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They Call Me Two-Face

by coie - April 24th, 2006.
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My siblings played baseball with a
bunch of other homeschoolers today.  I sat in the sun and talked
to 3 of my friends.  It was really fun, except I kept going numb
from sitting on a hill that consisted of many bumps for 3 hours. 
Oh yeah, and the fact that I didn't face the sun head on.  I
battled it left handed…or sided.  So now the left half of my
face is burnt and my right side is white.  It's pretty funny
looking.  At least I'm not all white now.

In other news someone in my family hit a snake with the lawnmower
today.  It took the hit near it's head but it's still alive. 
Bobo came to me crying and asked me to pray for it.  So I
did…and he hasn't stopped telling me how thankful he is that I did
so.  I hope the thing lives because snakes are ultra-cool. 
The next hour Dad and I spent on the internet looking up the different
snakes in our area so that we could identify it.  I learned some
pretty cool tidbits that I'll share since I have nothing else to say.

  • The venomous snakes in Tennessee are ALL in the Pit Viper
    family.  So we will be able to classify it as hazardous material
    if a) it's head is offset from it's body and triangular shaped, b) it's
    eyes/pupils look like a cat's (vertical eliptical shape), and c) it has
    some pit something or other near it's mouth…I didn't get that part.
  • If
    you get bit by a snake you should remain as calm as possible. 
    Freaking out will speed up your circulation and therefore spread the
    vemon faster.
  • You should not
    cut the wound, suck the venom out with your mouth, apply ice, have
    alchohol, or take pain killers.  Freezing the wound has resulted
    in people getting the affected limb amputated.
  • You should remain calm, take down the time, keep the affected limb lower than your heart and race to the hospital.
  • Out
    of the some 50,000 deaths in America each year, only 12-15 of those
    resulted from a venomous snakebite.  Most of the deaths caused by
    snakes are in AZ, FL, AL, and TX.

That's all I can remember right now, but I feel like a reptilian genius spewing those facts out like that.  😉

is out.  I've got a chapter in there somewhere.  This time I
had more than 3 hours to write it, too (that's literally how long it
took me to write my chapter for Secrets to Successful
Homeschooling.  AUNTIE called and said “You're writing a chapter in our e-book you don't know about.  Send it in tonight and I'll pay you $50”)!

Oh, and I changed the song on my blog. It's another one that I
created.  Every time mom hears it she starts dancing like
crazy.  Quite entertaining.

The almonds tasted like dust today…

16 Responses to They Call Me Two-Face

  1. Poisonous Snake Bites are Best Avoided

    <img src=""&gt;

    This might help you indentfy whether your snake is an evil menace or an innocent bystander mangled by your selfish desire* for a nice lawn.

    *Just for the record, I have no problem with selfish desires for nice lawns. We need to show the earth whose boss.

    Edited by Rabenstrange on Tuesday, April 25, 2006 at 8:18 AM

  2. i don't know?

    That is sooo cute!!! It sounds like you have some great little siblings! I was just thinking HEY you changed your song!! I like it though. I think the otherone is still the COOLEST!!! You will have to play all of them though, so we can vote or something! That would be Awesome!!

    Oh yeah, I was gonna ask, Do you have a job or anything like that? Jsut curious?

  3. Untitled Comment

    my youngest daughter loves snakes and other reptiles. i hope we don’t see any this year. otherwise we might have to have another pet…

  4. Um, are you aware that we can't really see you in your pic?


    And you’re still eating almonds? Hmm…

    Thanks for the snake tips.

    Nice music, too.

    (And to Rabenstrange… hello, I commented on your homeschooler blog!!!)

  5. How???

    I like your new song! Do you play the song yourself or does somebody else play it? How do you make it? HOW??? =D


  6. Untitled Comment

    …and “dancing like crazy” sounds like something that my Mom would probably do. 😉

  7. Untitled Comment

    kewl! so you consider me your friend? Well i feel special! =)

    lol yeah my whole left arm got toasted yesterday! And so now I have a VERY unpleasant tan line >( oh well summer’ll be here soon!


    Ps~(yes this is Lacey! lol)

  8. question for you

    How do you put music on your blog?!?!


  9. Hi

    Hi just to let you know I am winning the states game. 🙂

  10. Hello? Is anyone there?

    Ya know I was thinking, and I all the sudden I had this GREAT epiphany, If you want to make almonds taste better, yu had better not eat them at all!

    There, now wasn’t that profoud?!

    Or if you want to make them slightly palitable, dip them in Chocolate! 🙂

    Personally, I would switch to Cashews! They taste WAYYYYY better!

    Your Friends Woody, Over at Blogspot(

    Good luck

  11. Untitled Comment

    ^ lol I agree with that

    And yes, please share how to add music to your blog, I asked Tracy and she never answered!!!

  12. Ooohhhh

    I don’t like snakes. The fall of man was because of a snake. Evil creatures.

  13. Untitled Comment

    Ooooohhhhhh, look at my monkey!!!! ^^^ Isn’t it cute!!??!

  14. Untitled Comment

    “Allrighty Post something new already!”

    (Right back at ya 😛 )

  15. Wow! You prayed for a snake??

    I hope I am never put in the position of deciding if I will or will not pray for a snake. It would be a tough call.

    Edit: I figured out how to do it, should the need ever arise. Just like in Fiddler on the Roof, the line where the townsfolk ask the rabbi how to pray for the tsar, and he says, "God bless and keep the Tsar……. far away from us." My snake-based prayers would have to be along those lines.

    Edited by CarpeBanana on Thursday, April 27, 2006 at 7:46 PM

  16. two-armed

    Yes, I know what you mean, my left arm is red along with my left leg. LOL.!! Hope you come to next baseball. You too, Lacey!!!

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