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by coie - May 24th, 2007.
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There is nothing *quite* as frustrating as getting 105 pages into a book, only understanding half of it and then realizing that it is the SEQUEL to another book.  Ack!!!!!  For you fellow Southworth fans, Changed Brides comes BEFORE Bride’s Fate.  It was listed wrong on one of her old books from the early 1900’s.

My allergies have been awful these last three days.  It all started when we were driving home from the AUSTINS house on Tuesday.  We kids are in their latest film production, The Hounds of Baskerville.  I believe they were quite disappointed with my lack of acting skills.  Of all things to make me do, they made me do a crying scene.  Yeah, I basically just laughed with my head in my hands.

Back to my allergies.  On the drive home I felt like I had something in my eye, so I did the wrong thing and played with it.  And rubbed it.  And played with it some more.  I finally had to pull over so mom could drive home because my other eye started bothering me and I couldn’t see right.  By the time we got home I couldn’t see straight or keep my eyes open.  I put in eye drops, iced them, took Benadryl, and kept them closed.  The next morning my eyes were swollen almost completely shut.  Today they are better but I have been taking Actifed every 4 hours so that my face doesn’t swell up, my eyes don’t itch and my poison ivy (or something) stays under control.  I’ve also been taking 2 hour naps in the middle of the day because I can only function so long on allergy medication.  Blah!  I wish it were Autumn.

Sorry for a total complainish post.  I am putting the blame squarely on antihistamines.

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  1. OOHH!!

    I am soo sorry your allergies are bad. My nose won't quit running, I can't stop sneezing and my eyes have been itching. I have been taking benadryl and it helps some, but it makes me sleepy too. I don't know what I am allergic to though.

    Praying you will get better.

    That is funny about the book. I bet it made no sense.

    I always have to find out if there is a sequel or such before I start reading.

    Well hope you get better!! Miss talking to you. I know you are busy though. Say HI to the family for me.


    Amanda SuperAngel

    OOHH!! I get to be the first comment!! WOWSERS!!

  2. Untitled Comment

    Oooo…the eye thing. I have that problem often. Similasin (sp?) is a non-stinging allergy eye drop that might help you a little. Try a compress to see if it helps too…

    I am trying to not read anymore Southworth books. I finished Ishmael and then read Self Raised in two days. Not good. I did refrain from reading while the kids were up (lest I ignore them completely), and opted to stay up until 4am instead. *sigh* Which means, of course, that I was so tired the next day that they were pretty much half-way ignored anyway.

    I'm really going to miss Ishmael. I'm glad he married Bee.

    So what are the Bride books about?


    Untitled Comment

    What no pictures? Now that would have been something to see. I am sorry your eyes are being bothered. Get well quick — there is not time for this allergy stuff.

    Mrs R

    who is looking forward to seeing you and your sweet family

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    Coie, Have you ever tried Claritin? Walmart makes an equate brand that you can get over-the-counter, take it once a day, and it really works and doesn't make me drowsy. And I'm like you – Benadryl and all the other ones make me sleep like a baby. Hope you feel better soon! Karen

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    Awww, I feel so sorry for you. I also have very bad allergies, except mine are in the fall. So I am very much enjoying NOT having them right now 😛

    I also take Claritin and LOVE it. I get really bad sinus problems to go along with my allergies and I take Claritin D. Very handy.

    Feeling for you,


  6. Yuck and bless your heart!!!

    That sure was a stinky eye time!! That is what happens to me if I pet a cat and then touch my eye!:( I feel for you, but am glad that you are better now!:)

    You did a great job driving the van and trailer today, you looked like an old pro!! And I think that your hair looks really cute like that!:)

    Love and God bless,

    Mrs. J.:)

    P.S. A total bummer about the Southworth book, but at least you got it figured out!:)

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    You need to blog again. your mom and your sister have already written about you adventure this week, now I want to hear it from your perspective. Yours is always the most interesting. 🙂

  8. Yipes

    I hope you aren't allergic to us!

    You know we have another "film shoot" coming up soon… keep practicing that cry!

    —Actually, I got after my boys for making Coie cry!

    Love you! Mrs. A

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