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A Master-stroke of Wit

by coie - May 22nd, 2006.
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Due to the fact that the wonderful MRS. WILLIAMS AKA AUNT SPIFFY
is letting me borrow her Bronte Sisters Mega Book (title changed to
indicate size of said book), I'm going through “The Tenant of Wildfell
Hall”, which apart from being another awesome story by Emily Bronte,
has a paragraph that totally describes me.

A new lady has moved to town and a mother is proposing to go see her
very soon with her 3 children (somewhere between the ages of 17 and 26
or something.).  She's very excited about it and her son replies:

“And pray, be quick about it; and
mind you bring me word how much sugar she puts in her tea, and what
sort of caps and aprons she wears, and all about it; for I don't know
how I can live till I know, ” said Fergus, very gravely.

But if he intended the speech to be hailed as a master-stroke of wit,
he signally failed, for nobody laughed.  However, he was not much
disconcerted at that; for when he had taken a mouthful of bread and
butter, and was about to swallow a gulp of tea, the humour of the thing
burst open him with such irresistible force, that he was obliged to
jump up from the table, and rush snorting and choking from the room.

I often say brilliantly funny things that all else in my family find incredibly lame ('sides MOMSIE
— she thinks nearly everything I say is funny).  I'll sit there
and wait for a response, and get nothing.  So I just crack up at
myself.  If people still
don't get my humor, I just sigh and say, “Aren't I cute?”.  If
dad's feeling funny, he'll just ask me what's wrong with me– I never
talk so much.  I think I may be too easily entertained.  I
generally think anything is funny, if worded intelligently.

I've been drinking this stuff called Ionic Fizz lately (you can get it
at a health-food store) and it's totally nasty but totally clearing my
face up.  It's a magnesium supplement and some people like the
taste, but not me.

Anybody know how to turn invisible?

8 Responses to A Master-stroke of Wit

  1. LOL

    No, I don’t know how to turn invisible, but I do crack up at my own jokes when nobody else does! 🙂 Or, if they do laugh, I keep on laughing after everyone else has stopped. lol I’m just weird that way.


  2. Well…you ARE funny

    Most of the time! (just kidding I love you’re blog!!! And your Mom’s blog, and your Aunts blog!) And sorry to dissapoint you…but I can’t turn invisible. SORRY!!!!!! 🙂

  3. Untitled Comment

    as usual, ha ha ha. i find you intrinsically hilarious. i hope intrinsically means what i think it means.

  4. CAgirlwithasoutherndrawltoo

    I am SOOO happy, joyful, thatnkful you are back!

    Even though I technically won’t see you for who knows how long.

    I am glad that you are using the book for character analasis, which of course is it’s intended purpose. 🙂 Have I mentioned that The Tenant of Wildfell Hall is my favorite Bronte book? Yep, it is.

    ~Aunt Spiffy

  5. Hi!

    Invisible, huh? I heard if you drank a cup of tomato juice mixed with pickles while standing on your head, you would turn invisible. Okay, just kiddding. 🙂


  6. LOL

    hmm, Coie, that sounds familiar… except I generally start laughing at the dumbest stuff when I’m tired/way too much adrenaline. It’s very annoying, because then I’m not only tired, I’m tired AND I feel like an idiot.


  7. Ionic Fizz Sounds Like Poison.

    I often think of hillarious things but when I try to say them I somehow manage to botch the delivery and it isn’t funny anymore.

    As for invisibility, a ghillie suit and a bush work wonders.

  8. Untitled Comment

    To be invisible, I think momsie needs to sew you up a super-suit.

    As far as laughter and jokes, you are starting to sound like my husband. He’ll say something to me and just start laughing so hard. I have to tell him it’s just not funny… His reply? Well, as long as *I’m* laughing, it’s funny!

    I would never publicly admit it (well, in person anyway), but I have snorted and chuckled at my own witty humor many a time– even if no one else did!!! I’m apparently at my wittiest late in the evening. 🙂


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