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My Car is A-OK

by coie - July 3rd, 2006.
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My dad told me that he would help me move my car after I cleared the
rocks and small tree it was on top of.  I said ok, and planned on
doing it tomorrow.  But my grandma, for some odd reason, said she
wasn't leaving for California until my car was out.  So next thing
I know my grandpa, 80 something yo great grandpa and 6 yo brother Dippy
are clearing out the surrounding area from my car.  I told my dad,
received a kick in the pants and a “Well you better get out there and
tell them it's YOUR job.”…*grin*…So dad and I went out there with
them and we got my car out of the pit of doom within 10 minutes and
it's back to it's happy putting self.  The only damage is a dent
underneath, close to where my spare tire is.  Dad and grandpa say
I'm the luckiest girl alive and can't believe that nothing else
happened.  The reason it rolled is because (1) I had it in neutral
and (2) the brake wasn't completely up.  Hehe.

I'll say I'm the luckiest girl alive.  My car is fine and I've got
male family members with muscle and brain that are willing to help me
with anything.  Even Dippy likes to help me out.  I took him
to the store the other day and he popped outta the car faster than a
rabbit and opened my door before I could unbuckle.  My future
husband has got a lot to live up to.  😉

10 Responses to My Car is A-OK

  1. Untitled Comment

    future husband? what’s all this nonsense talk about a future husband? you better knock that off. What are you trying to do? give me a heart attack?

  2. Untitled Comment

    Wow, that must be nice having four generations of manpower at your beck and call. Unless you plan on resorting to polygamy(not recommended) your future husband is never going to be able to measure up.

  3. Untitled Comment

    Oi veh! Glad you’re car is okay…and that you’re okay too…

    You know what’s weirder than you actually having to slow down for horses in your previous post, it’s that you KNEW to slow down as not to spook them. Did you learn this from experience?

    And yes, that Dippy is a sweethearted gentleman!


  4. wait a minute… your mom is now protesting you getting married?

    Weren’t they just trying to marry you off the other day? 😉

    My 8 yo brother Hyarion just about killed the packageman the other day… he had called me “dear.”

    Hyarion: WHAT did he call you???’

    Fortunately for the packageman, no baseball bats or similar objects were handy.

  5. CrazyAboutMonkeys

    Untitled Comment

    Wow that is so cool that you are a graduate. I am very happy for you.I am only 12 but do you wanna be friends. I mean I would love to be your friend.

    Gotta go,


  6. Awwwww

    (I mean the part about your brother opening the door for you) That is so extraordinarily sweet! I just love it when good old southern guys do things like that. We have a couple of yankee guys in my church, and it took me a while to get used to them. They don’t let ladies out the door first, you see, and so forever I was walking smack into them, expecting them to stop and let me out the door ahead of them, which they utterly didn’t get. Oh well. It’s interesting, however, to consider that Jewish men once thought it was shameful to walk behind a woman! That certainly has changed.

    Have a wonderful day!

  7. CrazyAboutMonkeys

    Untitled Comment

    What is your favorite color?

    What is your favorite girls name?

    What is your favorite boys name?

    What is your favorite letter to write?

    What is your favorite number?

    What time to you go to bed?

    What time do you get up in the morning?

    What is your favorite food?

    Do you like getting tagged?

    What is your favorite animal?

    What is your favorite flower?

    What is your favorite game?

    What is the book you are reading right now?

    What was the last movie you watched?

    DO you like to play outside or inside better?

    What is your favorite drink?

    What is your favorite bird?

    How many nieghbors do you have?

    What is your favorite kind of cookies?

    What is your favorite sport?

    what do you want for christmas?

    Gotta GO,


  8. Untitled Comment

    WOW! So was there a storm, or what? Did the tree just fall? I think I would have freaked if I had seen that.

    You have a brother that opens doors?! How AWESOME!!! I have only met I think three guys that wait, and open the door for you, and two that have given me their seat, so I don’t have to stand! Very refreshing.


  9. Hi!

    Hi Coie!

    I read your profile (even though I’ve been to your blog lots of times!) and I found out something…I am 5′ 3″ and you are 5′ 4″. You’re only an inch taller than me and I’m eleven! I’m not saying you’re short or I’m tall, but I thought that was funny, because I just glanced at it!


    P.S. My real name is Ellyn~

  10. I'm glad you are ok!

    I’m glad you’re safe and out of harms way… Did you get the car keys taken away for a while? LOL Anyway, I thought I would stop by and say hello again!

    Hope to hear from you soon!



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