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Coie's CraaaAAAzy!

by coie - April 27th, 2006.
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I came home from the PO and bank today
and Peaches was listening to one of my cd's while cleaning the
kitchen.  I didn't think anything of it, and prepared myself some
spaghetti.  About 15 minutes later I was sitting in the livingroom
cramming food in my mouth when I heard one of the songs playing (yeah,
for some reason my house was quiet earlier.)…I was waiting for the
chorus and playing the words through my mind:

You're crazy,
[something or other, can't remember]
You're crazy, etc., etc…

But all of the sudden I heard Emmiko singing at the top of her lungs:

Can you hear me once or twice?

Mom and I just started laughing and yelled, “Yeah we can hear you– You're the crazy one!”

you ever noticed the cars go slower when you're in a hurry?  I
missed the bank by 2 minutes today and had to go an hour out of my way
to get to the in-store location…But I got frozen yogurt from TCBY on
the way home so all is well.

As you can see above ^^ I'm leaving for California in 13 days
(WOOHOO!!!)…anyways, I'm fresh out of books to read and my total
flight time there and back will be like 20 hours, so I need suggestions
on good books!  I like action, adventure, funny stuff,
fiction/historical fiction, mysteries, absolutely positively NO dumb
teen stuff.  Yeck, I hate books with teens in 'em…they are

Examples of the books I like:
Redwall series
stuff by the Bronte sisters
The Great Brain Series (for younger kids…those books cracked me UP when I was around 12)
Stuff by H. Rider Haggard
The Hidden Hand (from Lamplighter Publishing)
Stepping Heavenward

Please include the basic idea of the book and age level with your suggestions.  Thanks!

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    You Like RedWall? I LOVE Redwall! I think I have checked out the book on tape at the Library about a thousand times!

    Okay, good book, ummmmm, have you read “Chinese Cinderella”? GREAT Book, kinda sad, well written. Super interesting. another good one is “Watsons go to Burmignham”, SOOOOOO funny, almost couldn’t put it down! Another AWESOE one (Not to mention a classic) is “To kill a Mocking Bird”. Oh two awesomely-funny-can’t-ever-put-down books, “Hope was Here”(Love,love,love) and “A Year Down Yonder”, You will never stop laughing! I loved that one!

    Okay, there, I’ll leave you alone. Oop, one more thing, do you ever check out the books on tape? those are soooo nice. If you do, you have GOT to get some Agatha Christie books on tape. I always interlibrary loan them, and They are soooo AWESOME! They freak me out sooo bad!

  3. Here is a book suggestion!

    Some books that I am reading right now is books by G.A. Henty. I am currently in the midst of reading A Jacobite Exile. I think they are exciting in most of the story, except the parts where it describes the political situations and parts of battles that take part during the times. They are stories from all different time periods. I am really enjoying them so far.

  4. OK, you asked, Coie!

    The Beyond the Summerlands and Bringer of Storm by L.B. Graham (fantasy, pretty, um… jr/sr high reading level I guess), the Katherine Swinbrooke mysteries by C. L. Grace, Duncan’s War and the rest of that series (highschool)by Douglas Bond… and Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams (warning, it’s really weird, and parts are um… inappropriate? But for some reason I loved it.)

    Have fun in sunny sunny California!

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    “Coie’s CRAAAAAZY!

    Can you hear me once or twice?

    Coie’s CRAAAAAZY!!!”

    Normally I wouldn’t believe such accusations but since they’ve been made by a close family member it seems best to accept the allegations as accurate.

    As for books I would recommend any of C.S. Lewis’ novels that you’ve missed. Till We Have Faces, Space Trilogy etc. P.G. Wodehouse’s Jeeves stories are great.Timothy Zahn wrote a great sci-fi adventure story called the Icarus Hunt that was really neat. Robert Heinlein’s The Mood is a Harsh Mistress and Starship Troopers are some of my favorites.

    If you were thinking of non-fiction, a good biography of Stonewall Jackson should be interesting. Freakonomics, a recent best seller is supposed to be pretty good although my copy is still in transit.

  6. CAgirlwithasoutherndrawl

    because I am sooooo spiffy

    I am going to lend you my Bronte sister monster book, which has Shirley & The Tenent at Wildfell Hall in it. Oh, you also need to read Great Expectations because I want to know what you think about that crazy book, I will bring that one too.

    Have you read the Scarlet Letter by Nathanial Hawthorne? Or Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton? Both classics that illustrate the depravity of man.

    Oh, I really, really liked Agnes Grey. 🙂

    ~Aunt Spiffy who LOVES books

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    Hey Coie, if you want, I can send you Stepping Heavenward. Just drop me an email demanding it!

    And I don’t think you’re crazy…

  8. if you like Redwall

    do you like dragon stuff?

    Anne McCaffrey’s series on DragonRiders of Pern is good…nothing racy 😉

    have you read “Gone With The Wind”? excellent book, IMHO!

    Disciplines of a Beautiful Woman is a great Christian book for encouragement

    what you really should do is join Paperback Swapper when you come back so you don’t have to buy books 😉

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    HI! The best book I’ve read is A Fathers Promise. I recomend it for ANYONE who is able to read! It is a very good book.


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