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Baby, It's Cold Outside

by coie - October 23rd, 2006.
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Last Thursday I got the first 2 of cavities filled.  It was dreadful.  And because of my dental appointment, I
missed out on seeing the ROY’S new
baby, and hanging out with AUNT SPIFFY
and her kids.   Fortunately, Aunt Spiffy
called my cell phone right when the nurse was calling for me.  This distraction caused me to follow the
nurse obliviously, forgetting what she led me to.  When I hung up, I was standing in front of
The Chair.  At that point, I would have
preferred to sit in an electric chair.


Since I’ve never seen cavities being filled before, I didn’t
know what to expect and I started shaking as the dentist and nurse loaded up my
mouth with gadgets.  Something hurt
suddenly and I realized he was injecting the numbing agent.  Then they proceeded to talk to me for the
next 10 minutes, probably watching my lip and it’s slowly decreasing


Overall, I guess it went better than I expected, but my
family had cameras in my face all night. 
They thought it was great when I tried to pronounce “B”, “P”, or “M”.  They especially liked the fact that the right
side of my nose jumped about 5 inches every time I said “Best Buy”.  I’ll admit to cracking up when I tried to
blow a bubble with my gum.  Wow.  I would have recorded it, but the numbness
went away before I had a chance.


This week has been great so far.  We went to the Gonzalez’s homechurch
yesterday, and they taught us the Virginia Reel (what great fun!!!).  I love being around their group—everyone is
so kind.  After we left their house, mom
and I went to Wal-Mart, got a free kitten, and some material for the quilt I’m
working on.


And today, we lit our woodstove for the first time.  I was in such a great mood, that I decided to
vacuum out my car.  That was fun
too.  And on top of all that, I’m
sick.  Does life get much better than

7 Responses to Baby, It's Cold Outside

  1. Untitled Comment

    That is absolutely fabulous that this was the first time you ever had cavities filled– 17 years is quite a long stretch!

    Ahhh…the Virginia Reel…that looks like such fun! Next, I would like to see the Fox Trot and breakdancing, please.

    We vacuumed out the car the other day. It was majorly gross with leftover-leftover-pieces of stuff (like old cheeseburger– I think…) hiding in the dark recesses of the car. *sigh* But NOT eating in the car at least sometimes is simply not an option!

    So what’s on the agenda for tomorrow?! Y’all are always doing something fun and interesting.


    PS Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Oh yes!

    There is not much worse than the first time in the dentist chair for drilling. I thought I was seriously going to pass out. ME! Who has given birth, naturally, FIVE times!! It was not right I said to myself. How could I labor and birth and not handle a needle with anesthetic?! It was a pathetic realization that I was human. Imagine that. HUMAN! WHATever. :+)

    Glad you made it though, to write about it, to bring back the memories for me…



    Mrs. K

    AKA Kate

  3. free kitten?

    Hmm… I wonder if this kitty will earn the name of Lucky or Unlucky?

    Good Luck!

  4. Untitled Comment

    I guess it is pretty cold here too. Poor you, I bet that wasn’t very nice;-). I got my braces on today, they look and feel pretty weird. Stop by soon.


  5. It hurt?

    NO WAY! You thought the shot HURT? I believe it, your sensitve.

    I went about 8-9 times, 4 times for cavitie filling, 1 time for checking, and been to the orthodontist for spacers twice, headgear once, and I’ve been in there for testing and getting huge things shoved in my mouth maybe twice and I didn’t complain ONCE! and what, you’ve been there 2-3-4 times and your already complaining!

    Got to go, I want to read your other entries full of gossip in complaining.


    PS evry tyme yu post on momz blog, spel things weerd and stuf lyke thu chik’fil’a lingo. wut shee duz iz hularius. shee hates it and sez shee getz thu same tingling filling wen shee seeeez stringz on thu washclothes. and shee hates thu chic’fil’a sines.

  6. Untitled Comment

    Chicky, its called brushing your teeth!!!!!! ;o) You have to do it more often or you get cavaties, mr. toothpaste isn’t happy!!!!

    No, no, I’m just kidding, considering I like…………um………..never brush my teeth!!!:) But the home church sounded like great fun.!!!



  7. eew

    i am incredibly terrified of the dentist. haven’t been since i was in college .. working on 5 years now i guess. i don’t want to go because i’m sure the results would be horrid.

    what kind of quilt are you making?

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