You know how to use this?"  I told him I could shoot it but I didn’t know how to load it.  He gave me a quick tutorial and then told me to shoot a little into the woods.  After I fired off 3 or 4 shots I grinned and handed it back to him.  Then he thrust the gun into my hands and said, "No, you keep it.  I’m giving it to you!".  I’m pretty sure that I just dropped my mouth open and stood there.  Dad and Mr. Roy got into a talk with dad saying he couldn’t just give that to us, and Mr. Roy saying, "I’m not giving it to YOU; I’m giving it to HER….and besides I’ve got to clear a few guns outta my safe so I can get the big one I really want.  Coie’s got to protect the house when your gone." and he erupted into laughter.  So I kept the gun.  And I’m really excited about it!!!  We have wanted a gun for a while, and now we have one.  So thanks Mr. Roy!

Saturday night the Carr’s stayed the night with us.  On Sunday we went up to the Burggraf’s beautiful property and surprised them.  But we brought food so they decided we could stay.  😉  We played volleyball and frisbee, hiked, and saw the cabin they are building.  While we were eating, my dad put an ice cube down Mr. Burggraf’s shirt.  I quickly shot out, "That was NOT me."  Mr. Burggraf said, "Oh yeah?" while dad called me a liar.  I started to drink from my water bottle when Mr. B suddenly squeezed it and shot water up my nose, in my mouth, and all over my face.  My eyes popped open so big and I quickly retaliated by flinging the rest of the contents at him.  From there, a few more people participated and by the time it finished I was soaked.  And I never even started it.

The Carr’s spent the night on Sunday as well, attended ATIC with us on Monday, and then left for home on Monday night.  So do you see why I am so tired?  It was great fun though, and we plan on making the Carr’s move out here.  🙂

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  1. Untitled Comment

    He actually meant to give the gun to ME. He was totally mistaken. He knew that I liked guns and outside dangerous stuff and YOU like the sewing, tea parties, etc. something here is so wrong.


    Anyways, can I borrow your gun? I just need it for a couple of years. Can I have it when you get married? I'm sure your future husband will have a 12 gage shotgun…I'll make sure he does before he marries you. I'll tell him that you'd prefere a gun with a big ol' bow on top rather than a house.


    Untitled Comment

    You are such a sweet girl. I am glad you now have a gun. You think that will scare away any potential suitors?


    Mrs R

  3. The Gun

    Hey Coie,

    Shay wanted to let you know that she has a great picture of you with your gun. She will send it to you once our camera finishes downloading the 8,583 pictures from our weekend. haha. She would tell you herself but I am taking over the blogging activities now because I have decide to adopt all 6 of you and steal you from your Momma! big haha.

    Actually, what I wanted to say is that I single- handedly wiped out the squirrel population in my neighborhood when I was growing up and I did it with a .22 rifle like Joe gave you. Two points here: 1. Squirrel is pretty good if you cook it right…and cover it in LOTS of gravy. 2. Never shoot every squirrel you see because… you will single-handedly wipe out the squirrel population in your neighborhood.

    Thanks for a great time, the Goat's milk, and the cinnamon rolls! See you this weekend at Mr. B's

    Mr. C

  4. HI:)

    You are a funny, talented, sweet young lady! I can't wait to get all of my different pictures of you developed: the many and diverse faces of Coie:)

    You are a blessing!:)


    Mrs. J:)

  5. Untitled Comment

    Do we really have that bad of a Northern/Rhode Island-ish accent? LOL!

    I had such a great time at y'all's house Saturday! Glad you like the gun!

    Love, Sami

    p.s. Great job "starting" the water fight Coie! LOL!

  6. Untitled Comment

    Better to shoot water up/out of your nose than milk! Don't ask…

    Anyhow, shhhh…I have shotgun at the top of my closet. Don't tell my mom, she would totally freak out. I haven't used it yet though… I've shot a rifle before but never a shotgun. I'm a little nervous about it. I'll let you know how it goes.

    Gotta go wrastle my nekkid 2 year old. He spilled water on the carpet (yes, it <i>is</i> water) and is trying to clean it up with a <i>giant</i> wad of toilet paper. It's a wild and crazy Saturday night!


  7. CAgirlwithasoutherndrawl

    Untitled Comment

    Coie, I have to have the recipe for the Chinese Chicken Salad dressing. I have to or else I will die. OK. Maybe not die. . .but I would cry an awful lot. My plan is to live on that for the next year while I am nursing John.

    ~Auntie S.

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