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Squeezing My Brain…And My Muscles

by coie - April 23rd, 2006.
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I am currently unable to think of
anything worth saying.  Friday night we had a humongo
thunderstorm.  The next morning when I woke up (at 10…teehee, so
I've been staying up too late) I went into the basement and noticed
some small puddles by the door.  I figured it came from the under
the door, and almost didn't tell anyone about it.  Figured they
would dry up.  But when I saw that it was under the filing cabinet
and my work computer, I decided to open my big mouth.

“Heya, Dad…There's some water in the basement.”

“How much?”

“Mmm, not much but it's under the desk and stuff.”

So Dad went downstairs where it was discovered shortly after that the
other side was completely in puddles.  The section where my
sisters keep all their stuff had 7 Rainbow Vacuum buckets full of water
(that's my new form of measurement for unwanted materials that will fit
through a vacuum hose).  We came to the conclusion that it filled
half our basement since the TOS magazine boxes in the middle were slightly damp (Praise God– nothing was damaged.) but it had mostly drained by the time we got our lazy selves up.

The next 7 or 8 hours was spent cleaning our entire basement, building
shelves and pallets or stands for anything that needed it. 
Tomorrow or Tuesday will be spent loading all the magazines onto
shelves in chronological order.  I can't tell you how tired I am
of moving magazine boxes.  They weigh about 40 pounds a pop are
there are probably over 100 of 'em.  When we moved out to
Tennessee from California…ugh, that killed me over dead.  We
loaded them and unloaded them into our trailer about 5 times before it
was deemed safe to travel cross-country.  I hate boxes almost as
much as I hate Latin.  And stuffing. 

But it's
good excercise!   Whenever I'm carrying stuff that is on the
heavy side,  Dad comes over and squeezes my arm saying,
“Whoooaaa!  Your muscles are huge!  Lemme feel again.” and
then I'll start laughing and nearly drop my load.  My parents are
always making me laugh…I like my family…I'm going to bed.

9 Responses to Squeezing My Brain…And My Muscles

  1. JacqueDixonSoulRestES

    I love Springtime, and I love the rain, but, UGH! I hate bailing water!!

    Wow, do I feel for all of your family!

    We had to do that two Springs ago. It was horrible. It must have taken us 5 hours just to get the water out…. we didn’t have one of those nifty Rainbows…. and, we had a WHOLE lot more water…

    Fortunately, we will be getting our gutters on this Spring, so we won’t have to do it again this year, for the 3rd year in a row.

    (We did get a pump last year, though, so there was less bailing.)

    It sure was a lot of work, though. I can very clearly remember that. Family bonding through crisis…. YAY!

    Take Care. Hope you got some rest!

    Mrs. D

  2. i agree about Latin….

    but STUFFING???? how can you hate stuffing??


  3. Untitled Comment

    stuffing isn’t *that* bad. it isn’t as bad as that almond cheese dad tried to make. how would you like to eat that every Thanksgiving?

  4. Untitled Comment

    (Since I can no longer call you ‘kid’)

    Hey “Older than me Teenager probably soon to be an adult”, Bummer about the basement. Sounds like you had a REAL fun day?!:) Can’t say I’ve been through the same thing, but I can say I feel for you, as we have helped some friend with it before. We were ther the WHOLE day, moveing stuff, and cleaning up, and taking buckets of water up and down their stairs.

  5. Hola

    Sorry about all the water. That kinda stinks!

  6. Untitled Comment

    I loooove your new music!


  7. Ugh! Poor Coie!

    Boy, do I know the feeling though! Our washer blew… something… while we were gone once. We came home and there was water spraying up to the ceiling, dripping back down, and all over our pantry. 😛

    Boxes are heavy, but bags and bags of wet flour is just disgusting.

  8. I'm a Professional Box Carrier

    While our basement isn't in the habit of flooding, I am intimately familiar with moving large quanties of heavy boxes.

    I work at a printshop and let me tell you, moving 80 lb. boxes of gloss cover can make you tired in short order.

    Come to think of it, I recall in the not too distant past moving 40ish TW-294's loaded with a homeschooling-magazine's(TEACH if you're interested) back issues out of our loft. The ceiling in the loft is only 4' high and while short, I am a bit more than 4' and it was a bit awkward carrying boxes hunched over. Hopefully, I won't be doing that again in the near future.

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  9. Ok…

    …I really can’t think of anything that rhymes with that so I’ll just say that I am really looking forward to seeing you too, A LOT!!!

    Well I have to go,

    I love you!


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