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Candy Winners and My Valiant 3 Year Old Brother

by coie - December 22nd, 2006.
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Well, due the fact that people keep emailing me asking when I’ll announce the winners of the below contest, I suppose I should do just that.

Winner #1: COUNTRYATHEART was the first to guess that I got a goat.  I’m sure you read about all our goat problems on my momsie’s blog too.  An update: My goat Belle went in to the vet yesterday and they pulled the drain out of the wound.  He said that she looks great and in two weeks he will pull out all her stitches.  And I’m sure you wanted to hear that in a post about candy.

Winner #2: PURPLEPRINCESS and her momsie QUIETCAJUN made me laugh with their comments/stories.

Winner #3:  The wonderful BECCALOO, for being the 50th commenter.

Winners, please send your addresses to me before my dad eats all the candy (coie[at]

Last night I finished the last of the candy (there will be no butterscotch.  I’ve replaced it with caramel truffles) and we made our rounds throughout the Eastern side of TN dropping it off unexpectedly at people’s houses.  One family was even in their PJ‘s.  We still have more places to stop by though.  Afterwards, Dad and I convinced mom to go to Olive Garden.  It was a fun night and we got home at 11:30.

The first night of my candy making was very funny.  After finishing the chocolate pecan fudge, I leaned over the sink and licked the whisk.  All of the sudden I hear, "Do not yick, Coie! Do not YICK!".  I turned and saw King James watching me.  I continued licking until he fairly shrilled, "Do NOT YICK, COIE!  You will die!"

I giggled my head off and told my mom and aunt.  Then I returned to the kitchen and dramatically finished off the fudge on the whisk and then dropped to the floor where James could see me.  He turned his head to the livingroom and said, "Coie dead."  The moms either ignored him or didn’t hear him.  He ran in there and yelled, "COIE DIED!".  Seeing that he got no response and thinking that I was in grave danger, he took the matter into his own hands.  He ran into the forbidden room- the dreaded kitchen and put his hands under my head.  As he tried to lift, the mere exertion caused him to pass gas.  Since he couldn’t pick up my head, he tried to get a better grip by grabbing my ears.  By this time I could not stop myself from laughing.  Then he realized there was no danger and he laughed too.  I’m happy to have a 3 year old brother that would try to save me on his own.

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  1. Untitled Comment

    That is the sweetest, funniest, most valiant thing I've read in FOREVER! I hope you made an extra batch of goodies just for him. You are a most blessed big sister indeed!




  2. OOOH We Won!

    So… Something good DID come out of our surprise attack by carpet guys! We are all still a little punchy here… we all jump and say "What was that?" at every little creeky, squeaky noise!

    I tried to tell Kaitlyn about winning the candy and she was too sound asleep already (its 10 ish)… she helped shop on Wednesday, Cook/Bake on Thursday and clean house today… she is one tired girl.

    She even did laundry for me…. Whatever am I going to have left for ME to do if this girl works me right on out of a job??? 🙂 I guess I'll just have to have a new baby to keep me occupied! (Lord willing)

  3. CAgirlwithasoutherndrawl


    Your brother is a riot. I know for a fact that your candy is safe to eat because, well, I have eaten a lot. 🙂 It is yummy-licious. Thanks for going to all that trouble and for the "late" night deliveries. It was neato to open the door in the middle of the night and see you guys. OK, I know that it wasn't the middle of the night, but man was it dark. By the way, I was dead asleep by 11:30.

    Merry Christmas Coie! I can't wait 'till I have this baby so that I can be more social. I really miss you guys.

    ~Aunt Spiffy

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    Merry Chistmas! I love that story about King James, that was so funny:-). My mom has been walking around the house saying: "Have you read Coie's blog, it's so funny!" Well, got to go. Stop by soon.


  5. Please excuse my stupidity

    I sent you an e-mail with my e-mail address when I should've sent you my REAL address. Sorry! My mom sent the right address to you. (Go to my blog if you need a reason for my stupidity.)

  6. Untitled Comment

    I have my own theory about this. I think that the reason he shrieked, "Coie, do NOT yick" is because he had DONE something to the batter. He didn't want to tell you what it was…but yup, he did something nasty to it. As you dove down for a slurp, he simply tried to warn you that you'd die if you proceeded. What a nice little boy. Wonder what he did to it to begin with. By the way, don't give me any of that for Christmas, please.



  7. Untitled Comment

    Merry Christmas!

  8. Ha Ha Ha!

    Great Holiday joke. {:-D


    <br>I think however, that you might have had just a <i>Little</i> bit too much xmas fudge, if your seeing King James yelling at you. {;-)

    <br>What a great little brother.


    <br>Merry Christmas.


  9. Untitled Comment

    Your brother is very cute. I can just see you lying on the floor with a spoon in your hand… so dramatic!

    and Congrats to the winners!!


    Ms. Jocelyn

  10. Hey!!

    I posted about our dilemma!!

    Congrats to all the winners!!

    Thanks for coming to The Daily Planet, and leaving me a comment!!

    It is always nice to have people come to your blog!! But it is even better when they leave you a comment saying they have been there and telling you their thoughts!!

    Hope you had a Family time filled Christmas!!

    God Bless and Keep You and Yours!!

    Take Care!!


    Amanda ~ Siol Enal ~ SUPERANGEL

    Daughter of JacqueDixonSoulRestES

    Sister of Jocelyndixon, rjdjohn316 & YoungManInTraining

    Read my lastest articles just published today!! Let me know what you think!! Sorry I can't give you link, unless you want me to mess up your blog =0)

    Come check out the changes that have happened to your favorite blogpaper!!

    Stop by The Daily Planet soon!!

  11. iluvmy3chickiesandtheirdaddy2


    Yum Yum Yum. Coie that was undoubtedly the best homemade candy ever!! I had the choc./carmel walnut clusters for myself….but I shared them anyway!! Thank you for the those very sweet treats!!

  12. Untitled Comment

    Hello, just wanted to stop by and see how you were!!

    Your post still makes me laugh!!

    Sincerely yours,


  13. Glad I Stopped By…

    That is hysterical! Kayla and I are picking each other up off of the floor!

    I really needed that laugh! What a sweet little brother you have there. He's a keeper indeed.

    Glad to hear Belle is feeling more groovy these days. ;o)


    traci 🙂

  14. Untitled Comment

    OK, now you're turn to do my contest. LOL

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Hope ya'll aren't sick anymore!



  15. Untitled Comment

    ah…siblings. They make life interesting, don't they? 🙂

    We need to go out to lunch or something again sometime! But we need to wait until I get well….



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