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*Evil Laugh* I Have RETURNED!

by coie - May 18th, 2006.
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Hello all.  I've just returned from my
week-long vacation sorta thing in California!  Since I've quickly
tired of orally outlining my entire trip (done it 4 times now), I'll
just write it here and send people on over if they are truly
interested.  🙂  FYI, it's gonna be looooong.

Woke up at 4:00 AM after going to bed at 1 AM because I wanted to watch
Nanny McPhee with my family.  Dad drove me to the airport.  I
got in line to check my bags.  The counter had no one attending
it, which resulted in some stress.  Someone finally showed up, I
went through the security procedures and got to my gate in time. 
Got in plane (awesome seat- it was an aisle and window seat. 
small planes rock.) and fell asleep before takeoff.

Landed in Houston with excrutiating pain in my ears, head, jaw and
neck.  I couldn't hardly hear a thing.  I passed up Starbucks
and got a Smoothie King Peach thing instead.  Found a shop and
bought some Excedrin.  It didn't have the same effect as usual,
which is good.  Most of the times I take caffienated pain killers
I'll find myself talking to myself in an Italian accent and replying in
an English accent.  Boy, do I crack me up sometimes.  hardy
har har.

Got on second plane and guess what movie they were playing?  The
one I had stayed up late to watch the day before- Nanny McPhee.  I
laughed, watched it, and fell asleep.

Landed in Sacramento at about 11:30 AM PST, and was picked up by “Aunt
Stacey” and my friend Amy H.  We went to the mall and ate at
Hibachi San.  Then we discussed our most embarrassing
moments.  I told them I didn't really have one.  As soon as
we got buckled up into the van, I got the worst bloody nose of my
life.  There were no napkins, wipes, or anything
I could see myself in the mirror and noticed my teeth were red.  I
was kinda grossed out but found the situation to be quite
amusing.  I was laughing, groaning, and apologizing all at the
same time.  Aunt Stacey's almost 10yo son (Joshua) thought it was
great.  He was laughing and saying we should take a picture. 
Took us 10 minutes to get to the gas station, where tissues, wipes,
gum, and water bottles were quickly purchased.

Went to Joshua's piano lesson with Aunt Stacey and her other two boys
(Jeremiah [8?] and Joel [3]).  Went back to their house and then I
left to go to the wedding rehearsal.  Got there and didn't hardly
know anyone.  The ones I did know were occupied, so I just sat on
a barstool and stared at everybody.  The groom (Elliot) finally
realized I was there, came over and sat next to me, and talked. 
Then the bride (Whitney) came out and the rehearsal started.  I
wandered around aimlessly and took some shots.  Afterwards the
bride's sister in law (Amy S– I really like her) offered me to ride
with her family to the dinner afterwards.  It was fun going along
with them.

Got to Chinese restaraunt and sat at a table with 5 other girls my age,
and two of the girls' brother (he felt sorta awkward being the only guy
there. haha).  It was a lot of fun, and everyone was cracking
jokes the whole time, especially Whit's sisters Brooke (17) and Kally
(15).  Usually in big crowds, I'll just end up watching everybody
and feeling out of place, but I just love to hang out with everybody I
was with, and was completely comfortable.  Dinner was good; I had
7 cups of tea, which resulted in some hyperness, and 3 trips to the
bathroom before the night ended. 

After dinner, Whitney's 7yo sister Laurel wanted to ride in the same
vehicle as me, but there was no room for her.  She was highly
disappointed until I gave her 4 quarters and told her she should go
with her parents to Target and buy some candy.  Her eyes got big
and excited, and a second later her brother announced that she could
ride with us because someone was going to switch vehicles. 
Everyone started laughing since she just got paid a dollar and
she got to ride with me.  But then as her parents started pulling
away, she started crying, deciding she wanted to ride with them
afterwards.  The whole situation was very funny.

Went shopping with Aunt Stacey, went to CHEVY'S (woohoo!), and got
pedicures.  Went to Bible study at long time friend's house– Mr.
and Mrs. Clark.

Got up at 8:00. Had to be at Whitney's (Well, her family's) house
(where the wedding was being held) at 10 to get pictures of everybody
getting ready.  My friend Amy H. was there helping out, which was

Someone suggested sending someone over to the other house to take
pictures of the groom and groomsmen getting ready and I was sent. 
I took Amy S's van and drove to her house (on the same property). 
Elliot's brother (the best man of the wedding) answered the door and I
said in an unsure voice, “Ummmm, they told me to take pictures.”

Best Man: “In there?!”
“Uh, if everyone's dressed?”
Best Man laughed and held out his hand as if to say, “Give me the camera.”

I handed it over and waited outside for a few minutes.  He
returned my camera shortly after taking a total of 4 pictures, 2 being
of Whitney's little brother and someone else playing ping pong in their
tux's.  Didn't they know a wedding was about to start?!

I returned to the “Girl House” and continued taking pictures.  The
wedding started at 2, and the ceremony was short.  Elliot and
Whitney wrote their own vows.  Sweet, yeah, but a bit too poetic
and mushy for me.  heehee.

After the ceremony there was dinner and dancing.  And you'll never believe it. 




Kally forced me onto the “dance floor” (a cement pad) to dance with
her.  It was a fast song too.  Boy did I feel ridiculous, but
it was a ton of fun, I admit.  We left soon afterwards and I went
to my Grandma's house.

Got up at 8 and went to breakfast with my Great Grandma Sharon, Great
Uncle George, Great Aunt Lillian, Great Uncle Joe and an uncle or
cousin or something, Michael.

Picked up my Great Great Grandma Agnes, went to Grandma Sharon's
house.  Everybody else showed up a few hours later and we had
sushi and pizza.  Some of the sushi was just rice with raw fish
slapped over it.  I was disgusted and chowed down on California
rolls while Uncle George tried to get me to eat the raw fish
ones.  I then made the horrifying discovery that the 8-10
california rolls that just crammed in my mouth were filled with raw
tuna.  Uncle George got a real kick out of that.

Mrs. K.
picked me up and brought me to their house.  She served lunch, and
then put on some spiffy music.  We all (Mrs. K, her 5 kids, and I)
started swing dancing in the livingroom (the curtains were closed) and
I was once more convinced that I cannot dance.

Then we watched Wived and Daughters.  I think it was 5 hours long
and Mr. K. was home from work before it ended.  We had dinner and
I got ready for bed.  While I was getting my pajamas on, Hannah and Abigail
asked me through the bathroom door where I wanted them to sleep (I was
invading their room for the night).  I told them I didn't care and
I would squeeze in anywhere.  When I walked into their room they
were set up on the floor, because their dad wanted them to let me have
the bed.  I grinned and suggested making a tent.  So we
stripped the bed of it's covers and tucked them in to dresser drawers
across the room.  Mrs. K was laughing the next morning because she
had walked in the room and saw this tent, and the only thing she could
see was my head sticking out.  It was very crowded and I down
think any of us girls were very comfy….but it was fun.

Grandma Sharon picked me up, took me shopping, to Benihana Grill (I
love that restaurant!), to see a movie, and then to In-n-Out Burger
(The BEST burgers in the WORLD).  Yeah, I made a point to eat a
lot on this trip.  There is no food like California Food. 

Had to drive up the hill to pick up my battery charger and gift which I
left at the location of the wedding (Steward house).  Swung by
Aunt Stacey's house to drop off a bowl.  Interrupted their company
(Amy S's family from NE), and stayed about an hour to chat. 
Headed back to grandma's, packed and went to bed.


I really enjoyed my time in Cali, but I'm glad to be home. 
I would post pictures now, but the internet is going too slow and keeps
failing.  Perhaps tomorrow or the next day.  🙂

7 Responses to *Evil Laugh* I Have RETURNED!

  1. That was the longest post you've evr written!

    It took me 15 min to read! WOW! It sounds like you had alot of fun. Next time your taking me with you.(so I can torture you. HE HE HE!!!!)

  2. Hiya!!

    Well sounds like a TON of fun! did you get some “California Sun”? Glad to have you back!

  3. Untitled Comment

    You must have been a lot of fun to be with on your trip. I think it’s great that you let yourself be flexible enough to be comfortable in strange situations (something I have trouble doing). But, still, you maintained that oh so frogiggie89 attitude!

    God bless

  4. Yeah!

    I am glad you had a good time in California, and I’m glad you are back!

  5. Eee gads!

    You are exposing my deepest dancing secrets! LOL!

    It was SO delightful to see you. Thanks so much for taking the time to be here with us. One as precious as you is always welcome here.


    Mrs. K

  6. HI

    Your first nite sounds like our nite would be if we went on a trip! We just back back from a trip too. With NO PC or internet! I can’t believe we survived!

    I am glad you had a GREAT trip and got to see some old friends!

    I am just stopping at all my friends blogs. Hope you had a great week!

    I am having a contest too! Check it out!

    Take Care!


    Kryptonite Angel SuperAngel

    *Rosie-Posie Iris Hardbottle* ~Luthien Alatariel Elanesse~


  7. Oh, Coie!

    Come on, it must not have been that bad dancing with us? You caught on really quick to that dance I taught you! And actually, I was pretty comfortable in the tent we made( but I guess thats only because I was born on a floor and ever since I have liked sleeping on floors ), but I’m sorry if you weren’t comfortable. Thank you sooo much for coming over and we Really enjoyed spending time with you!!!

    I love youuuuu!

    Your friend,


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