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So much to say!

by coie - November 3rd, 2006.
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Ack, I've got entirely too much to say, but at the same time I have entirely too much to do!  The barn dance is tomorrow and I still have to finish the binding on my quilt (4 1/2 hrs), make two skirts (4 hrs), cut the Suarez boys' hair (1 hr) and clean my room (76 hrs– with the help of a tractor).  Not to mention eat and drink a ton of coffee.  For those of you that asked, the barn dance is not held in a barn…It will be in a grange hall sorta thing.

This last week we went to the Estabrooks house, which was pretty fun.  They have an old apple cider press that they used, and they had an apple bobbing contest. All of us kids also played Ultimate Frisbee (I actually caught and passed the frisbee successfully one whole time!!!), Freeze Tag, Frisbee Freeze Tag, and probably other stuff that I can't remember.  Mrs. Burggraf was there and when I showed her the quilt I'm working on, she said, “Oh, honey, I'm so proud of you!  Oh, honey….”  Hardy har har– I love showing her stuff.  I'll post pics later of the party.

We had a great lunch on Sunday, during which time I tried to burn down the kitchen.  Never leave an unattended hot pan of Crisco on the stove.

Mr. GARRISON, a jolly ol' American English guy visited this week too.  He, uh, has this dance that he calls a Scottish Sock Dance, and it is……not able to be described.  We will have to post the video, eh Mr. G?  Anyways, he brought some great chocolate and a jar of marmite.  A lifetime supply of marmite, in fact.

I think that's about all that happened this week, except Paul made me look like a complete idiot in karate.

Updates to come when life slows down!

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  1. Untitled Comment

    I didn’t know that you sewed, I knit and JB sews, I really enjoy kniting. Well, got to go, I hope everything turns out well with your barn dance (or garage dance;-), and that you end up having a really great week.


  2. Your profile

    Hi. I’m a first time visitor to your site and really enjoyed reading your profile and the quote at the end. I should send it to my firstborn (of ten) who is in another city.

    Sounds like you’re really busy with a lot of fun things….enjoy!

  3. Hello….someone finally decided to LOG ON!!

    Yikes, Coie! You have this reputation for posting an entry almost every other day and now of all times you choose to prolong it to a whopping FOUR to FIVE days?! Good grief!

    I. Am. Sincerly. Horribly. Shocked.

    Laugh Out Loud, that was funny! (To yours truly at least, but yours truly also laughs at a lot of things therefore yours truly is to be ignored, right?) Wow. OK, you want another period-filled-sentence-that-can-not-really-be-called-a-sentence sentence? Here you are:

    I. Miss. You. Terribly.(space) So. Terribly. I. Cannot. Even. Begin. To. Tell. You. How. Much.

    Anyhoo….Love you!

    God Bless, Coie! You are a blessing to everyone who knows you!


  4. So…

    How was the big barn festival?

    Congrats on the Frisbee throw!

    A friend sent me a jar of Vegimite from Australia. I always wanted one because I went to high school in the 80’s and listened to “Men At Work” and one of the songs mentions a Vegemite sandwich. I also have a “lifetime supply”. Wonder how similar it is to Marmite.

  5. Coie, what do you mean ‘he made you LOOK like an idiot?” you ARE and idiot. Only idiots say and think they’re not idiots.

    In that matter, I’m not an idiot.

    Blog about something else then your self next time, I mean, idiots.

    Love you,


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