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Attack of the Rubber Lizard

by coie - May 31st, 2006.
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The fun thing about having 5 little
siblings, is you never know what you'll find in funny places. 
Like pencils in the pan cupboard, half chewed candy in your pockets,
and my whole thing of chapstick in King James' mouth.  Today was a
bit different.

I was rushing to the Post Office, and after pulling out of our driveway
and stepping on the gas, I noticed something slowly flip-flopping it's
way up my windshield on the right side.  I thought it was a leaf
at first but upon further observation I realized it was in fact, some
sticky rubber lizard that belonged to one of my brothers.  I found
it to be a blog worthy story and that's the end of my post.

I'm heading off to bed, because I'm getting up early to help lanscape tomorrow.  Fun fun!

3 Responses to Attack of the Rubber Lizard

  1. Attack of the Radioactive Hamsters from a Planet Near Mars

    I hope you weren’t scared by a rubber reptile.

  2. Untitled Comment

    LOL Little sibs are so much fun. My favorite little sib story is probably the time when my brother Mason, then 4ish told my grandma that she was going to hell since she wasn’t a Christian. It’s funny what they come up with saying, but hey, my grandma got the harsh truth….


  3. Um, so did the lizard make it safely home?

    Hey, I have a quotes post!


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