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Yay! Pictures

by coie - March 7th, 2007.
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Wowee!  Sorry for slacking off so long!  I wanted my next post to include a bunch of pictures from our birthday party (yeah, the one that took place a month ago– time flies when you live on a wannabe farm!).  Our favorite personal photographer, Tyler the Burggraf, gave us a CD of about 1 million pictures, and then Jaime the Gonzalez made us another CD which contained nearly 100 more pictures.  So here I am to post them.

But before I start– has your weather been quite as lovely as our’s?  It was such a beautiful day today.  I wanted to sit in a tree and close my eyes and just listen to everything, feel the breeze, and smell the hints of arriving spring.  But, life beckoned and I had to suffice with feeding my goats, and then heading downstairs to get my work done.

And is anyone else outraged with the fact that someone decided to move Daylight Savings back one month?  Seriously, I think I might cry!  Someone high up has a cruel sense of humour.  But either way, you better remember to set your clock FORWARD (sniffle) this Saturday night or you’ll be late for church.

Anyways, here are all 46 of the pictures I decided to share.  🙂  Click on Thumbnails for larger versions.

Before the Party:
In this picture you see Mr. and Mrs. Nelson, The WONDERFUL Mrs. BURGGRAF, AMANDA, and me!  Grandma, if you are reading this, do you see how many stinkin’ buttons I had to sew on my outfit?!  16!!!

Bobo the Magnificent

Jessica G.

The Little Tookie-Face having a glass of sugar.

My cousin Levi– grinning big!

All the boys present decided to WRESTLE at a DANCING party!  My my!  In this picture you see Eric Dixon, Bobo, I think Noah Nelson, and two kids I don’t know.  *grin*

WASHI-WASHI grinning…by the way, she is in line for the Sweetheart Chassez (more on that below).

Emmiko with the AUSTIN‘S new goat.  He looks kind of like Bobo’s new goat, Sloppy Joe.  They can be pals….before they are butchered that is.

Carolyn G….G does not stand for Goat….even though she is a fellow goat-gal.

The following photo frightened us out of our wits.  All I can say is, he’s a ROY boy!

And to think that this is his lovely sister, SAMI:

One of them must have been adopted….

And while some people set up things for the party, some people talked politics.  Mainly, who would be our president in 25 years……


Or Jaime?  (and that’s pronounced "High-Meh", but if you are like us and can’t say that or can’t remember, you can just say "Hiyah!"

After everyone decided to show up, we took about 142 pictures of everyone that came in costume, or just looked stunning without a costume.  Here is the outcome.

There you can see SHAIYA in the light blue dress.  Isn’t she pretty?

Halfway through, mom dashed in wearing the cape that she stole from Mrs. Austin.

Then came The Chair Game…..

Yes, they are trying to kiss their elbow just so they can move over a spot.

I believe those fellas are comparing the shiny-ness of their shoes.  Were they truly that bored?

My cousin LUKE (on the left- gotta love that grin!) and his new-found friend, Luke.

And let the dancing pictures begin!

Lined up for The Grand March

Mr. and Mrs. Burggraf.  Weeks before the party, Mr. B assured us that they would come but not dance, because "Baptist’s don’t dance".  Well…..he changed his mind.  😀

Mr. and Mrs. JOHNSTON

Isabel and Jaime G

Mr. and Mrs. CHASTAIN


Veronica G emerging from the tunnel with her dancing partner, Daniel E.

The part that makes everyone dizzy– making a spiral

Jessica Austin and her Dad

Still doing the spiral part….

Virginia Reel!

My uncle decides to join the fun

I’m not really sure which dance they are doing here….but it looks like they are having fun, eh?  😀

The following pictures are from the Sweetheart Chassez…And I’ll just copy what I wrote in a previous post so you know what they are doing.

Everyone especially got a kick out of the "Sweetheart Chassez".  In that one, the gentleman line up on one side and the ladies on another.  There are three chairs at the front of the room.  It starts with a gentleman sitting in the middle chair and two ladies come from their line and sit in either chair beside him.  The gentleman then has to decide which one he wants to chassez (kinda like a hop-step) down the aisle with.  The rejected lady recieves the hat he is holding.  She then moves to the middle chair, two gentlemen come, she picks one and the other sits in the middle chair, so he can pick next, and so on.

Who should Julia Austin choose?  Joshua or Joshua?

Tough choice!  Timothy tries to decide between sisters, JOCELYN and AMANDA Dixon

Nathaniel Estabrook chooses Emily Peterson over Miss Angela

Joy Austin looks like she’s in a real pickle as she tries to decide between Mr. G or Jacob

The following pictures show a dance that was something like Musical Chairs.  All the gentlemen had a partner that he danced with (it was not supposed to be organized so they mainly dragged their partners around while they body slammed other guys) except for one, who was stuck with a broom.  When the music stopped they had to find a new partner.  The gentleman without a partner had to take up the broom and dance with it.  Some tried to find new partners…..and some….well, they preferred the broom.

Mr. Austin

Luke, proud to dance with a broom

These pictures show the littles and bigs all dancing together (sweet, eh?):

Briyah Badgley (ain’t she cute?)

And here you see the lovely Miss Angela teaching us a very easy and wonderfully fun Scottish dance, Gae Gordon’s (or Giddy Gordon’s as Heather Peterson renamed it. hardy har har)

And all of the Februarians (the best month of the year)
Dad, unknown, Levi, Tyler, Me, Ryann, Jessica Austin, Miss Angela, Mrs. Johnston, Mrs. Roy and Isabel.  My momsie is holding the microphone and wearing the skirt I made.

Well, this post officially fills up 11 pages in Microsoft Word, so I think I’ll be done now.  That gave me a headache and arthritis.

21 Responses to Yay! Pictures

  1. YAH!

    Thanks for taking the time to post all those pics. I LOVE everyone's dresses and the fact that it looks like you all had so much fun. I think we will definitely have to go to the next one, but unless you take pity on me, I'll be one of the few wearing clothes made in China, because even though October is months away, I still don't think thats long enough to learn to make a whole gorgeous dress like that! I am amazed at your sewing skills Coie! And, honestly, if you're looking for practice making a dress my size, please, let me know :>

    Edited by MamaMahnken on Wednesday, March 7, 2007 at 6:35 PM

  2. OH YEAH!!

    Thanks so much for sharing those!! I didn't know anyone got a pic of the Sweetheart one with Timothy and Jocelyn and I. How funny!! Love the little blurb you did too!! Oh you are cracking me up!!

    I am so excited to see pics. I did actually go to your party!! It seems like ages ago. Man, I can't believe it has been a month already. WAH!! I miss you. and dancing.

    It actually seems real now…I was just thinking about if we actually already had it cause it seems like it was so long ago.

    I don't think I will use your suggestion. A little to scary…it might not attract people!! But yes, you crack me up too.

    Oh…I am just so happy to see pics. I want to come and dance again…soon very soon.

    Have you planned another one yet?? LMK asap!!

    Really am glad to get a comment from you. I know you have been busy, but I haven't really heard from you since we got back. I miss you!!

    God Bless and Keep You and Yours!!

    Take Care!!


    Amanda ~ Siol Enal ~ SUPERANGEL

  3. Untitled Comment

    First off, I'd like to say that without doubt, Jaime Gonzalez will drive this country into the dirt! Any self-respecting American has no choice but to vote for me!!!


    Okay, anyway . . . I think in that picture Luke and Josh were comparing shoe sizes. And I was looking drugged.

    Picking between Jocelyn and Amanda was indeed difficult. I think I picked Amanda because I had already danced with Jocelyn.

    BTW, its really cool that you spent so much time putting this together. It must have taken a long time.


  4. Untitled Comment

    I will vote for whoever decides to put daylight savings back in its proper spot— off the calendar.

  5. Untitled Comment

    Yeah, I think you'd take Paul's side no mater what the situation is, cream cheese sour or sweet =P

    That 'w' word you threw out there at the end… gee.. I hear that one a lot!

  6. Untitled Comment

    That looks like a really fun party! Do you need an invite to come to the one next year, or is it an anyone who shows party? That was a really long post, but I think you’re to young to get arthritis. Lol!


  7. JacqueDixonSoulRestES


    I don't know if I enjoyed the pics more or your comments and descriptions!

    What fun to remember. Thank you for taking the time.

    Also… as far as time goes here… we are permanently on Eastern time. I hate it. It is still light at 10pm during the summer, and it really messes up the internal clock!! – or at least getting the Littles to bed!!!

    I liked it better when we changed time 2x/yr. Just me. Besides, we have relatives in NM, and now we are permanently 2 hours different from them.

    Weather is, well, IN weather, so it changes from day to day – sometimes hour to hour. It was really nice today, considering there is still snow and ice. It really isn't any colder at 3am (and I know b/c I have been to the barn every morning at that time for days!).

    Anyway… great pics. I love reading all the comments; I'll have to come back and check in a few days… we kinda' been stuck in the barn, too!! -for weeks… and weeks, it seems. ( ;

    Take care,

    Mrs. Dixon


    I was looking for some pics of the greenhouse project I heard about… anyone take any??

    ( ;

  8. Untitled Comment

    Those are some good pictures!

    That’s a great picture of Tim (LOL)!

    That was a lot of fun and October is to far away!!!

    Let’s plan a sooner one!

    You want to trade ads. If you make some kind of banner I’ll put it up on my blog if you put the one I’ve got on yours.


  9. Fun!

    Wow, it looks like you all had a blast! You guys all did a great job on your dresses! So glad you all had a great time!

    Mama J.

  10. This comment is not untitled

    I'm jealous! Aw Coie I miss you! Aw Coie I agree with Paul – October is too far away… hows about having one in May? 🙂

    All whining aside, lovely pictures and wish I could've been there.

    Edited by Kaitlin on Thursday, March 8, 2007 at 9:08 AM

  11. Great pics!


    That cape is a good look on your mom. I think you should make her one, maybe in a patch quilt design… and a matching one for your auntie! Wouldn't that be cute?!

    We had a great time at your barn dance. Thanks again for inviting us.

    All the Austins have enjoyed looking through this post.

  12. Thank you for pooosting piiictures!

    Thank you for pooosting piictures!

    Thank you for pooosting piictuuuures….

    I'll love you forevermore! *giggle*

    Love you so much, Coie! That is a BEAUTIFUL dress and your hair looked SOOO pretty! Like you of course, you gorgeous gal! Thank you, again, for posting these and please tell Miss Need-To-Post that I love her and miss her. I hope we will *somehow* be able to make it out there in October! I want to see the "Igarashis vs. Bluedorns" episode! (By the way, that picture of Mr. Suarez, "joining the fun" is hilarious!

    Love you!



    P.S. Please. Comment. On. My. Blog. Before. I. Go. Crazy. Thank. You.

  13. YAY!!!

    is right! I am so happy to see pictures!! I linked it on my blog, btw.

    I agree with Pulie too!! Lets have one sooner!! May is great… my birthday is in May! I will help make banners if you need it!!

    I am glad you like the P&P template. I was wondering about yours… where did you get it? I wanted to know how your frog stays on the side the whole time, you know??



  14. Hi:)

    Fun pictures of your party! You described things well and with great captions!! You looked like you stepped out of a time machine that day! Your seamstress skills are AMAZING!! I may have to beg you to show me some basics sometime so that I will be able to teach my girls!:) I don't remember what I learned WAY…… back in 8th grade Home Ec.

    Have a great day and God bless!

    Mrs. Johnston:)

    P.S. I explored Homestead Blogger a little yesterday and found your other blog! I love that picture of you! You looked like you were on the cover of some magazine! The cool part is that your beauty on the inside is what makes you soooo dazzling on the outside, too.:):) I see Jesus in you!!:):) Yeah God!:)

  15. Untitled Comment

    If you make an ad for your blog I’ll put it on my blog.

    In exchange for you putting my ad on your blog.


    These are the ads you can chose from (I’m still making more):

    These are the once that would go in the side bar.×600.png×600.gif×300.png

    And these are the once that go at the bottom of the comments!×60-static.png×60.gif

    Just tell me which one you want and I’ll send you the code for them!

  16. Untitled Comment

    In your very last picture (the one with the line of birthday people) I know who the unknown person is!! Do I get a prize if I tell you?! LOL! He's our VERY good friend's (the one that slept-over that night. posted on my blog) brother! Matter of fact I just saw him last night!

  17. YEAH ME TOO…

    I will vote for whoever will take Daylight Savings Time away!! I don't like that!!

    And me too for the vote to have another dance sooner!! That was too much fun to have to wait til OCT to do it again!!

    I love what you said about each pic!! you are too funny!!

    God Bless and Keep You and Yours!! Take Care!!


    Amanda ~ Siol Enal ~ SUPERANGEL

  18. ~ Time Flies…~

    "Time flies when you live on a wannabe farm"

    You hit that right on. I love it!



  19. Untitled Comment

    Yep, I raised chickens for tyson! We had 8 houses and over 200,000 chickens. I wouldn't eat there chicken for a really long time. When we move next month(I think?? so please be praying) we are hoping to have a home in the country and have about 12 chicken for eggs. Which would be no

    Problem having after having that many!

    Great pics! But I did have a wierd face.



    Untitled Comment

    Great photos ! None of our children are adopted by the way – they just like to show everyone their great dental work — hahahhha

  21. Greetings and Felicitations!

    Where do you live? I wish I could do things like that!

    By the way, I'm Melanie. Nice to meet you! = )


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