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My Siblings in Their Natural Habitats

by coie - April 23rd, 2007.
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Back by popular request– My SIBLINGS!  Anyways, when I always posted pictures of them before, people wanted goat pictures and now that I post animal pictures, people demand the siblings.  So without further ado, here are the Pumpkin Heads.

Ryann (13), who does not enjoy milking goats

Emmiko (almost 12)

Aaron, or Bobo (10)….He likes to look important…and he might have succeeded if he didn’t have a chicken on his shoulder.

Geoffrey (almost 7) hanging from trees

James, (almost 4) another monkey who climbs trees all the time…only, he is only in his underwear, so I had to crop the picture.  That child needs dressing skills.

I hope you are satisfied…I had a hard time getting these pictures– Ryann and Bobo kept throwing chickens, yes, live chickens at me during our picture session (hey, we are farm kids.  chicken tag is way more fun then video games– say, gonzo’s and petersons– what do you say to playing Steal the Chicken? Oh, I crack me up).

Oh yes, and Emmiko wanted me to post this picture of a humongous butterfly that the boys found.

So there you have it!  Don’t you all like my siblings?  I sure do.  Lately they come up to me and give me random hugs or backrubs.  They also confide in me and ask me to pray for and with them.  I like being a big sister.  🙂

I will sing of the mercies of the Lord forever,
I will sing, I will sing,
I will sing of the mercies of the Lord forever,
I will sing of the mercies of the Lord!

And with my mouth, will I make known,
Thy faithfulness, Thy faithfulness,
And with my mouth, will I make known,
Thy faithfulness to all generations

8 Responses to My Siblings in Their Natural Habitats

  1. EEEE Wrong!!!

    I like milking goats! Who told you I didn't? It's just one goat that I dislike (You know, the ugly/ferocious/man-eating one). I like Spot. She's way better than yours.

    Your sister that hopes that you never get influenced by your goats' attitude,


  2. Aww…

    How sweet! I enjoyed your family very much!

    Chicken tag? hmm that's not in the books! LOL

    I wish my sibs were as sweet (or as nice) as yours… of course, I'm not the nicest sister in the world either… 😉



  3. oh yes…

    I saw your ;coiestestblog' sign up… what are you going to do?

    And, did you mom do her own blog or did you?


    Untitled Comment

    You do have the best siblings and they have the best sister. Your are all truly blessed.

    Your dad is building out here tomorrow. Wonder if he is excited about all the hard work that will entail. I know you can haul…….but can you build?

    Mrs R

    ps — we are expecting goats any day. One looks like she will drop or pop if she is not careful!!!

  5. Untitled Comment

    Cute pics of your siblings! btw I think that butterfly is a moth. 😉 LOL!



  6. yay…

    you're so off the hook. wow. i'm related to them?? scary..

    j/k Rye and Emms are gorgeous (though Ryann looks like an Indian). and the boys are, of course, studs.

    love jess..

    where's a pic of you?

  7. Untitled Comment

    Thanks for the pics, Coie!

    Y'all are definitely blessed to have each other…and the goats and chickens too. Even if they're mean sometimes (the goat, not the sibs…).


  8. Hi Coie!

    Hi,this is LooLuv (Caroline Corley). If you don't remember me,I came to the cookout @ your house. Oh,by the way,that was fun! I love your little rowboat. Hey,how are your goats?Oh,G2G ttyl.

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