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by coie - April 18th, 2007.
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I believe I just heard an "earthquake" upstairs.  This is what we define as the sudden outburst of a losing chess player upon the chess board.  Mom is usually the one that orchestrates the earthquake while her winning opponent shrieks.  Speaking of mom, her birthday was on Sunday, and speaking of chess, here is what mine and Bobo’s game looked like the other day:

Yes, we each have one queen and one king on the board.  I declared myself winner after killing his queen.

Here are some pictures of my baby goats and our two new goats.



Golly– Look at those horns!  She wasn’t supposed to have any, but I think they’re cute.

Gee– she is the sweetest goat we have.

And here are the 26 chickies we hatched last week. Three of them are part "Pet Chicken" [yes, we have a pet rooster].


Then sings my soul,
My Saviour, God, to Thee
How great Thou art!
How great Thou art!

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    Untitled Comment

    What lovely goats!

    Looks like you are enjoying chess. We like it too… me sometimes. I don't like really long games.

    Baseball monday…. can you all come?

    Hope to see you soon!

    Mrs R

  2. From Arwengirl

    Aww! BABY CHICKIES! I used to have four of them, then when they grew up I had to give them away. *sniff* They were a biology project..haha.


  3. aww

    aww.. there so cute! I'm new here at HSB, but I always have loved reading your blog even before I became one! Now I can finally add you as a Friend!


  4. Coke

    Coke it kills me that you post more about your goats and chickens than your siblings and family! You've got like, one pic of you and your two bros, and then you have a gazillion pics of your animals. Don't get me wrong,it's sweet and all, but- well- i guess i just find it slightly funny!

    MOrE pIcS of FaMiLy PleAsE!


  5. Untitled Comment

    Having goats and chickens is really cool… I am so not the homestead mom, I wish I were the type, but even if I were we live in a neighborhood! Oh well, I can at least live vicariously through your family and the others who post great pix and posts!

  6. Untitled Comment

    Cut lil chickies!

  7. 🙂

    Your goats and chickens are so very cute, I think it would be so fun to have goats and chickens. 🙂

    Your sister in Christ, Bethany

    "A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger." Proverbs 15:1

  8. AW…

    Golly is soooo cute! Even with horns!

    Yes, the milking is going great. Thank you! I'm glad all your goats are doing well!

    How's everything going in general?



  9. AW…

    Golly is soooo cute! Even with horns!

    Yes, the milking is going great. Thank you! I'm glad all your goats are doing well!

    How's everything going in general?



  10. Untitled Comment

    You are getting quite the collection of animals.

    How fun, we went to get some chickies on Tuesday.

    They had saddly sold out on sunday. Oh well.

    Tonight some of us are putting on a play. I hope it dosen't fail.


  11. Untitled Comment

    WHAT? You don't think my hat looks good on me?


    LOL, Tim is only one out of millions who want to be just-like-me!


    Yes, that is *SO* Lukey!

    Did you ever see my astronomy video? I worked really hard on it.

  12. Untitled Comment

    Oh, really? You're the second person to mention something negative about the video.

    That's ok though 'cause I'm thinking about making a version 1.1. I'll change the music if I do

    I hope it to be way better.

    Yes, we are doing well, busy, but well!

    What about you guys? How's the greenhouse going?

    Why don't you guys like my hat???


  13. Milking

    Belle is hard to milk. Do you think that Gollyetta and Geenella will be hard to milk, too?


  14. lol

    Go to Mr.Sensenigs blog and do what it tells you…it's hilarious!!!

    Thanks for the tips…I'll try that. If food doesn't do the trick, I hope that singing will.

    Your sister that loves you the muchest.


  15. Hello again!

    um, can I have your ad code, please?



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