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Party Time!

by coie - May 24th, 2006.
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Today's been fun and slightly
adventuresome.  Miss Trish, TOS's production manager, was here
from SC and stayed the day at our house.  Dad took mom to the
airport in Nashville (about 3 hours away) along with the boys so only
us girls were home.  Miss Trish took us to Ruby Tuesday.  We
all got into her convertible and on the way there, we noticed prisoners
on both sides of the road, along with some big truck, I'm assuming some
guards or something.  I think they were cleaning up the roads, and
they made sure to stay ON the road and NOT get out of our way. 
Miss Trish didn't slow down a bit, got in the middle of the road and
drove right past them, as they yelled comments to us.  Freaky
Creepy Weird.  I was thinking, “Ack, slow down- you'll hit
them!”….And then it sorta clicked that they were a bunch of
criminals, and we had the top down.  eh…….hehe.

I met dad at my aunt's house at about 10pm, and we headed for
home.  Since mom's gone, it's PARTY TIME!  This means root
beer floats, movies, and we tried to get pizza but the place was
already closed.  Fun stuff.  Momsie, we miss you, but really,
feel free to take your time.  We want you to relax and have fun
with Mrs. K. and the Prices.  And we like sugar-highs.

My eyes itch.

7 Responses to Party Time!

  1. maybe i'm mean

    but they prolly would have deserved it if you did hit them, lol.

    btw, where is my tshirt???

  2. Your eyes itch?

    Huh? Was that just random? Or related to something else…?

  3. LibertyandJustice

    Untitled Comment

    Root Beer Enthusiasts Unite!

  4. Untitled Comment

    Got one word for you my friend……………..SPOONS!!

    play, it, feel it, be it!


  5. mmm… sugar high!

    Gotta love those sugar highs. And caffeine surges – which cannot be produced by root beer floats unless you get nasty caffeiney root beer. I love root beer floats. =D Yum.

    I wonder what would have happened if one of those guys got in the middle of the road….

  6. Untitled Comment

    like whatever Coie, you little weasel. I just might take back this present i got you. naughty little sugar-head

  7. Oooo…

    …what did she get you? Mommy didn’t get specific gifts. (meaning not for just one person) But they are really fun!

    Love ya!


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