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Blessings, More Goats, and All that Jazz

by coie - April 12th, 2007.
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A couple weeks ago the lady that we bought our goats from emailed my dad saying that she wanted to give us two more goats, free of charge, and that if he didn’t accept, then she would talk to me about it (haha!).  We were (and still are) blown away with her generousity!  We’ve worked it out to where I will design and update a blog for her in return.  She brought the goats over yesterday and they are BEAUTIFUL!  They were a couple of her favorites, and they are Alpines (good for milk).  Their names are Willow and Cicily, and I’ll post pictures of them later.

We’ve been gettting about two quarts daily from Belle (my goat) and Spot (Bobo’s goat).  All of us kids really like the milk.  I’ll be working on weaning of the goat kids completely over the next two weeks so that Ryann won’t have to deal with separating them while I’m gone for a week and a half.

In other news, my dad has this five dollar bill that keeps cloning itself.  This is seriously weird.  Every other day he looks in his wallet and there is another crisp clean five dollar bill cuddling with the previous ones.  Today he found the third one.  We don’t know how this is happening because he keeps his wallet in his pocket or bathroom drawer at all times. 

That’s not the only strangely wonderful thing around here…. our quad broke down a couple of weeks ago, and dad took it apart and couldn’t figure out what was wrong.  A couple days later it was working like a charm.  We use this vehicle for hauling things around our farm and it is a great help!  Then my dad’s computer crashed and would NOT boot up.  Dad brought it into Best Buy to see what the problem was.  The guy turned it on, said, "It’s working fine!", and sent us on our way.  We were afraid we would have to pay $200 in repairs (money that we do not have) but his computer worked just long enough for dad to back up all his files and transfer them to another one of our computers.  God has been providing for and blessing our family in ways that blow our mind. 

Our God is an awesome God,
He reigns! from Heaven above,
With wisdom, power, and love,
Our God is an awesome God!

14 Responses to Blessings, More Goats, and All that Jazz

  1. Woohoo!!

    I <strong>love</strong> to hear stories like this of God's provision in unexplainable ways.

    I've had some similar experiences, and love to give God glory for them. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks a Bunch!

    Check out the pics on my blog…I"M SO EXCITED…thanks for your help…

    I'm happy for your family…it is indeed SO wonderful how God provides exactly what we need isn't it? Yes He is an AWESOME God!!!!!!

    Your Friend In Christ,


  3. YAY!

    More goats on the Curry Farm! That is truly wonderful!

    As for the milking… what do you feed Belle that makes her give so much?

    I have been milking *both* my does and they havent given half that much – together!



  4. ok…

    Thanks for letting me know about the food. What grains are you feeding?

    I am feeding: protien pelets, sweetfeed, and beet pulp and alflafa.

    And how old are your kids?

    Mine are not yet 2months… when did you start seperating them?

    Be Blessed,


  5. Yippee!!!

    I love it when God provides for us (as he always does:)) in fun, amazing and surprising ways!!!:):)


    Untitled Comment

    What a wonderful post of how the Lord is blessing your family.

    How did the muffins coem out. I don't like what your mother said.. something about ":gross" Our were great. She is in great denial I think. Was it worth trying?

  7. That's wonderful, Co…

    I'm so glad to hear that God's been taking care of you guys.. wow. Isn't He faithful!?

  8. Untitled Comment

    Our God IS an awesome God!

    Congratulations on your new goats.

    Your Sister in Christ,

    Rebekah ~ The Lord's Daughter

  9. Ohhhhh….

    So, fantastic five-dollar bills cloning themselves? I wonder which caring little daughter put it there….

    In the picture from "I Love Our Friends" is that Ryann next to you in the white shirt, smiling? If so, she is TALL! I, uh, think I am smaller than her….

    Love you, Coie!

    Oh!–wait!–where are you going for "a week and a half"?



  10. Our God….

    ….IS an AWESOME God!


  11. Oh, Coie!

    Very well, I am sworn to secrecy. And, actually, "Doggon" your mother for posting about it! I'm happy, so happy, so very very happy! Happy. Happy.









    ….that you are coming!

    Hey, no, I've got a better idea. Instead of tents, we'll sleep in dresser drawer bunkbeds! Ha Ha! Well, there is the problem of size, I guess….oh, well. So much for genius.

    Love you!


    P.S. Your Momsie told you about the comment I posted on her blog? Did she also tell you about the compliments or is she afraid that you'll get a big head? *giggle*

  12. Happy… FOR YOU!

    Soooo happy!

    Can't wait to see you again! We get to see our 'auntie' and your cousins! or our cousins, but I can't wait to see them tomorrow! I can't believe they're coming up to see the baby girl!

    Come and stop by anytime, comment or something to let me know you were there!



  13. Coie…

    WOW!! That is wonderful!! So what is your goat count up to now?? 10??

    Am so happy that you get to go to CA!! Have fun!!

    I always try to remember to get over here when I am not blogging but when I finally get on I always forget!! But I made sure to stop by this time!!

    Am so happy for all the great things going on in your life!!

    Hope to hear from you!! I put your ad on… btw… Paulie is going to help me make one while he is here, then I will send you the code!!


    !!SUPERANGEL!! !!Amanda!!

  14. Coie…

    Thanks for your advice on seperating the kids from the does. I did what you said you do and… instead of getting 2 cups of milk, I'm getting half a gallon a day!



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