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Ice Cubes, Anyone?

by coie - October 13th, 2006.
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It was so freezing cold this morning that I'm convinced that had my feet been wet, they would have stuck to our patio when I walked outside this morning.

Then we did Karate in our living room and got our body temperatures up.  I'm sure mom would have joined us, but she was practicing her break dancing in the other room for the upcoming BARN DANCE/ BREAK DANCE SHOWDOWN.  Is anyone coming to that barn dance, by the way?  It's going to be mega fun, with lots of homeschoolers. [click on the link above to get more links where you might find info about it without having to click more links]. 

2 Responses to Ice Cubes, Anyone?

  1. Hello!

    I was just over here today when you had the post from yesterday on there! That is so funny! I was going to say in the other comment I was going to leave you: “I’m glad that you got a good exercise! My Mom will be expecting her copy of HSM this month!

    It has been really cold here too! It was really windy!! I just wanted to stay in bed this morning but I knew I had to get up and go to our neighbors to clean his house for him!

    You know Karate?!? I didn’t know that! Your mom is going to BREAKDANCE? I wish I could see that! But we live too far away from you guys!!! I would love to get to know all of you better!!!

    I will check out your mom’s post!! I will probably leave your mom a comment too! Tell her to expect one from me!!

    Your Friend,



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  2. It was freezing here too….

    Finally! The weather has been up and down, hot and cold – by turns. But maybe it will now stay “autumny” for sure. We can’t use the swimming pool, but we can start using the fireplace!


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