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Silly Siblings

by coie - December 2nd, 2006.
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My siblings have been at their  silliest this last week.  On  Tuesday, Emmiko came with me to run some errands.  As we drove along she told me her strategy to avoid getting kidnapped. Here is what she told me:

If a bad guy came up to me and told me to get in his car, and I told him no, and he said “Your dad told me to pick you up.” I would say, “Then what's my dad's name?”.  And if he said, “I don't know, but he gave me this picture of you”, then I would say, “How do I know whether or not you took that picture?”

And thus ended her master plan.

A few nights ago I let Dippy sleep in my room.  As I laid in bed I heard a crunching noise.  I ignored it for a bit (I'm trying to stop being annoyed by little noises), and then finally asked, “Dip, what are you eating?”


“Well, what are you doing then?”



“Just something.”

“Are you breaking something?”


“Is it your's?!”


I tried to fall asleep.  Five minutes later Dippy announced, “I did it!”…and then, “I'm half bald!”


“I got all the sap out of my hair!  I'm gonna go look”

Dippy ran to the bathroom, laughed and then came back to my room.  I said, “Are you bald?”

“Yep, wanna see?”

When he showed me HIS HEAD all I could do was laugh.

And then just today as I was babysitting my siblings and two Suarezes, I walked outside to see a bunch of smoke.  I was alarmed because we don't have a burnpile in our front yard.  I ran over to the spot and froze when I saw a huge circle of burnt-ness, and fire making its way towards our trees.  I went inside, called Bobo, and went back out to find a long hose to hook up.  I put it out easily but it stressed me out.  Turns out, Bobo dumped a pile of ashes in the middle of our leaves because they were a day old and he thought they were cool enough.  HERE is a picture of what it now looks like.  Ack!

So, how was everyone's Thanksgiving?  What did you do?

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  1. :0


    That is a lot of missing hair I would of had to laugh too.

    I also like your new picture!

    I’m glad you had a nice Thanksgiving.

    Have a nice day!


  2. Untitled Comment

    Silly! My sibs are that way too.

    I like your new picture! You are very pretty!!! I’m sorry I haven’t been here in awhile. I hope you are doing well and will stop by soon!!

    Mára mesta,

    Edhël ó Loriën

    Read my latest post here: Yes, Even A Childless Woman IS To Be At Home - For The Bible Says So

    Daughter of JacqueDixon, and sister of SuperAngel, Tigerlily the Hobbit and Young Man in Training

  3. Untitled Comment

    Let’s see…what did I do for thanksgiving??? I ate turkey and mashed potatoes but then, the next day I went to visit some blogger friends. Say, do you know them? They’re from your area in TN. Okay, nevermind.

    Anyways, it was so fun seeing you and your mom a week and half ago 🙂 Maybe one of these days when I get my drivers license, I’ll make my way down to your house for a visit!


  4. Hehe

    Nope, embers most certantly are NOT cool enough after one day. We can still start a small fire with them (Have before. On purpose too) That’s funny with the hair cutting! Dragontongue used to cut her hair on a whim! Dad saw a comic that reminded him of her (of course he is quite a joker, sometimes you can’t even tell if he’s being serious)

    Anyways, the comic was a teenage boy looking at hisself in a mirror, and he says “I wonder what I would like with my head half shaved!?” so he takes out a razor a shaves half of it off…. “Oh…”

    LOL!! ;-D

    Me/ who is AnonymousGirl

  5. Hey


    remember me, Sarah Higgins. Otherwise known as Daddysgurl. I have a new homeschoolblogger blog because I for got the password for my other one. Ya wanna be my friend??

    Check out my blog. I’m still workin on it though.


  6. haha

    thats funny but scary at the same time! I would ahve been spazzing out!! LOL anyways well i am glad you said yes to being my friend! U rock! Bye!


  7. Untitled Comment

    Ahhh…never a dull moment in the Iguarez world!

    I had to laugh about the hair. Could be worse. At least it wasn’t your hair. Or if you want to combine the two incidents, at least it wasn’t your hair on fire!

    But there’s always tomorrow, right?

    Marsha 🙂

  8. Untitled Comment

    My 3 yo brother just did that about a week ago. What is up with small children and cutting their own hair?

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