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Winners! And My Story…

by coie - April 21st, 2006.
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Ok, I have the winners for the HSB
T-Shirts!  Sorry for not giving a deadline…didn't even pass
through my head.  🙂  Remember, you can still buy them HERE in just a bit.

ALSO, I forgot to say that the shirts are blank on the front, so if you know how to use iron-on transfers (very simple) you can customize your shirt by putting your username on the front.  How cool is that?!  So without any more bumbling on my great ideas, here are the winners. 

Winner 1: How did you find HSB and why do you like it? I picked this one in honor of MISSEY GREY

OK, I came to HSB after I stepped out in faith and bought some ad
space in the SPRING EDITION (; . I thought I would check out the free
TOS I was sent, and it was about blogging.. which I had recently
discovered. The really God thing about it was that a I had read about
Missey Grey on a totally different blogspace and read all the beautiful
comments left there, and then a close friend sent me a prayer request
for Missey's family. I came to HSB, and realized this was where Missey
blogged. I felt at home from the time I logged on.

Winner 2: How did you find my blog and why you read it? I picked this one in honor of the frog on my page. 😉

I found your blog on a RANDOM BLOG hit and loved the frog. I
thought, “This girl's gotta be interesting for her blog to look like

Winner 3: Give me your most embarrassing story. I picked this one because I did something similar when I was about 8
Yipes.  Fimsey almost won, but the fact that she realized she was
in the wrong room and walked out, and Bek either didn't know or didn't
care was what changed my mind. 😀

I don't think I can share my mostest embarrassing story on this blog – I'll

just say it happened at one of my bridal showers. So, my second most

embarrassing story would be when I was 3 or 4 at my brother's baseball

game. I needed to go potty and so my mom sent me on my way. Its the

one on the left she tells me. Well, when I got down there I realized I didn't

know my left from my right, no time to figure out, I'll pick this one. It was

an odd looking bathroom, one I had never seen before. There were all

these weird things hanging on the walls and the stalls were way back in

the dark hall of this bathroom. No time to figure it out. I hiked my dress

up and climbed up on this thing hanging from the wall. As I sat there

happily relieving myself a man came walking out from the dark stalls. At

this point I knew I had made the wrong decision. Sure, I was

embarrassed at the time, but even more so now that I realize what I had

climbed up on 🙁

Winners, please send me your address and the size (L or XL) you want at OR

And oh, here's my embarrassing story that is similar to Bek's.

We were at Sizzler's and I was like 8 or 9.  I guess they
switched the bathrooms around on me because I walked into the one I
regularly used (what can I say?  Habitual Mammals don't read or
need signs.)  There was a man at the sink washing his hands but
for some reason I didn't think anything of it…except maybe, “Whoa,
that guy's in the wrong
bathroom.  What are those funny things on the walls?”…I went
into a stall and heard more people walk in.  People with *gasp* male
voices.  Now I realized my mistake.  I ran out of there
without even washing my hands.  Safe in the hall, I saw the signs
and then slinked back to the table hoping no one would recognize me.

11 Responses to Winners! And My Story…

  1. Oh! Man!

    Atleast I was in the running! I can’t believe she went in the urinal. eewww, can you imagine! Too funny!

  2. Hmph!

    I didn’t win! And to think you’re going to win my jelly bean contest tomorrow! Sheesh Coie! I suppose I’d better get one of ’em t-shrits, considering my name magically appeared on the back….

  3. Untitled Comment

    OH That is sooooo rich!!! Man that is a good story!!!!

    Anywho, hey kid, you will be happy to know I have kinda put up a new post, and that some pictures (are hopefully on the way) There, I am now a responsible blogger again,

  4. Untitled Comment

    OH That is sooooo rich!!! Man that is a good story!!!!

    Anywho, hey kid, you will be happy to know I have kinda put up a new post, and that some pictures (are hopefully on the way) There, I am now a responsible blogger again,

  5. thanks

    for picking my story 🙂

  6. Hey you!

    That is just a lovely picture of you, Coie, dear. Hannah and I both agree, you are just a lovely young lady. We are so pleased to know you!

    We hope to see you in CA soon!

    Mrs. K

    AKA: Kate

  7. boohoo

    i am sooo disappointed that i didn’t win. i guess i will have to purchase my own now. but thanks for the laughs on my blog. i sure hope you’re wrong about the terrorist thing but i think he will for sure be terrorizing his sisters in the near future!

  8. This is soo funny!!!

    Hey Coie

    I was reading my friends new post and all and got to yours and was reading it and flipped out when I saw that my mom had won one of the shirts! I yelled at her to run up to the pc and freaked her out! She didn’t even notice til I said “you won” She went through the whole post and didn’t even see that she won!!

    And the most funniest thing was that earlier that day she told me I needed to enter to win her a shirt, cuz I said that I didn’t really want one! But she wanted me to win one for her!!! She REALLY wanted it! So she is very excited!!!

    Anywho…….thought that was great!



  9. Untitled Comment

    Hey Coie – I have to agree, your new avatar is really pretty. 🙂 The hike up to Grotto looks like fun..and I love the llamas!! Llamas are great.

    Well, I’ve finally updated my blog, so come on over. haha. Have a good day,


  10. Untitled Comment

    MY TURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AH HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

    You have not posted in TWO DAYS Kid!!! Get a move on!!!! 🙂

    Oh, and I am an honest blogger again, I put up the pictures. 😉

  11. just wondering

    have you mailed my lovely tshirt yet??? its been forever and it has not made it here just yet 🙂

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