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Doggon Immune System

by coie - January 11th, 2007.
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In my last post I reported that I finally had a temperature and I thought I was well on my way to being confined to bed with a good book.  Five minutes afterwards, my victorious moment was dashed as my immune system woke up, staved off bacteria, and brought my body back to it’s regular temperature.  Doggonit, why do I have such great immunity to sickness?  My monomania for the last week has been to get sick, but since everybody else is quickly recovering and my dad saturated everything with Lysol, my chances are slimming.  Ah, well.

Both dresses that I listed on e-bay sold.  They went for about half the price that I put in to them, not to mention the many hours I spent sitting at my sewing desk, but I don’t mind. 

I’m having a hard time composing this post since I’ve no inspiration, and I’m only writing at my momsie’s behests.

My goat had nasty problems today and I had to give her Kaopectate.  Yes, that’s a human medicine.  That’s all the details I’m giving, so if you’re curious, just look up Kaopectate. [[grin]]  She wouldn’t open her mouth so I would pour a bit on her lips, and then she would lick it all up.  When I was done she licked her lips for about 5 minutes straight.  It was most amusing.  However, it was not amusing when she sneezed on my leg.  After that I looked at her deprecatingly and left promptly.

And thus ends my story of the day.  I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

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    Oh, Coie!, I know how you feel… our goats had diahrea today! ewww… I think they'll be allirght but it was gross. We gave them a water-anidote…


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    I hate being sick! I still kind of am but I can go out of the house. I've been having problems with my ear.

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    I, for one, am colossally amused. I shall persist here with more occurance, perceiving how you've thus set in to ameliorate your vocabulary.

    <br>Very Truly Yours For All Posterity,

    <br>Countess El Le'Mont DeCeoux Momsie

  4. Rate!

    Please rate the first chapter of my stroy!



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    Ditto momsie! Great use of vocabulary. Is this what you think about when you're milking Belle or taking care of sick siblings???



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    Sometimes bloggers give way more info than some need to know — as was the case with your goat issue today. I am glad you didn't get any pictures ;0

    Congratulations on selling the dresses. It's hard to make money on time sometimes but the experience sometimes makes up for it. Sometimes!

    Stay healthy – what were you thinking!

  7. So sorry…

    I guess you will be happy you have such a great immune system when you are a mom and your kids are sick!! =0)

    Wish I could go to bed all day with a book. Then I might actually finish David Copperfield!!

    I answered your "Croc" question with a post. Come see!!

    I knew we were kindred spirits. Hopefully we won't be stuck in mud anymore. Either of us!!

    So how is Belle now?? Our goats got into the food the other day and had diarreha for a couple of days. EWW!!

    God Bless and Keep You and Yours!!

    Take Care!!

    Love to all

    Amanda ~ Siol Enal ~ SUPERANGEL

    Daughter of JacqueDixonSoulRestES

    Sister of Jocelyndixon, rjdjohn316 & YoungManInTraining

    Read my lastest articles just published today!! Let me know what you think!!

    Stop by The Daily Planet soon!!

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    I'm glad your dresses sold. I can't wait to see what you make next. Amanda posted which dress she's getting and so did I. I am really excited!!


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    You actually WANT to be sick! You MUSt be nutty. LOL! We spend all our time trying NOT to be sick and you WANT to be!

    ANYhows. I like your goat and the chest is pretty! (even if is old. Old stuff is cool)

    See ya at the party!

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    I can't wait to meet you!! I am jumpin' outta my skin!!


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