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Farm Improvements, or Otherwise Entitled "I Live in Paradise"

by coie - May 14th, 2007.
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We have been hard at work around here.  We are working on extending the goat’s fenceline because they currently only have a small area which has run out of greens.  We do let them out during the day, but we would like for them to just have a huge area specifically for them.  In order to do this, we have had to clear a lot of saplings, branches, and leaves.  The perimeter of the fence is mainly in a wooded area and we need a five foot clearing on either side so that we can drive the quad around it and keep it clean.  So we are taking an area that looks like this:

And turning it into this (sans the rakes):

I know what you’re thinking–  "That’s a lot of work!".  Unless, of course, you are an extreme environmentalist, and then you would be calculating how many snakes and spiders lost their homes in the process.

Well, rest assured, it wasn’t too tedious, and I lived through it.  The first day Dad and I cut down any saplings and small trees that were infringing upon our personal space.  And today Ryann, Bobo and I raked out the leaves and small plants away from the future fenceline and into an area which the goats have designated as their all-you-can-eat buffet section.

Yesterday dad built the gate that will lead into this area.  Tell me, is this not the most darlingest gate you ever did see?  And it’s on a hill, which is why it looks sort of funky.

And last week we added a young buck to our goat collection.  He is a purebred Toggenburg and we bought him for $25 from our friends, the Nelsons.  He will be used for breeding soon.  His name is Zachariah, but we call him Zacki for short.

Joe is just happy to have another guy around.

On a side not, see how much goat milk I collected this morning?

And to wrap it all up, I will share pictures of our property.  Do I not live in paradise itself?

Our chicken coop.  We now have around 60-70 chickens.

Every farm needs a broken down wagon/trailer for decoration.

Our well, from which we can hand draw water if the need arises.

Part of our pond and orchard.

Wonderful, merciful Saviour
Precious Redeemer and Friend
Who would’ve thought that a Lamb could
Rescue the souls of men
Oh, You rescue the souls of men

10 Responses to Farm Improvements, or Otherwise Entitled "I Live in Paradise"

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    God is so nice to us. Thank you for working so hard. you're pretty useful.


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    Yes, that sure is a lovely place. What a blessing!

    Stop by my blog and see what we are up to.


    Mrs R

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    Yes…you do live in paradise! I am so happy for you all at what the Lord and your hard work is providing!!!!! I CAN NOT WAIT to meet you all 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Your friend in Christ,


  4. Hey Coke

    That's pretty neat. I'm very thankful that you guys have a nice piece of land to work and personalize. The kids will have amazing memories of these times on your little farm.

    Charley and I plan to have a ranch someday down in CO or WY, but for now it's city life for us (which isn't all bad either!)..

  5. COIE!

    IRTYC (in reply to your comment): Well, I have sent money to Above Rubies and we are going to start sending tithe to NGJ, Above Rubies, TOS as well…

    As well as spending extra money on things to give to our neighbors and show the love of Christ that way. One year we made a bunch of chocolates, candies and cookies and gave them to our neighbors for Christmas.


    And yes, that does look like work – but not too much work – at least not when you live on the Dixon Farm! LOL

    We have a purebred Nubian now – a buckling for breeding also… Eric named him Elessar (after LOTR).

    I am getting flyers out for goats milk and selling some. We have too much and we only drink like half a gallon a week – kinda hard on our fridge when the does are give a gallon a day each! oi!

    Hey – hope to give you a ring some time… : )



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    Nice pictures! Hey, that song you put at the end, Iwe use it at dance! It's also one of our recital songs. I love! It's such a pretty song!


    p.s. That new goat's cute but what's up with his human-like ears? Wacky!

  7. Untitled Comment

    Wow, you guys DO have a nice farm! It looks very pretty in the pictures you posted. Nice goats too. Cute ones.


  8. Hongelonglongo:)

    Your pictures are GREAT of all that you are doing on your farm! I also loved reading and seeing pictures of your California trip! What fun!! I know that you were a blessing to everyone that you saw, just like you are now! I hope that the skirt works!

    Love and God bless!

    Mrs. J.:)

    P.s. You are welcome for the prayers for your trip and for your airplane rides!:):)

  9. Blog Entry


    I think that is really cool.

    Wanna be on my friends list.

  10. Untitled Comment

    Looks very much like a paradise, Coie!

    You are blessed!

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