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We Still Don't Know How To Dress Ourselves

by coie - May 6th, 2006.
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Today has been busy and fun!  I got up
at 6:45 and drove to our local strawberry farm to see if they were
ready for people to get Pick Your Own (PYO) strawberries, but they
don't open until Monday.  We decided to go to Knoxville instead
and called our friends who were planning on going with us.  We had
30 minutes to get ready.  My sister had just brought in the
laundry and laid my green jeans on the bed.  Good, I couldn't
stand the pair I was wearing.  I shut my door, and slipped them
on.  But when I went for the broken zipper, it was backwards….My
thought process?

Why is the zipper backwards?….How did it….?….my pockets are…?…Whaaaa?

My pants were inside out.  I felt like a total doof.  I'm so glad I didn't think, “Oh, things like this just happen sometimes” and walk into public like that.  😀

We arrived at the Fruit and Berry Patch and picked away for about 2
hours.  Us kids threw rotten strawberries at each other.  I
took two hits- one on my knee and one on my right arm. 

Dippy liked it a lot too…When he was crossing the rows to go picking
with a friend, he bent down to pick a strawberry…His pants slipped a
bit and we realized that for the millionth time he was NOT wearing
underwear.  When will that kid learn?  He has plenty.  He just enjoys going commando.  😛

We went out to pizza afterwards and our friend's mom was talking about
some new pepper that they got.  She was trying to remember the
name, and said aloud, Um, I think it starts with an “H”.  Mom piped up:

A Jalapeño?

One of their kids and I just looked at each other and tried not to laugh.  Then I said, Uhh, mom, Jalapeño starts with a J.  Everyone started laughing and she told me to “Aw, be quiet!”.  haha.

We spent $40 on strawberries and got 3 flats.  Fun stuff!  Here are some pics.

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    yum, yum and fun, fun! Totally cracking up about the jalepeno! I don’t think I will ever let her live that down…

    For a minute there, I just knew you were going to say that you didn’t really think about it so you zipped your pants up from the inside and went about your day! heheheee… Now that would’ve been hilarious…at least for everybody else.





    Thsoe are some gorgeous berries. I didn’t know picking was ready. Is this the place in halls that also has blueberries, apples and peaches. I may need to get my self up there next week!


    Ms Maria

  3. Untitled Comment

    I simply love your blog, Coie. 🙂

  4. great pictures

    looks like a fun day.

    i enjoyed the pictures below as well. we have two turtles too. the rabbit and cat are so cute.

  5. Hey HillBilly Girl!

    OK, I got a ton of stuff to say but I’m gonna go update my blog right after this so I gotta hurry. (Oh, by the way, there are no “of’s” in that last sentence so forget that, and did you get the two “F’s” in “stuff”?)

    I bet I would have had fun rollin’ boulders down the hill too…(Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’!) Sounds like you guys are havin’ a lot of kicks around your Tennessee Tons-of-fun!

    Oh, PLEASE don’t stop posting animal pictures!!! They are sooo adorable(meaning your siblings and the animals! :P) and you know I’m suuuch a sucker for em’ !

    By the way, could you-would you…pleeease get a CLOSE-up picture of Ryann on your blog?!! And compare her to something so I can see how tall she is. (Levi says she’s unreal, she’s so tall!)

    Ok, gotta go update my blog! I CANNOT wait to see you in a…a…about a week? Yeah, I think that’s about right…OK, before I go into a zombee mode, I love you to pieces(literally) and I’m (trying to keep)counting the days till you come!

    TTYL! ( Talk To You Later )


  6. YEeeeeee HAAAAA

    Hey blog manager-commander-in-control-person!

    Looks like an AWESOME time for all!! I LOVE Strawberries! THe pictures are so cute! Are those your brothers taking a snooze?

    and speaking of pictures, I am putting them up today(this evening). I also got a blog here, so you can now email me if you feel the need(or your manager duties call you too 🙂

    Good luck with your berries! Pie?

  7. Untitled Comment

    I am highly hurt that you went BERRY PICKING without ME. *snort*


  8. Untitled Comment

    I’m so jealous of you southerners who already have strawberries ripe in the fields! Yummeee. Enjoy…and don’t forget to make jam, eat them with powdered sugar, make milkshakes, make a strawberry rhubarb pie…freeze some…see how much work you’ve brought upon yourselves??? Oh yeah, enjoy!

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