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Cachinnate, Why Don't Ya?

by coie - May 27th, 2006.
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We pick up momsie tomorrow. Yippee!  I miss her! And I love the drive to Nashville!  Note the “the”.  I love the drive to Nashville, NOT I love to drive to Nashville.  Dad is convinced that I said I like to
drive to Nashville, and volunteered me to do so the entire way. 
At any rate, it's a very pretty and relaxing drive.  Well, it's
relaxing when there are only two or three people in the car, not seven
or eight.

Is the word “cachinnate” not the awesomest
word ever?  Not only is it cool sounding when pronounced wrong
(the ch makes the “k” sound, not the “ch” sound), but it resembles the
word caffeinate.  I need to use it in the near future.

many times can a person sit through Lord of the Rings Trilogy before
going insane?  My siblings have had those and Nanny McPhee playing
nonstop for the last 72 hours.

And now for random one-liners I've recieved from my family this week.

“I just hope you don't grow up and marry a wacko.”- Emmiko,
almost 11, which had absolutely nothing to do with the current subject
matter or anything happening at that moment.  I answered, “Why
not?  I'm a wacko.”

“I like it when mom's gone.  I get all your attention” and “Hey Pretty-Toes”- Dad, upon noticing my painted toenails.

“Need some help, my pwitty pwincess?”- Dippy, almost 6, seeing if I needed help retrieving and serving ice cream.  I do believe we wanted extra.

“Hee-yo (here).  Want some, Co-co?”
King James, almost 3, offering me the rest of his backwash filled soda
(which was actually mine earlier) after I said my food was hot.

That's all I can remember for now.  Not to boast or anything, but my family is the bestesterestest.  😉

12 Responses to Cachinnate, Why Don't Ya?

  1. Untitled Comment

    But using the word “guffaw” is a lot more fun! It won’t make you sound as brilliant as cacchinate since cacchinate is a bit snooty sounding, don’t you think?

    And yes, you do have one of the bestestesterest families in the whole wide world. You really do. 🙂

    Be careful driving and impressing your momsie with your impressive vocabulary at the same time!



  2. Caffinate!

    While I rarely Cachinnate, I usually laugh in a more restrained manner, I do know a little about caffeinate.

    There’s this great product called Buzz Water, which is simply water infused with 200 milligrams of caffeine per bottle (about as much caffiene as 2 XL coffees or 6 cans of Coke). Since it’s just water you can use it in pretty much any recipie to add extra kick or feed it small pets to watch them go nuts. Unfortunately the stuff is really expensive and I can’t afford to buy any.

  3. Your family sounds pretty good…

    but Coie…

    then there’s mine… *evil grin*

    I’m gonna do a quotes post soon, honestly. There should be some funny stuff!

  4. Hey Coie!!!

    Hi Coie!!!

    WHAZUP????? Can U come to my blog and check it out??? You know what??? I’m pretending to Mary Ingalls!!! I’m having a contest!!!! It is to see who can get the most B words!!! If you win………You could get……..A FREE BIRTHDAY TICKER!!! Well, C YA!!


    ~*~Mary~*~ (Anna)

  5. Untitled Comment

    The quotes from your family are funny. 🙂 Sorry I haven’t commented in a while. I’ve been soooo busy! Looks like you had fun in California. By the way, thanks for telling me how to get music on my blog. Check it out – it should be playing. Occasionally it doesn’t. Lol.


  6. iluvmy3chickiesandtheirdaddy2

    Hi Coie

    I hope you don’t marry a “wacko” either, I bet your toenails do look pretty, and I’m glad your momsie is home safe and sound…..

    Mrs. Perkins

  7. Untitled Comment

    “I just hope you don’t grow up and marry a wacko.”

    Hmm, the way that’s phrased, it almost sounds as if your sister is assuming that IF you grow up you WILL marry a wacko and is therefore hoping that you cease maturing.

  8. Your family …..

    is THE weirderestesterest. I can’t understand how all of you are still alive. How do you do it? lol!

  9. thanks

    got my shirt in the mail today! thanks a bunch!

  10. SandBetweenMyToes

    Untitled Comment

    Funny. I would have never thought of the drive between here and Nashville “relaxing”. Pretty, yes. But, relaxing? did you actually do the driving? Winding, hilly, and people (I’m assuming the Igs among them) flying low. Do you know how many wrecks there actually are between Knoxville and Crossville? (I do. My dad is forever giving me traffic updates!) I’m glad your mom is home safe and sound. I enjoyed talking to her tonight and seeing you a minute. Sorry you won’t be at home Friday. A & B would have loved to come visit.

    Mrs. Smylie

  11. Hi.

    The name’s Bilbo. I have already met the rest of your family and am friends with your cousins and siblin’s. Has Paul convinced you to switch to Linux yet, or have you already?

    You’re now on my friends list.


  12. Uh, I can sit through the LOTR for hours and hours!!

    We own the extended version so it is 1hr. 30min. longer!!!! We will watch it for a whole week off and on. Sometimes when we are really wanting to watch it, we will watch it everyday!!!! AHHHH! I guess it could make a person insane, but not me!!!

    Sorry I haven’t been to your blog in a while!!!


    Myrtle Hardbottle, a Hobbit for LOTR!!!

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