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To Quickly Extinguish All Further Threats…

by coie - February 15th, 2007.
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Oh Boy.  My AUNTIE, who is determined to bring me down to humiliating depths, just because I tied up her son for his birthday, just sent me a most threatening email.  At first, I was decieved.  I thought it was a poem from one of my cousins to me, and I scoffed at the grammatical errors and inconsistantly rhymed lines.  However, I was touched by the sweetness of the whole thing.  Then I saw this underneath:

Best cousins: Paulie and Coie
Hmmmmm, wonder who wrote this when she was 9 years old….and wonder what I’d be PAID not to blog this?? (and the accompanying letter which is so hilarious that my whole family including Uncle Paul of course are SCREECHING over)….hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I think I’m in the mood for some ginger cookies. Hundreds might buy my silence….

And so, before my auntie can do damage to my reputation, I shall share with you the poem, that I myself wrote nine years ago.  You see, I cannot remember what the accompanying letter contains and I don’t think I want it shared.  Probably apologies over something silly.  Like that dumb shell that I got from Mexico and he stole, and I stole back and we got into such a humongous fight over whose it was that we stopped talking to each other for 24 hours.   I finally gave it to him and he keeps it in his "treasure box". (BTW, it was always mine, Poggy)

So here is that poem.

You’re a cousin that loves a cousin that cares…
You’re a cousin that’s funny; you’re a cousin that shares.
I’m glad God put you on the earth to be my cousin.
You’d find a friendship like ours one in a dozen.
Our friendship is like a beautiful ROSE.
And each and every day it grows, grows, GROWS.
The good adventures we have had are probably millions.
Actually it’s probably closer to nan-trillions.

Best Cousins: Paulie and Coie

And there you have it.  Ain’t I sweet?  And I’m recieving threats over this.

On to other news.  I’ve recently discovered that I finish my chores (hauling water to the goats and chickens, feeding the goats, checking for eggs and looking for any irregularities) much much quicker when I do it in a T-Shirt and flip flops.  This is due to change once it is no longer 25 degrees outside.  I believe the blood in my arms and hands turned to the consistancy of a slurpie this morning.

And one more thing.  If one of my siblings pukes or has the runs in their pants one more time, I’m going to purchase a Haz-Mat suit.  And that’s that.

12 Responses to To Quickly Extinguish All Further Threats…

  1. Untitled Comment

    NO. NO! take it down I was going to post that!


    I'm in the middle of posting that!!

  2. Untitled Comment

    You stole that shell from me!!! And the only reason you gave it back is cause you knew it was mine and you wanted to make things right!!!

    Now I’m not talking to you until you admit to everyone that it was mine to begin with!

    If you come over to my blog you’ll see the WHOLE letter not just the poem!

  3. Untitled Comment

    i've been meaning to tell you that it really isn't lady-like to tie up your cousins. You're like one of them back woods Beverly Hillbillies. Knock it off, or we're gonna end up getting a reputation.

  4. :o)

    How cute :o)

  5. Untitled Comment

    Ok, It's up.

  6. Untitled Comment

    Hello, That is so cute… I wrote mom a few poems when I was little and she still has them… they sound so funny now but they ryhme!



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    Do I still get the ginger cookies anyway? I could always share the story of when you were two years old and let loose in Paulie's crib….I think you were sick or something; you would have had to have been. Man that was gross. And did your mother clean it up? No. She offered to pay the rental on the steam cleaner so we went and got it (Uncle Paul cleaned up your icky mess), and do you think she ever paid me? No. Just a year and a half earlier, your gramma Sheila thru me a baby shower (I was preg with Paulie). Your mother did it again. When it was gift giving time, she had nothing so she announced loudly, "My gift to you is $20; I'll give it to you later." Ooooos and Ahhhhs from all around. What a sweet sister, wow $20 is a LOT. Think I ever got it? No. The way I see it, YOU now owe me $40. I'll take that in ginger cookies.


  8. Untitled Comment

    As <i>if</i>! Seeing how your husband came over and already porked down $140 worth of gingersnaps, i'd say YOU owe ME. It's settled. You will be absolved by paying for Coie's wedding in seven years.

  9. Hm…

    Ya, I remember digging through old stuff and finding things like that. The most embarrassing ones were burned immediately, to prevent black-mail such as this.

    I still get the occasional black-mailing/bribing for cookies or some other kind of sugary something. (I guess thats what you get for being the designated dessert maker in a house)




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    Hope you're all feeling better soon and that you don't get it at all. Loved your comment about the mice and the peanut butter. . . Karen

  11. Untitled Comment

    Aww, how sweet! Haha!

  12. Hi… Just stopping by!

    Hello! I wanted to stop by to say hi to you! I had so much fun at the party, but you probably alreay know that! Have you read my R-E-A-L-L-Y L-O-N-G post about our visit? I had to put it into two posts! Well, anways, just wanted to stop by and say 'hi', I'm going to stop over at your sisters' blogs, both of them!

    Talk to you later… hopefully soon! Maybe at the Barn Dance in October! I hope we can come!



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