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On Matters of Death

by coie - August 7th, 2006.
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Well, yesterday marked the death of our
last kitten.  I'm telling you, we can't keep animals for the life
of us.  I think it was the dogs this time, not our van.  My
supporting evidence consisted of the report that the cats heads were
gone.  Zip.  Missing.  The two puppies have been tied up
for days now because of their chicken appetite.  I do believe we
have 6 chickens out of 52 remaining.  The first two, Rosie and
Curly are indestructable, but they're pets so we can't make soup out of

On another dull note, I hit a total of 3 butterflies last week while I
drove for nearly an entire day.  That was fun– driving, not
hitting butterflies, though they were my first roadkill–I'm telling
you, Dr. Pepper Berries and Cream does wonders.  Mom and I had to
drive up to OH to pick up my dad, and I drove from 7pm-2am.  And I
wasn't even tired.  And I had been driving for about 4 hours
earlier that day.

Our garden was a flop.  All it did was give us a bunch of
tomatoes.  I believe we are destined to be un-farmish for the rest
of our lives. 

The links for the pictures on my last post should be working now. 
That's all I have to say, except, what is the use of flies? 
Feeding the spiders is not an acceptable answer.

6 Responses to On Matters of Death

  1. Untitled Comment

    almost all of my mom’s side of the family lives in knoxville. my cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandma. my granpa died this march. : ( so my cousin ( and her dog ) moved in with my grandma to keep her company. the verse i had on my last blog is the one i heard last wednesday at my youth group service. i liked it a lot because it’s so encouraging. that is so cool that you knew a song that went along with that verse. so you haven’t been living in tennessee very long. where did you live before that?

  2. I'll bet you swerved to hit those poor butterflies.

    I can’t believe you dismiss the brutal murder of three insects out of hand. Think of their children! How would it make you feel if half your family got wiped out by an enormous alien spacecraft?

    On the other hand we hit a squirrel on our way to Mount SI. I have thus dubbed my friend the Squirrel Assasian. A nick name sure to make him really opular with the PETA folks.

  3. purpose of flies

    I’ve been pondering this off and on over this past summer as I’ve been bitin’ quite a bit in my backyard. We have a ton of flies because of the scraps and chicken poop in the chicken yard.

    I do know flies eat disgusting things that may on their own take forever to decompose. Like chicken poop, wrotten food, dead animals and fish and other things that need help breaking down. Have you ever found a dead rabbit or squirrel and noticed that it’s body was pulsating? Well, I have and then I remember taking a stick and flipping the dead animal over or shoving the stick in it’s side and then a ton of maggots spill out. The flies lay their eggs in the animals and then the maggots eat the animals from the insides out. Gross, but totally necessary.

    Flies do the dirty work. It’s a good thing.


  4. danika

    I don’t think I have ever killed anything besides bugs while driving. Phew!

  5. Untitled Comment

    my parents lived in california before we moved here, but i was born in chattanooga. have you ever heard of the chattanooga choo-coo? yeah well, that’s down here. lol. that’s funny about the buildings. is it really hot in california?

  6. Untitled Comment

    Hi Coie. Okay, here I am visiting your blog like I said in my email. I really like your layout, by the way. Have a great (and cool) Wednesday. Bye!

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