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It's A-Freezing!

by coie - December 10th, 2006.
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Two days ago I got out of bed and looked out my window towards the pond.  The entire thing (1 acre) was frozen over except one little circle where our ducks were huddled together shaking their tailfeathers.  The ice has been getting thicker and thicker these last few nights and I even walked on it today.  It was scary, and Dad and Ryann were taking pictures and videos the whole time.  I'll have to share them once Ryann gets home with her camera.  🙂

Yesterday was a long day.  Dad took most of us kids and my cousin Paul to a meeting.  It was somewhat interesting to me, but Paul thought it was dreadfully boring.  At one point he looked at me and quietly quoth, “I'd rather be in a doctor's office waiting to know if I'm going to die or not.”

After that, a bearing on the trailer busted and we had to stop in a Big Lots parking lot, an hour from home.  We unhooked the trailer and went looking for parts but no one had what we needed.  We moved the trailer out of the way and dad went back today to fix it.  We had left home at 10:30 AM and got back around 8:00 PM.  Like I said, it was a long day, but we had fun and I got a bunch of candy tins.  🙂

You might remember last year, when I had a CANDY CONTEST and about 8 people won a box of my homemade candy.  Well, it's candy-making season again and that means another contest!  This time I will have three different ways to win this contest, therefore, three winners will be chosen.  Here are the qualifications:

1. Guess what I am getting this Tuesday (you will never believe it).  It starts with a “G” and it is not a gorilla or a guitar.

2. Remember the REWRITE HISTORY post that I did last year?  Refer to that post for directions.  Do it again, and the story that makes me laugh the hardest wins.

3.  Be the 50th commenter.

1. non-virtual family members cannot enter!  They eat too much of the candy anyways.  *grin*

2. If I have already told you the answer to #1, do not tell!  Besides, if you know, then you are already on my list to receive candy. 

3. If you are the 50th commenter and already on my list to receive candy, the next commenter will win. 

4. Do not ask my family the answer to #1.

5.  Only two comments per person.

***EDIT*** The candy included in this year's batch is:

Chocolate Covered Cherries
Pecan Clusters
Chocolate Pecan/Walnut Fudge
Butter Pecan Fudge
and POSSIBLY Hazelnut Toffee

57 Responses to It's A-Freezing!

  1. Untitled Comment

    Kaitlin, you are one crazy little coconut. it is highly unlikely x's 2 that me and the kookster can come for a visit. it is up to you to make it back up here. besides, one person traveling is cheaper than two.


  2. Untitled Comment

    Not if you walk.

  3. Untitled Comment

    Guess I'm to late to be number 50!

    What did you get that started with a G? I've always wanted an everlasting Gobstopper from Willy Wonka!

  4. Just stoppin by…

    …to say I hope you and your loverly fam have a splenderful Christmas!

    That candy sounds yummy, but I'm on a strict

    'seafood' diet that I must adhere to. It should only take a few days to get here UPS right? Maybe FedEx is faster?

    Merry Christmas to you and your new goatboy. Just kid-ding around with ewe! Oh, I have to stop now…I'm gonna spring a leak! Mommy! Oh wait, that's me. Never mind!

    Have a WAY GROOVY New Year too,

    traci 🙂

  5. Untitled Comment

    54 comments… wow! That's a lot! I guess the way to get 50 comments is to promise candy! I'll keep that in mind! LOL


    Untitled Comment

    Here I have been checkingyour blog daily to see if I am one of those *LUCKY DUCKY CANDY WINNERS* and you delivered us some. The candy is sooooo goood. You should go in to the Coie candy buisness. YUMMY! I am thankful that I know you and your family.

    <br>Thanks for blessing us with these delightful candy treats, hot chocolate and the special gifts.


    <br>Ms R

    <br>ps — tell no one you saw me in my jammies! hehehehe

  7. Untitled Comment

    Thanks for the very yummy chocolates Coie! They were so good we finished them by this morning. We only stopped eating them last night cause we had to leave some for Sarah and Caleb. 😛 LOL!

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