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Linux Has Died

by coie - June 27th, 2006.
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Happy Birthday to Dippy!  He is six years old today.  🙂

In other breaking news, Linux has died.  It's been chased down,
beaten, and practically eaten.  Just could not not live up to
those competitive dogs.  Did I mention that Ryann named one of our
chickens Linux?  I've renamed our nameless dog Microsoft. 
And in a way, that does make sense…It wasn't utterly nameless- it's name was Nameless.

The following is proof that I am totally insane.

On Sunday I really wanted to go to the store and get some lemons
because I only like water if it has 1/3 of a lemon squeezed into
it.  After helping out with cleaning the basement (no, that's not
all we ever do), dad said I could run to our local Walmart
Supercenter.  He also told me to get vanilla ice cream, malt and
chocolate.  I said ok and reviewed his list in my head. 

I took off and dad called me as I was crossing the railroad tracks (the
ones with no bars that come down to stop people from crossing when a
train is coming. yipes!).  He told me to get 2 dog collars too,
and gave me their neck measurement.  I said ok and kept heading
for Walmart.

When I got to Walmart I stepped into the door and
completely forgot what I came for– Oh yeah! Ice cream, malt and
chocolate!  So I grabbed those three items, plus a water bottle
and headed for the checkout. 

When I exited I reminded
myself that I needed to drive across the parking lot and drop off a
movie.  So I got in my car and headed HOME. 😛  About one
mile down the road I realized I didn't drop off the movie, so I pulled
a U-ie and headed for the video store.  Then I realized that I
forgot the DOG COLLARS…I was going to go back into Walmart but
remembered that I had ice cream that was melting. 

So after this one hour adventure I arrived home where Ryann asked me, “Did you get any lemons?”

My mouth just dropped open as it hit me that that was the one thing that I
wanted and I had forgotten it.  It was now 10pm but I ran to the
grocery store (which is closer than Walmart) and grabbed a bag of
lemons, and a pack of cherry tomatoes.  I felt tired and

Now tell me, is that not a sign of total
lunacy?  It seems like this happens every time I go to the grocery
store.  And on top of that, I always pick out a cart with one or
two lame wheels and I just sway back and forth (while tripping on my
shoes) down the aisles.  Somebody slap me.

5 Responses to Linux Has Died


    Untitled Comment

    No Need for violence. Welcoem to the adult world. It is now time to start making a list. : ) If you don’t have time than you can find a responsible sibling to keep this list for you.

    Ms Maria

    who understands your problem from personal experience!

  2. <i>Untitled Comment</i>

    That sounds like something I would do. Pretty funny…

    That part about Linux dieing (?) really had me worried.

    Edited by LibertyandJustice on Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at 3:15 AM

  3. A Modest Proposal…

    The obvious solution for your grocery store frustration is to merely stop eating. If you don’t consume food you won’t have to buy any.

    In addition to alleviating your shopping worries, starvation has a number of other benefits. Think of all the time you’ll save when you don’t have to cook or spend your mornings, noons and evenings sitting around a table shoving digestable matter into your face. Finally, a food free diet might catapult you to the model or even movie star ranks. Not that you really need to be skinnier but all the actressess and supermodels starve themselves and to join their proffession you have to conform to their social customs.

    Anyhow, best of luck.

  4. Shopping…???

    Wow – I’m not the only one who forgets things? It’s funny – I can remember events and memories in long detail but sometimes I get hung up on the simplest things! I had a case of Wal-Mart shopping ‘lunacy’ just yesterday. I’ll write about it (if I don’t forget). 🙂


  5. Oh my…

    Aren’t you just the little adventurer? Admit it, you love doing things like that!

    I have had days like that as well. It, at times, does seem to improve. I try not to leave the house w/out a list now. If I do, I know I’m doomed!


    Traci 🙂

    P.S.Happy B-day Dippy! It’s my B-day too! You picked a graet day to be born!

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