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My Stats Are Gradually Decreasing

by coie - August 21st, 2006.
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Where is everybody?  *sigh* I suppose I should start commenting more, eh?

A few minutes ago, Bobo was having me judge his handstands.  He
thinks I'm an expert since I was in gymnastics when I was 7 or 8. 
As his feet lifted off the ground, they swayed this way and that, and
he started “walking” (with his hands) all over the place to try and
stay up.  I was quite impressed with his perseverance, and
thoroughly amused by  his utter clowny-ness.  When he came
back up grinning his goofy head off, and asking for his time, I told
him, “0 seconds.  I don't count it unless your legs are straight
and you are holding still.”  He immediately came back with,
“No!  But mom says in break dancing–“

I started laughing and informed him that I was not here to judge his break dancing but his gymnastics
My goodness.  Last time I went to California mom taught the kids
to moonwalk and some other groovy things that require some bit of
coordination and rhythmn.  I possess neither.

Speaking of California trips, our most recent one has been
cancelled/postponed because it is looking like Peachy-Keen could have
some potentially dangerous health issues.  It will be somewhat
expensive to go to the doctors for it, so we won't have any funds left
for California.  Praise the Lord that we have the funds saved to
get Emmi's problem figured out.  🙂

Mom and dad are in Georgia right now, so we kids have been having
fun.  We ate almost two pans of brownies, Dippy and I are working
on his balancing on my hands, I won 5 stars in Mario World in about 10
minutes, Ryann is putting together some video slideshow, Bobo is
working on his break dancin/ gymnastics, I made 159 addition flashcards
out of cardstock, James is enjoying jumping on unsuspecting victims'
heads, and Emmiko finally finished cleaning the kitchen and is staring
at the Nintendo 64.  Alright, time to go to bed.

13 Responses to My Stats Are Gradually Decreasing

  1. Untitled Comment

    Sounds like fun!!I could never stand on my hands or head or anything…LOL.

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.Yours is really awesome!


  2. Untitled Comment

    Ahem… I am afraid I cannot sympethize with the fact that your stats are decreasing because you didn’t ever say hi to ME. You could’ve returned my email or said hi on your site or something!!!! Jk, it’s alright, I know you don’t have a xanga and thus cannot comment on mine. Have a good day.

  3. Untitled Comment

    Bailey! Here’s the deal– I never got your e-mail and I don’t know your Xanga username so I was at quite a loss concerning what I should do. Perhaps you sent it to the wrong e-mail? Coie @ or Coie @ are the good ones 🙂 Hope to hear from you soon!

  4. Untitled Comment

    I taught myself how to moonwalk… it took me a long time to get it but it’s fun 😀 My sister has no rythmn (sp?) either, so don’t feel bad.

    I’m praying for your sister! I hope she gets better soon.

  5. While the parent's away, the children will play…

    Mama-mia, girl! 159 addition flashcards? What kind of project is that for?

    (Yeah, yeah, I know. I did everything wrong in those last two sentences–starting with digits instead of using words; ending with a preposition. I know these things ’cause I’m supposed to be some kind of grammarian, but it doesn’t mean I never break the rules.)

    How tremendous that your parents can trust you to keep everything under control for several days. Brownies, handstands, break dancing, video games…yep, I get chills and heart palpitations just thinking about leaving my crew for one night.

    We’ll keep Emmiko in our prayers.

  6. Untitled Comment

    I have commented!!! And I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!! I don’t know what happened either, I usually get over here every other post, so don’t feel neglected, blogging is realllllllllllllllly sloooooooooooooow during the summer. During the fall it picks up, everyone is back in routine!!!!

  7. Untitled Comment

    Yes, if you commented more you would definitely get more hits. It’s like the natural-laws of blogging – you post on your blog; you comment on others’. Simple as that really.

    Inside joke of the day:

    Keep up with all that slacking on your TOS job and you’ll get FRI’ed….. er, I mean fired!

  8. An Easy Solution

    My stats were declining steadily for months and then I found an almost instantaneous cure. I went to Japan.

    All you have to do to reinvigorate your readership is to relocate to another continent.

  9. I hope Peechy-keen is alright!

    and that Emmiko’s eyes will be ok too! from staring at the N-64….

    btw, I tagged you! I don’t know if you do tags or not but…the questions are over at my blog…

    Garo galu vaer (Have a Blessed day!)



    I amar prestar aen.

    (The World Is Changing)

  10. Untitled Comment

    I love it when my parents go on there big overnighter in December each year. Rabenstrange, Ri, and I have the house to ourselves and we bake lots of cookies/brownies, eat lots of ice cream, and watch tons of movies. Have fun.

    About the church thing, I’d prefer not to talk about it… I don’t want to tick off my parents or anything.


  11. danika

    Hola! I’m still here….:) Ooh, handstands. Can’t do those well. We used to do them in Kung Fu. That was fun.

  12. Here is a commentt for you-hoooooo!!!!

    You know like yahoo???

    Anyway, you said you wanted some commetns so here is one!!! You are sooooooo CUTE!!!!!!!!

    Cme by and see waht I just posted about!

    I hope you have enjoyed reading the thoughts of a twelve-year-old girl.


  13. Untitled Comment

    Okay, the whole breakdancing thing caught me completely off-guard! That is too stinkin funny… I have visions of the Igarashi clan breakdancing in front of a crowd…like the Von Trapp kids but funnier.


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