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Happy Birthday to My Personal Pet Beaver

by coie - February 14th, 2007.
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Forget Valentine’s Day– Today is my cousin’s brithday!  Levi, aka: Beaver, is my little hero.  He, along with his brothers Luke and Paul have self-appointed themselves as mine and my sisters’ protectors.  You should see them stand up for us.  And you should see the activities they participate in "for your sake, only, Coie".

So, in honor of Levi’s 13th birthday, I am asking everyone to do the Beaver Dance and then head over to his BLOG and wish him a happy birthday.  Poor guy– since Pukie-Head (emmiko) got sick while he was here, his family has banished him from his home until further notice.  Actually, that’s not true, but he is here…so if any of his friends want to call him– use our number!

And lastly, I wanted to let you see my birthday present for him.  CLICK HERE.

5 Responses to Happy Birthday to My Personal Pet Beaver

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    O_o Boy, I would love to have you as MY cousin..lucky Levi. 🙂

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    Look at my most recent post!


    Untitled Comment

    Oh my-

    Poor Levi – that does not seem like fun to me at all.

    Seems a little chancy with your birthday being just around the corner.

    Have a great day!

    Mrs Roy

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    Thank you so much for your comment! I feel like crying cause it was so SWEET!

    Yep, I e-mail! It’s:

    No, I haven’t bought anything from thai2u yet but plan too soon.


    P.S. GREAT pic of Levi

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    I think he should be thankful that you tied him up inside the house instead of outside.

    And that's that.



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