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Waha! I'm Sick!

by coie - January 7th, 2007.
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Aha!  Finally, I’ve got a fever of 99.5!  Yippee!  It’s about time.  After two weeks of everybody else being sick, I was beginning to think I had a perfect immune system.

Here are some pictures that I’ve collected over the last few weeks that tell of our recent happenings.

First off, a certain SOMEONE told me that my blog would be number one if I posted a picture of my goat on here.  And seeing as how my stats have been quite lugubrious-looking lately, I’ve given in to the pressure. 

Pictured here are 3 of our goats, two of which (Snowflake and Annabelle) died.  Belle (my goat) is the one under my arm.  The reason I look angry in that picture is because the other two goats kept jumping into the picture. hehe. 

Oh and a story about Belle.  When my family went to go look at goats, I didn’t even like animals.  But as we stood there talking Belle came up to me and started rubbing her big ol’ head on my leg.  She wouldn’t leave me alone.  She followed me around for the rest of our time there and when we left I announced, "I’m buying Belle!".  Somehow this goat got me to like her, pet her, and decide to spend 100 big bucks on her.  Now I actually enjoy taking her out every day, feeding her, petting her, and "handling" her.  Handling…yeah…she was almost sold to a meat market because she won’t let people milk her.  Since I bought her, and the other goats died, its kind of my responsibility to make her let us milk her.  Since she doesn’t like being touched, I’ve got to put her head between my legs and hold her while I first hold her bulging belly and feel her kids kick my hands, and then get her used to the fact that my hands will soon be milking her.  We’re making progress….On to more pleasant subjects, eh?

Alright, here are the rest of my pictures which cover our tamale-making on Christmas Eve and my jolly ol’ cousin Paul playing with the teapot my aunt gave me.  Remember, click on thumbnails for bigger pics.

Masa-Mixing.  My, have I got hairy arms.

Corn Husks, to hold the tamales together.  Haven’t we got the loveliest wallpaper? *grin*

Tamale Steamer!

I haven’t got photo’s of the finished products.  Sorry!

My cousin, Poggy the Great!  Not only does he play with teapots, but he dances!  Yessir, he can dance a mean Virginia Reel, AND he is going to take Scottish Country Dancing Lessons with me and some of my family.  Ah, yes, he also does more manly things such as putting in fences, and carrying heavy stuff, and letting little kids tear him to pieces while he grins his goofy head off.

And now on to more exciting photos, in my opinion.  There is a (mostly used) Home Decor place in our area that is closing down.  Dad and I went in there a few months ago and I saw a spiffy old chest that I really liked.  It was marked at $250.  We left and I kept remembering the chest, wanting to get it.  I went back in there a week or so ago and it was marked down to $150.  I really did not want to pay that much, especially since it was so torn apart, so I left and called the lady up.  I described the chest and asked if she would take $50 for it (Ha! Sometimes I can summon up the courage to bargain like my momsie).  The lady hesitated and then said she would take $80.  So that night dad took me to pick it up.  I need to restore it and give it a nice warm paint bath, and then I will keep all of my sewing things and unfinished projects in it.  Here are the pictures of it now.  Am I the only one capable of falling in love with this old trunk?  No one really understands why I like it so much.

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    Untitled Comment

    Coie dear,

    you just called me, If that was an error than ok…but if you intentionally called me and think you left a message — I have to say that I do not know how to operate that function on my phone. Tracy set up the password number for me but than forgot what it is so it is of no use to me uless I find out how to start that over.

    I wanted to tell you that when I saw your dresses listed on Ebay with that marvelous trunk in the back grouns I thought it was delightful. I think you made a good bargain.

    Sorry your sick. 🙁 Get well soon!

    oh.. and I got the same tea pot for Christmas from one of my neighbors. I like it and will have to fidn the time to use it soon. Did you or your momsie drink any of the green tea I sent? It's from Walmart – it is a bargain!

    Have a wonderful week!

    Mrs R

  2. Untitled Comment

    boy oh boy that is one junked up trunk. i hope it doesn't give all of your sewing projects lead poisoning (or the rest of us lead poisoning for that matter).

    PS nice use of the word lugabawhatever

    love momsie IGARISHI (i'm going to start spelling our last name like that since everybody else always does)

  3. Goats and Dresses and Sickness…oh my! ;D

    We want to get some goats soon. The problem with our property is that we have NO fencing anywhere. We have to get "the pasture" on our property fenced.

    I saw the pictures of those dresses you made. They look great! I like the pleats. Rachel and I are making Regency dresses too. I can't wait 'till they are finished.

    Sickness is such a bother…it comes around especially at this time of year. We don't get things half as often or as badly as most people we know, but right now we're still trying to shake off a cold that has been hanging here for a week. We got pink eye on top of that…really strange.

    I hope y'all are feeling better and have a great year.



  4. Untitled Comment

    That's one uber-cool trunk. So don't worry – Paulie WILL go to that dance class with you even if I have to drag him. He grinned (yes, the goofy one) and laughed and grinned and said, Mommmm, no……, mommmmmmmmmmmmmmm, noooooo, but we all know what that means, right? He's flattered to be invited. What a pickle head. What's he spose to wear?

    By the way, we are so sick that we're all watching episodes of the Dick Van Dyke show and now Monsters Inc for the millionth time. No one can move so all we do is lay about and stare at each other or at Monsters Inc. We're scared – Because we care.

  5. Untitled Comment

    Awesome chest! I can't wait to see pics of it when you're finished! Lugubrious? Listen, I'm a homeschooling mom who is pretty proud of her English skills, but what on earth does THAT mean? Sorry you're feeling poorly, but maybe the rest of the family will recover enough to take care of YOU! Praying for you all – Karen

  6. Untitled Comment

    Coie you are the sweetest most wonderful girl! Thank you, thank you for your very scrumptious candy, which we gobbled down like a pen full of piggies. Savoured, enjoyed, and reveled in the taste yes, still gobbled however.

    I'm so happy your family has decided to get goats! We used to have goats, but no longer do and I miss them so very much. I still have videos of our baby goats in the sidebar of my blog.

    I think I will have to move to Tennessee. Not only do you make yummy candy you make tamales! Oh how I love tamales! My cousin makes the best tamales I've ever had, and she makes sweet tamales by putting cinnamon in the masa flower and steaming them in pineapple juice. She however is living in Mexico now and I don't get to eat them.

    Don't get too sick you blessed girl! The rest you deserve, the pain and agony you do not!

    Abiding in the Vine!

  7. Untitled Comment

    Your goats are so cute…much prettier then mine. Chloe looks like dirty snow (ahem) anyway, I'm sorry you got sick but it was bound to come sometime…

    The same thing happened to me a few years ago – Everyone was sick except for me and I was like the maid running here and there, getting drinks and popsicles and so on… I know how you feel. and than I finally got sick after a week or two of that maid-business.

    I really like the old chest. I have a thing for old things… I told my grt grandma that and she asked if that's why i liked her so much!! LOL

    Well, I hope you don't stay sick too long. We were worried about you!

    Love your (concerned) friend,


  8. You've GOAT to be KIDDING!

    he he he 🙂 I just thought of that pun…on my own!

    Thanks for the props Cowgirl Coie! Belle is truly bellisima! Love the tamales, and dresses. What a great trunk! It totally has potential momsie! I think I would've tried to get the lady down to 60$ but, heckuva deal there!

    It would be so groovylike to restore it, and then show everyone who's complaining about it, and then they'll be like, "Coie, I want your trunk!" and then you'd be all like, "No way!"…

    Hope you feel better soon deary doodles,

    someone named traci? 🙂

  9. Untitled Comment

    OH!!! I love that trunk!!!!!

    I always like things that don't look that great but you make them look great! I have bought lockers to put in my room and they're in there now and I also bought a parking meater! haha!

  10. Untitled Comment

    The trunk is GREAT and I completely understand why you love it! Plus, you could hide a LOT of your yummy candy in there!

    Praying for you to be healthy again soon!

    Hey, I just remembered that there is a little of your candy left in a secret hiding place in my room! I'm gonna go raid it!

  11. Untitled Comment

    Cool! It is so neat that you have a goat. I used to have a goat named Eyebright ( hence the username ), but we sold her. I hope you have a lot of fun with yours.

    I think that trunk is really neat, and it sounds like fun to restore it.

  12. Untitled Comment

    Yay! A goat…. (laughs)

    (I was clicking around the random blogs and HAD to comment).

  13. Hey Coie

    Cute goat, and I hope you feel better soon! How's your brother?


  14. Untitled Comment

    Quite a bargain to get it for such a reduced price! But WOW, that really needs some work, eh?

    I love old trunks and chests…and boxes… I just don't have room for all that "stuff".

    I can't wait to see how it looks once it's all spiffed up!


  15. SweetHomeTennessee

    late comment, but

    That is a great trunk! I'd have gotten it too! And probably watched it sit in the barn for years until I actually did something with it. Can't wait to see it's final form.


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