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Ok, I'm Tired

by coie - April 24th, 2007.
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"A watched pot never boils"…

And neither does one that’s on a burner that has NOT been turned on.  Yep, I’m tired.  I just spent the last 10 minutes stirring homemade syrup and trying to figure out why it was going slower than usual. 

All I need is You,
Yes all I need is You,
I am just a stranger here,
Don’t let me hold this world so dear,
I’m just passing through,
And all I need is You.

7 Responses to Ok, I'm Tired

  1. tnmomtomanyblessings

    Untitled Comment

    I have been there — done that.

    Soup for breakfast? : )

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Untitled Comment

    maybe *that's* why my spaghetti alaways comes out crunchy

  3. HI:)

    I soooo loved all of your pictures of your siblings!:) I also loved your songs/poems at the end of each post!:):) I appreciate your humor!! And you are a GREAT driver!!

    I have already been praying for your trip!


    Mongrongsong. Jongohongnongsongtongonong:):)

  4. Untitled Comment

    Ten whole minutes? Wow. If you weren't tired before you started, you must really be tired now!

    Sounds like it's time to call in the stirring reinforcements.


  5. Untitled Comment

    Ummm, what is this?

    LOL, Funny post!

  6. Hi again!

    Hey Coie,LooLuv AGAIN!LOL. I wanted 2 tell you 2 have a fun trip,see ya next fall!

    PS.How was riding the waves in California?

    (I'm VERY jealous!LoL!)


  7. again!

    Oh,I forgot 2 tell u,I added u 2 my friends list.Bye!

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