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My Pillow!

by coie - August 25th, 2006.
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My 3yo brother, King James, has the habit of running into my room,
jumping into my bed, and closes his eyes while saying, “Mmmmmhhhmm,
Co-zheez.  My pih-yo, my nigh-nigh.”  Which translates into,
“Mmmmmmmhhhmmm. Cozy.  My pillow, my night-night (blankie).” 
I am then expected to jump into my bed, squeal, “Hey! That's MY pillow
and night night!” and we wrestle until one of us is tired of it. 
Last night I realized that he jumps into my bed even when I'm not

I was babysitting last night and put the boys to bed around 9:30. 
I then got into bed.  Within seconds I felt crumbs all over my
pillow and sheet and then found a sticky patch on the edge of my
mattress.  Apparently James decided to eat pancakes in my comfy
bed.  I mumbled, “Doggonit” and shot out of my room to find a new
sheet.  After putting it on my bed, and climbing in, pulling my
feather blanket over me, and trying to fall asleep, a siren went
off.  My dad was calling my cellphone.  I answered, talked a
bit, and then he figured out I was in bed.  He asked if James was
asleep and I told him, no, but he was in bed.  I was then
instructed to stay up until he was asleep so I knew he wouldn't get
into any trouble. 

So I went out to the living room and read my book while hollering every
once in a while, “James, turn off your light, lay down, and go to
sleep.”  I got bored of reading and just half-slumbered in our
cozy chair.  Then all of our dogs started barking real awful
like.  I suddenly got the creepy idea of our neighbor being on our
property, so I locked all our doors and hoped we had one of the
Suarez's guns in our closet.  After all, he doesn't have any
problem walking from our house to his (a 1 mile trek) in complete
darkness.  Those thoughts pretty much scared the heebity-bajeebies
out of me, so I decided to have James sleep on my floor so I could go
to bed.  I heard other dogs in the distance and came to the
conclusion that there were just hunters across the property
again.  I finally fell asleep.  At least I think I
did….Boy, I sure hope I did, because I drooled all over my hand.

And then, before I knew it, Mom and Dad got home and I saw all the
lights go on, and heard Bobo and Emmiko talking up a storm.  5
minutes later Bobo opened my door and said, “Hey, did we wake you
up?”……”Yes.”……”Oh, I sure am sorry about that.” and he shut my
door and went to bed.  I'm still trying to figure out why he came
and asked me that.  🙂  After that, I finally fell asleep for
real.  And I didn't wake up until 7:30 this morning.  But I
think that explains why I'm so tired today.

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    I’m tired today too! I was out too late last night cackling with the other mothers. Today we went to the Dollywood homeschool day which was ok. The children had fun. That’s really wnhat counts. I just got hot and sweaty and tired. I’m sluggish these days. Wonder why? hehehe

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Are you working at the camping spot?


    Ms M

  2. Untitled Comment

    Ohhhh, the universal


    I know it well, get that all the time! Where I go around lock all the doors, and make sure the cell phone in my pocket can be flipped open and dialed in 3 seconds!!

    Actually I got totally freaked when I babysat tonight, cause at like 10:00 pm the woman I was babysitting called asking if anything was wrong(which is wierd, she NEVER calls!) then at the end she says she had three calls from me, and wondered what was up!

    SUDDENLY realizing I had not called AT ALL the whole “When a Stranger calls” thing starts flipping into my mind,

    “I DIDN’T CALL BUT SOMEONE IN THIS HOUSE DID!!! and it wasn’t the 5, and2 year old kids either”

    then i told her it wasn’t me, and she said it came from the cellphone, my sister was calling her! whew!! Needless to say, i almost had a heart attack @ 15yo!!

    -woody @

  3. Danika

    You know, you are really good at telling stories! 🙂

  4. LOL

    I have crumbs in my bed too but they are from me! My bed is my comfort zone and so I eat in it! I hope he finds a better snack place and only gets in your bed when he is tired! LOL

    Garo galu vaer (Have a Blessed day!)



    I‘m taking a Pole, VOTE!

  5. The quote in your side bar 🙂

    I stopped by your blog today (via a link on your mother’s blog) and just wanted to tell you how much I love the quote on being an eldest sister! It is a most true statement.

    I am the oldest of 8 children and am married now with 5 little ones of my own (ages 5-7 months). I have always held dear my position in the family, both growing up and now. My younger brothers and sisters hold a special place in my heart, second only to my own family.

    I am finding out to that good and faithful big sisters get a return on their investment.

    In exchange for all of the diapers I changed, books I read, hours of having somebody balanced on my hip, having little people help me make cookies etc. etc., I now see my younger siblings helping me out with my own little ones in many of the same ways.

    I often tell my eldest ( a girl :-)) what an important job the Lord has given her as the oldest.

    I’ll be keeping hold of that thar quote to pass along to her.

    I had better dash. and stop rambling ! I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful quote 🙂

  6. Untitled Comment

    You’re a great big sister, Coie. You really are. Even when you don’t count standing on your hands while moving around as a real handstand.

    It’s nice that your sib’s will look back at their childhood and remember you always playing with them and having fun! And I mean that very non-sarcastically!



  7. Well…

    that sounds like an adventure! I hope you get rested up.

    So how are you? Hope you are having a GREAT week!

    Just stopping by to say HEY……so……HEY!!

    Stop by “The Daily Planet” soon! Read my lastest post: Water through a Sieve?

    Take Care!


    Daughter of

    Sister of



  8. I forgot….

    I absolutley LUV your quote on your sidebar! Come leave me a comment!

    That is exactly my situtation and feeling being the oldest in a family of now 8 kids!

    Stop by “The Daily Planet” soon! Read my lastest post: Water through a Sieve?

    Take Care!


    Daughter of

    Sister of



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