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My No Good Day

by coie - July 1st, 2006.
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My bad day started out last night when my 2 minute drive turned into 10 when a COW WOULDN'T GET OFF THE ROAD.

Then I wake up this morning and go outside.  One of our dogs was
in the screened porch so I shooed her out, an then I realized that one
of my shoes was missing.  Dumb dogs always take them and hide them
somewhere on our 10 acres.  So then, while hobbling around with one shoe, I see THIS…That's
right.  Study it good and hard.  That, my friends, is what
you call a bad emergency brake.  But, surprisingly, my car didn't
get scratched!  Check out how close it came to hitting this TREE…Although, it did have to make it through THIS ONE first.  I just hope nothing's damaged underneath.  I guess if there is damage, I'll get a good lesson in mechanics.

So then I realized that I had to be at the post office in 30 minutes
and asked mom to make me a grocery list so I could stop at the store
for her too (yeah, bad idea, I know).  I went downstairs to
prepare some mail and came back up for the list.  There was a
quickie handmade card that said “To Coie” with a heart on the
front.  I opened it up and it said, “Sorry about your bad no brake
car.  Grocery list on back >>”.  That's my mom- never
wasting paper.

I ran to my aunt's house, picked her up and
went to the PO and Walmart.  Got home and instructed siblings to
load trash into van so I could take it to the dump.  Then was told
that I actually need to go to the store again because mom wanted to
make soup.

I told Dippy to get in the van and then I came out
and saw that for once in our lives my siblings Emmiko and Bobo listened
to me in a timely manner and I wasn't happy about it.  They had
loaded all of our stinky trash into the back of the van already so now
I had to go 20 minutes in the other direction so that I could hit the
dump first.  And my entire trip smelled.

On my way to the
store there were all these horse drawn carriages on the other side of
the road, so I had to slow down to about 10mph so I wouldn't spook
them.  I arrived at the store, got almost everything I needed- forgot celery.

Got home again and was told to help Ryann take down our temporary
chicken coop so my grandma could put her travel trailer there when they
arrived that night.  There are all these fence stakes right? 
So I went out there and was wiggling one back and forth trying to get
it out.  Mom came outside and pulled up a lawnchair.  Then
Ryann goes up to a stake and voip! it's outta the ground.  She was
picking those things out like they were daisies.  And I was still
on my first one.  Mom was laughing harder then I've ever seen her
laugh before.  I just scowled and kept working on mine.  Mom
was still laughing and making comments and I asked to her please come
up here and take one out so she could see how hard it was.  She
just said, “No, I already KNOW I can't.”

After that was done,
we had to move our broken swingset that came with the house.  It
was covered with big orange wasps that would fly all over us anytime we
got within 5 feet of the swingset.  Ryann was already stung on the
head.  We finally gave up and I suggested to mom that I bring my
cousin Luke over and tell him to move it without telling him there were
wasps.  I was joking, but she said, “You could.”

When Lukie got there he was freaking out about them and I finally got
the genuis idea to spray them down with spray adhesive.  Very
fun.  Anyways, I got rid of them and then had Luke do the rest of
the outside work.

And that's about all.  I need to go upstairs and entertain everyone.

7 Responses to My No Good Day

  1. Untitled Comment

    Spray adhesive, I don’t think I would have thought of that. I hope today is a better day!

  2. Untitled Comment

    Ha! Spray adhesive… that’s funny. I use adhesive for stenciling 🙂

    Anyway, thanks for the comment. I would make it in whtie, but thoguh white looks fine on my lower arms it looks really weird on my upper arm. So a tank-top dress might not work -_-

  3. Untitled Comment

    Aww…shame Co.. Hopefully you’ll be able to laugh about it…one day

  4. Genius Idea Indeed!

    Using spray adhesive as a weapon is indeed an exceptionally clever solution for dealing with wasps. At our house we use some sort of industrial strenth insecticide in a spray bottle and it drops them right out of the air. It’s pretty neat.

    Your solution reminded me of something I read a while back. Did you know that the last ditch defense on American nuclear missile silos is almost exactly like your wasp solution? They have a defense system that fills up the inside of the silo and its control areas with super stick foam. The foam hardens very quickly gluing everyone inside in place until they suffocate. It sounds like a pretty horrible way to die.

    Anyway, just thought I’d add chirp in with that little bit of sunshine to brighten your day and to encourage you not to try and steal nuclear warheads.

  5. You poor thing!

    It can’t get any worse, can it? I love the comment you made to your mom about being homeschooled! Great one!


    Traci 🙂

    P.S.Way groooovy music Coie!

  6. Untitled Comment

    Perhaps it wouldn’t hurt ya to do the Karate as well? 🙂

  7. GiffordBabyJournal


    You know your dad told me the other day that I lived an eventful life, but you know, I think you guys lead a much more eventful life than I. akjf;dkfj;akf;akjf;ldjfajf;j. Oh my goodness, Coie. I so died reading this. I’m sorry, but you should be able to laugh about it soon.


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