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Ugly Dining Room TRANSFORMED!

by coie - May 19th, 2007.
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With daddems and the big boys gone at Father-Son Camp 2007, we Ladies of the Igarashi Household decided to transform our gross, ugly, cluttered, disgusting dining room into a pretty little room in which we could actually eat and not feel like vomiting because of the awful wallpaper that was up, and the unremoveable dirt on the bottom half of the wall.  Our walls had a paint on it that was flatter than flat and could not be washed.  And that’s not good when there are 6 kids in a house within the 3-18 age range.

So we (I) sneaked over to Walmart and picked out some semi-gloss paint the day before dad and the boys left.  Friday, as they were preparing to leave, we girls helped them and hurried them out.  We only had a day and a half to get our work done.  Maybe you don’t believe how awful our dining room actually looked, so here are some pictures of our great adventure.


This wallpaper seriously bothered me because it pictured both strawberries and bluberries growing on a vine.  And neither of those fruits grow on a vine.  So it frustrated me.  😀

—STEP 1: Remove Wallpaper—

—STEP 2: Sand Off the Hardened Glue—

—STEP 3: Vacuum Up Our Dust—

…Still Sanding!…

…Still Vacuuming?…

—STEP 4: Clean Up, and Tape All Trim—

Tricked ya- no pictures…but this was about the time that mom started asking, "NOW can I start painting?"  To which I responded, "No."  I apologized at the end of the night because I became a real bossy head throughout the project.

—STEP 5: Start Painting!—

"Oh my heavens! This looks MUCH better!"

…Let’s Check Up on RYANN

Hmm, still playing.


Our Book Nook

Sorry, this is a bit dark!

…We also got some use out of the picture frames I bought a year and a half ago…

…First we put up the "nice" pictures…

…And then just to make sure people didn’t get confused and think they walked into the wrong house, we put up the "normal" pictures…

…We celebrated our feat with ice cream…

How’s that for a job well done?

20 Responses to Ugly Dining Room TRANSFORMED!

  1. Untitled Comment

    Man…you gals are industrious…it does feel great to accomplish a project like that doesn't it. The room looks GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just spoke with Richard (my husband)…he said he got to spend a lot of time with your dad last night, and *really* enjoyed his company. He also was very impressed at how mannerly and kind Bobo and Dippy are!!!!!! What a fab family you have!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your Friend In Christ,


  2. Wow!

    Co, it looks amazing! You ladies did a great job.

    Miss you.

  3. I can say….

    WOWSERS!! You gals are awesome!!

    Want to come do ours?? LOL!!

    How are you?? Miss you!!


    !!SUPERANGEL!! !!Amanda!!

  4. You go Ig girls!!!:):):)

    You did an amazing job!!! Way to go!!!! It looks WONDERFUL and SOOOOOOO different!!!!!!! And we totally LOVE the pictures!! All of them!!

    Mr. and Mrs. J.:)

  5. Untitled Comment

    I hate wallpaper. I wasn't as anti-wp until we moved into our current house. Walls and walls of hideous 30yo wallpaper– some of it a lovely shiny silver foil with atrocious designs on it.

    Y'all did a great job painting! It looks sooo much better in there.

    Now get some sleep tonight. Don't go walking in and out over and over again just to admire the fruits of your labor… Which is precisely what I do whenever I paint, clean out my closet or reorganize the pantry.

    I never claimed to be cool.


  6. Untitled Comment

    Great job! I am so impressed that not only did you redo this room, you photographed and blogged it. The room looks wonderful!

  7. CAgirlwithasoutherndrawl

    Untitled Comment

    Wowzahs! Amazing. Simply amazing. Can't wait to see it live!

    ~Aunt Spiffy

  8. Untitled Comment

    I wonder how many people that read your post secretly liked the wall paper. lol. jk.

  9. Untitled Comment

    Awesome! When can you all come to my house?? Karen (bensrib)

  10. Untitled Comment

    Looks great, Girlie! Paint is an incredible thing isn't it? With a lot of motivation, a little work, and about $20.00 for a gallon of paint, you can transform a room! Love it!

    Deb (Curly Fries)

    P.S. I also love that you still snuggle with your mamma!

  11. Wow!

    That looks wonderful and looks like there's more room now. Beautifu!

    Oh and there you are shovling ice cream into your mouth! jk!

    ; )

    Love you,


    Ps. It was nice talking to you!


    Untitled Comment

    That room looks GREAT!!

    You are a very talented young lady. Your dad must have been so happy to see it.

    See you soon!!

    Mrs R

  13. HI Coie:)

    This is Mrs. J. and her ds.:) I just showed him the pictures and he loved them and laughed his head off, especially at the silly pictures!:) Thanks for adding humor and blessing to our day!

    Lots of love,

    The J. family:)

  14. Untitled Comment

    It's great to know that there are boys out there like Dippy who are already holding others accountable for their behavior…I *totally* think that's AWESOME!!!!

    In less than three days our families will be chatting away the hours together…yippee!!!!

    My daughter Emery (10) is so pumped about meeting you…you're like a celebrity to her!!! It's really cute:)

  15. Wow!! Great job!

    Ok, I have a few questions for you. First, did you need to put any texture on the walls first? And did you have to primer before you painted? I'm asking because we bought a house in February and we have 5 rooms in our house with really ugly wallpaper. Some of them even have 2 layers of ugly wallpaper. Our hall bathroom, has ugly wall paper that has been sponge painted with really dark ugly peach paint. After seeing your pictures (y'all did such a great job) I'm inspired to do something about my ugly walls! : )



  16. That…..

    …..IS a job well done! Looks great, Coie! Hey, I want ice cream right now….

    Darn! Ryann ALWAYS looks good in pictures! Unlike moi. And so do you! I always have to stretch my chin out and the ones that catch me off guard always make it look like I have a double chin! You and her never have that! Darn….

    Love you, Coie!

    We miss you!


    P.S. Did you get the pictures we sent you?

  17. Wow!

    Your Dining Room looks really great! I wish my mother would let me do something like that to one of our rooms. I love interior decorating.

    It sounds like you had a good time.

  18. Yes…

    …we did email them–your mom didn't show them to you?! Mrs. Igarashi, she's your daughter!–you owe her one for not posting more–than what she did–of pictures of you on her entry! Show her the pics! Coie, I especially like the one with you and my mom. She doesn't though! :+)

    Sorry about the "You never respond!" thing on the phone! (I ALWAYS loved you, too!)

    I really like your newest profile picture, Coie! Did you show your family the pictures you took of us? Oh, and speaking of which, I never look bad in the pictures you take because I am posing very carefully–as I know they–or at least one–will probably be shown to the public; or your family. I always stick my chin out. :+)

    Say hi, hey, hello and love to your family for me!

    Love you, Coie!


    P.S. Did Ryann tell you that I was in my jammies when she called? Embarrassing….

  19. Untitled Comment

    Oooo, I like you picture frames. 😀

    That looks far better.

    Next stop, the green carpet!



  20. Untitled Comment

    Wow! It looks terrific! I'm a terrible painter, when we moved into our house, my DH only let me paint the inside of our closet. The ice cream was well deserved!

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