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On Music and Things Less Pleasant

by coie - June 24th, 2006.
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I just finished writing a 1,951 word essay
about music.  That's stinkin' long!  😀  If you would
like to read it in it's entirety (warning: I didn't proofread it, and
it's kinda messed up on the web) you can do so HERE.  I think you can anyways. 

In other news, Bobo and Dippy are suffering temporary humiliation and
loss of gum.  Bobo thought it would be funny if he was able to
convince mom that a bird left a present on his shoulder, so he took a
blob of gum, stuck it to his shoulder and showed her.  She wasn't
convinced.  But then Dippy had the genious idea that it would look
more real if it was plastered all over his head.  So Bobo got a
bunch of gum and smeared it all over Dippy's head.

We tried shampoo.

We tried peanut butter.

But when it all failed, we used the clippers.  Since Bobo was the
one who did it, he also had to have his head shaved.  He's been
wearing a hat ever since.  And they are not going to be handling
gum any time soon. 


10 Responses to On Music and Things Less Pleasant

  1. LOL



    Last year the day before we went to camp Elpinoine managed to get a hair brush really, thoroughly entangled in her hair. We thought that we might have to cut it off.

    She also once had sappy hands and stuck the sappy hands in her hair..

    shampoo, oil, peanut butter, repeat.


  2. Untitled Comment

    I just love your family. Y’all are such fun!

    And I think the haircuts are lovely…why does he want to cover that noggin with a hat anyway???



  3. *gasp*

    Oh my! Good thing they didn’t have long hair like girls…

  4. Untitled Comment

    Oh my goodness! I can’t stop laughing! Thanks for the morning chuckle!


  5. LOL!!

    “they are not going to be handling gum any time soon.” LOL

  6. Now you know who's been running up your site meter

    You are too funny, plus you have great blog music, and I find myself reading your blog a LOT, so it’s time to make you my friend and get to your posts more conveniently. I buzzed my boys for the summer and they look so handsome…plus it’s EASY to clean ’em up. They sure better not be trying the gum thing, though. Oy!

  7. Untitled Comment

    brilliant essay! thankyou for the reminder…

    *remembers to switch her Josh Groban and Brahams cds out before bed…*

  8. What's wrong with a buzz cut?

    I normally wear my hair extremely short. I don’t see what your bro’s are worried about. *wink*

  9. Mára aurë

    I just wanted to stop by and to ask Manen nalyë? Poor kido! Once sis got gum stuck in her hair. We were on a road trip so we stopped and got some peanut butter. When dad came back with it he slammed my whole hand in the van-sliding door! OUCH!! Then we needed ice as well! When we have gotten gum in our hair we put an ice pack on it and then pck it out. It usually works pretty good!

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Hope you are well!!


    Hiril Alatariel, Achenitham A Edhel O Lothlorien

  10. *Thud!*

    That was the sound of me falling out of my chair laughing!

    Love the ‘do’s. So sleek and military-ish. When are you enlisting them? I mean are THEY enlisting?


    Traci 🙂

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