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My Siblings

by coie - May 16th, 2007.
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    Hmm, too bad your camera is jammed and it only comes out black and white.

    I think that the best picture is the one that's second to the last.

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    Those are simply beautiful pictures! Do you think your mother would agree to TWO arranged marriages…Martha Bryan (my 3 year old) to James and Emery (my 10 year old) to Aaron????

    Seriously though…great pictures…you all are so beautiful!!!!!!!!!

    See you in a couple of weeks!


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    Love the photos… especially the one of Emmiko.

  4. hey

    I'm glad you posted pics of your sibs on here.. I really love seeing them! I will get to see you ALL in person soon though, and that what i'm REALLY looking forward to!

    love ya

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  6. Wow!

    I love these photos – especially cuase they're black/white!

    Beautiful Ig Kids!



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    siblings… gotta love 'um lol

    – Kay

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    Hmmmmm….taking goats on vacations or exploding udders….I think maybe we'll just start with chickens.

    Thanks for making this clear to me!!!!!!!

    My son (Richard) will be meeting your brother(s) today…yippee!!!!

    Have a Blesssed, Beautiful day!!


  9. a note from Rose

    Hello Coie,

    You take lovely pictures, and I think black and white is almost better than color.

    I like your template, it is very cute and original.

    I hope you have a nice day.

    Love to hear from you,


  10. TheLordsDaughter

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    Pictures, pictures…

    I LOVE pictures!

    I hope you have a good day!

    Your Sister in Christ,

    Rebekah ~ The Lord's Daughter

  11. Awesome Job!

    Wow! That's awesome! You guys did a great job.. everything looks really nice. Charley and I have been finding how great paint can be too. Well, you saw OUR experience.

    love you,


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