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Cyber Mini Golf and Tee's

by coie - April 20th, 2006.
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It's official.  My favorite “computer game” is Candystand's Mini Golf.

I'm bored…and I'm modeling the new HSB T-shirt.  I wonder if
I'll get a percentage of the sales for all this hard work.  Why
don't you people buy it and I'll let you know.  Actu-ackly
(actually), instead, 3 of you can win one from me.  🙂  Oh, and Kaitlin,
you need to start a blog over here called “Kaitlin” because somehow
your name got on the shirt. hehehe.  I'll set it up and send you
the password.

For this contest there are three types of winners. 
Winner 1: How did you find HSB and why do you like it?
Winner 2: How did you find my blog and why you read it?
Winner 3: Give me your most embarrassing story.

Here's the pics of the shirts.  They come in L or XL.

26 Responses to Cyber Mini Golf and Tee's

  1. Cool tee!

    I love the pics from your family’s hike. Wow, your hair has gotten so long. What are you doin, takin special vitamins or something?!

  2. If you actually want to know how I found your blog…

    it was the fact that you found mine, and commented, and therefore I came over to yours, and stayed.


  3. Honestly?

    I came here because I heard I might be able to WIN a free T-Shirt – which has my blog address on it. WOO HOO!!!!!!

    Now I’m going to go cruise around your blog and get to know you. 😀

    The shirt looks great!!!!!!!


  4. If ya really wanna know….

    I found your bloggy cause my mom added you to her friends list and I found you as weird and funny as me and Tray REALLY are (if not more so lol!!) and added you too.


  5. Hmmmm…

    How do I do these things?!?!! Is my name seriously on the back of the t-shrits? Sheesh!

    I found HSB through Coie and ASTF. Do I like it? I don’t know. I haven’t used it yet but apparently they want me to so badly that they’re putting my name on the back of their t-shirts! I’d tell my most embarrassing story but it’s too uh, embarrassing. 🙂

  6. Untitled Comment

    Mrs. Carter,

    Yes, Multi Vitamins from Sam’s Club, Calcium, Glucosamine Chondriotin, and boiled eggs. 😉

    hmschlmomto2, Yup, you are definately on this nifto- t-shirt!

    Sam, yes, I do believe I am stranger than you. 😛

  7. My answers…………

    For this contest there are three types of winners.

    Winner 1: How did you find HSB and why do you like it?

    I was directed here by Anissa De Grasse last year, since I am a TOS State Coordinator. I started with my NC Blog and my personal blog. I occasionally ghost-write a 3rd blog, and I am on the PRMama team. I like the fellowship at HSB, and I like being able to access the HSB blogs so easily.

    Winner 2: How did you find my blog and why you read it?

    I suppose I found your blog through your Mom’s blog. She talks about you a lot. And I like to read several teen blogs, since I have a teen. And yours is a lot of fun to read.

    Winner 3: Give me your most embarrassing story.

    No thanks! I’ll keep my embarrassing stories private! LOL

    Have a blessed day! Tami

  8. Untitled Comment

    My memory no good. I try best to answer questions.

    1. I found HSB through the Five in a Row (FIAR) message boards. Being a former message board addict, I am now proud to say that I don’t message board at all and only blog! I just really like getting to know people better and getting a glimpse into their lives…sometimes it’s for the encouragement, other times the humor, empathy, or just plain relief that I’m not the only wacko-homeschooling-mommy out there.

    2. I found your blog through your crazy momsie’s blog. I like your mom. I like you. Y’all are strange, witty and just plain funny…my kind of folk!

    3. I can only share one embarrassing story since it is far enough removed as to not be traumatizing anymore. I was in the 4th grade. I wore my dress backwards to school. It wasn’t one of those dresses where it wouldn’t be noticed. Nope, it had a big white front (which was on my back!), a tied bow around the neck part, and a big row of buttons. I just thought it was a different/new dress. It wasn’t until someone in my class said Hey! Your dress is on backwards!!! mwahahahahah!!!

    Oh and when I was in 8th grade, I had this huge crush on a boy…can’t remember his name anymore… Anyhow, we had math class together. He was cute. It was just the two of us in the classroom. He looked at me and suddenly (and with GREAT concern in his voice!) said Oh my gosh! Did you hit your head? Are you alright?! I had NO idea what he was talking about. Then I realized…No, my forehead has that part that just sticks out like that. *sigh* That and being a nerd were the death of my social life (which was probably a good thing!).

    So do I win???



  9. I want a shirt 😉

    I found HSB through Nancy – the Colorado TOS Coordinator and the magazine. I need someone to smack me over the head sometimes to make me do something new 😉

    I found your blog b/c PRMama said you were giving away free shirts 🙂 I will have to take a look around and learn more about you 🙂

    As for embarrasing stories – you wont beleive me but I dont really have any that are all that bad!

    ~ Rachel

  10. ByHisGraceInColorado

    Hey, how neato

    t……hat Rachel commented and mentioned me! She is so neat. Send her a shirt, and me too. You need to check out her website, they make the coolest rc planes and stuff. I think.

    Anyway, yup, Gena said I am on that crazy shirt. Send me one and prove it!

    Mrs. B.

  11. An embarrassing story

    There’s this guy who supposedly likes me. I am totally laid back and not really boy-minded; I love to hang out with them, but I am not after every cute guy I see. So it kind of came as a surprise. My mom, for some odd reason, thinks it’s hilarious. So one day, she decides to get pizza for dinner from the pizza place he works at. I had no clue he was going to be there at that time. I was with her, but stayed in the car. (We had been “discussing” the whole boy story when she got out and went in.) The second she stepped inside, she about falls over in hysterics right there in the doorway where I could still see her! Unfortunately I couldn’t see what was going on. She gets the pizza and comes back out laughing really hard. She gets in the car and I think we’ll leave. But NOOOO, we had to sit there as she is cracking up and telling me to go inside and say hi. The window is right in front of me but I couldn’t see in. However, everyone inside could see me. Several minutes go by and I find myself walking in and starting a conversation, embarrassing both of us in front of the whole place.

    That’s my most recent embarrassing moment, all started by my mom.


    ps I only shared this b/c it’s funny now, not for the contest or anything though the tshirt’s pretty kool.

  12. Untitled Comment

    1. Boo4Baby lead me here, I met her from HOW message board.

    2. Chocolate–your homeade chocolate lured me here (which BTW I never got.) Can I get a shirt instead, I’ll wait on the chocolate… I getting greedy? jdakjsklsjlk;jasjlk;

    3. Hmmm……most most embarrassing story? Let me think….possibly my pic of me ceaning the toilet with a huge smile on my face. It’s on my blog somewhere. Your momsie said I looked cute in a gross sorta way, now is that a compliment or what!

    0:) Amber

  13. JacqueDixonSoulRestES

    Hmmm I am not sure I can answer that 3rd one! – -ok, I guess that'll do…

    OK, I came to HSB after I stepped out in faith and bought some ad space in the SPRING EDITION (; . I thought I would check out the free TOS I was sent, and it was about blogging.. which I had recently discovered. The really God thing about it was that a I had read about Missey Grey on a totally different blogspace and read all the beautiful comments left there, and then a close friend sent me a prayer request for Missey’s family. I came to HSB, and realized this was where Missey blogged. I felt at home from the time I logged on.

    Secondly, I found your blog – I think – Random blogging. Amanda and Jocelyn will remember better. It may have been from your Mom’s blog. All I know is I was looking for some blogs to add to my friends’ (we had just gotten our blogs), AND I was looking for some young ladies’ blogs I could put onto my “approved blogs” list for A, J, & R to add to their Friends’ lists. You definitely qualify! I have heard quite a bit from Amanda SuperAngel about your blog! In a good way. ( ;

    Most embarassing moment? Are you kidding? There are so many to choose from. hmmm… I remember being in 6th grade, awkward, you know… and I was in school and a boy -Ted Hennings (funny how details stick about embarassing moments) and I were in some arguement, and it went on a bit, and then, in front of the whole class, to shut me up for good, he says, “Oooh man, you have bad breath!!” He did the whole hand-waving thing and all. I was mortified. Wouldn’t you be? Well, that is the only one I am willing to share. I guess if a funnier one comes to mind, I’ll let you know.

    Thank you, young lady, for being a part of a community of bloggers that is truly a community!!

    Many Blessings and Teachable Moments!

    Mrs. Dixon ( ; aka Amanda’s Mom or Jocelyn’s Mom or Rachel’s Mom or…..

    Now, onto your mom’s blog…. HeeHee ( ;

  14. JacqueDixonSoulRestES

    Wow! You REALLY Look Like Your Mom!

    I see now, you changed your pic…. I love it that my girls look like me… I’ll bet she does too!

    No, I haven’t thought of another embarassing moment yet. I am going to hang out a bit and post on your Mama’s blog right b4 I go to bed. Let’s see… you are in IL, central time, right? I am in IN… that means that it is only 11:30 in CA. YIKES, I guess Iwon’t be winning a tshirt there!

    I will have to send my girls over here to answer your 3 questions….

    How long do they have?

    Mrs. D

  15. My most embarrassing moment

    This just happened a few months ago. We have 2 Wal-Marts that we regularly go visit. They are both Super Wal-Marts but everything is flip-flopped around…including the bathrooms. One of the kids needed to use the restroom, so we walked to the front of the store, right in front of the registers and the Cingular booth. I walked with 3 kids right into the men’s room, right into a small group of men. Horrified, we turned right around and exited and went to the ladies room. Of course people were giggling! Why they didn’t point out what was so funny before I went all the way into the men’s room, I’ll never know. My next embarrassing moment was having to walk out of the ladies room, knowing the Cingular women was still sitting there. Moral of the story, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS read the signs no matter how sure you know where you are.

  16. Answers

    1. I learned of HSBloggers through Cindy Rushton. I love having a place of my own on the world wide web, plus I like peeking into other folks’ lives and learning from them.

    2. I found your blog through the company blog page and I want a T-shirt! {{grin}}

    3. Not telling. LOL!

  17. Untitled Comment

    I’m in trouble here, because I have to leave for a good part of the day — which means I won’t be trying to be one of the the last 5 commenters on your mom’s blog until later, and she’s sure to have blogged by then.

    This may be my only hope (did my blog even make it onto the shirt, I wonder?).

    1. I came to HSB when someone on the Basically Beechick e-mail loop had their blog in their signature. I came right over here and signed up. I honestly thought I was journaling for myself, and was SHOCKED to find a few comments one day. That was fun.

    2. I wasn’t here long before I discovered your Mom’s blog, and thus yours since she links it often.

    3. My whole life is an embarrassment. I embarrass myself often. I was afraid of the toilets in 1st grade (they were SO loud) and peed my pants rather than go to the bathroom in school where the monster toilet lived. But that’s so … almost normal. OK, here’s one. I was at a birthday party, in a conversation with my sister at the table. Everyone was eating cake, and talking away. I could not come to the end of my cake and ice-cream, and I was getting stuffed. Suddenly I realized that everyone was sort of watching me and snickering, but trying to look like they weren’t, right about at the same moment I had spoken “Ugh! No more cake! I cannot finish this!!!” The whole table erupted in laughter, as one of the men at the party had been putting just a bit more cake and ice-cream on my plate here and there, and I was so engrossed in my conversation I hadn’t noticed. I had eaten like, half the cake. I am a born sucker, and the joke was on me. But I am a good sport too, and was able to laugh at myself. I know, “What’s the problem?” right? So I got to eat half a cake … that’s a good thing. You don’t know these people … LOL! They picked on me relentlessly, and they had gotten me good.

    (Maybe my truly most embarrassing moment was the last time I lost a contest and how I cried and carried on — I promise, if I lose I won’t cry.) fjdkaldfj

  18. Untitled Comment

    Winner 1: How did you find HSB and why do you like it?

    I found HSB through Willow and Felicity. They were kind enough to set

    up my blog for me. I like it because I know little about homeschooling

    and it allows me to peruse the different methods and such. Who knew

    there was all this Charolette Mason and unschooling stuff?? Now I know.

    Winner 2: How did you find my blog and why you read it?

    I think I linked to your blog off of Willow and Felicity’s blogs, or it might

    have been your mom’s. I read it to see what interesting things you have

    gotten yourself into 🙂

    Winner 3: Give me your most embarrassing story.

    I don’t think I can share my mostest embarrassing story on this blog – I’ll

    just say it happened at one of my bridal showers. So, my second most

    embarrassing story would be when I was 3 or 4 at my brother’s baseball

    game. I needed to go potty and so my mom sent me on my way. Its the

    one on the left she tells me. Well, when I got down there I realized I didn’t

    know my left from my right, no time to figure out, I’ll pick this one. It was

    an odd looking bathroom, one I had never seen before. There were all

    these weird things hanging on the walls and the stalls were way back in

    the dark hall of this bathroom. No time to figure it out. I hiked my dress

    up and climbed up on this thing hanging from the wall. As I sat there

    happily relieving myself a man came walking out from the dark stalls. At

    this point I knew I had made the wrong decision. Sure, I was

    embarrassed at the time, but even more so now that I realize what I had

    climbed up on 🙁

  19. I NEED one of these shirts!!!

    They are sooo neat! I love them—what a great idea! I commented late when your mom was asking who would like to be on them, but was in the first 100…so don’t know if my blog made it onto the shirt or not, but tons of my friends’ blogs are on it, so I still would love one.

    Winner 1: How did you find HSB and why do you like it? I sold some hs curriculum to Anissa DeGrasse, and it got lost in the mail. We kept writing and writing trying to figure out what was going on with the package, which had gone a zillion places before getting to her house, and in the process, she told me about HSB and encouraged me to start blogging! Am I ever glad that package got lost!

    Winner 2: How did you find my blog and why you read it? I found it back during the candy give-away…chocolate was the drawing card for me 🙂 Also, I found that a “frogiggie” had visited my blog (found the visiting url on my tracker) and wondered who it was, and it was you! I like to read your blog because you have inherited your momsie’s strange sense of humor, which I find strangely addicting…lol

    Winner 3: Give me your most embarrassing story. Well, there are so many…but the one that really comes to mind right now is a high school memory. I was in marching band, and we had a huge band that won lots of competitions. Some people came to the football games just to watch the band instead of the game. So tons of people were watching one rainy night, when the entire band did this neat kick step as we marched onto the field. It was beautiful and perfect…until it was my turn to do my kick step. My spot was a really muddy spot, and when I kicked and put my feet back on the ground, they kinda didn’t stay on the ground, but slid right out from under me. I fell on my behind, landed in the mud, on the 50 yard line, in front of all those people. This was embarrassing enough, but did I stop there? No, of course not. I made the mistake of trying to get up…. The ground was slippery enough that when I tried to get up, my hands slid, and down I went again. When I finally got up, my beautiful uniform was covered in mud, and my face was a brilliant red, which was NOT one of the school colors. When we have band reunion night, people still remind me of my dazzling performance that night…oh, my…I still get embarrassed thinking about it…


  20. which one should I answer?

    Winner 1: How did you find HSB and why do you like it?

    I first found HSB through lynan (apparently also known as Ynan!)… I knew her from MOMYS.COM and started reading her blog shortly after I started my blogspot blog. Eventually, I moved my blog to HSB too!

    Winner 2: How did you find my blog and why you read it?

    I found your blog through your mom’s blog! I read it b/c it is well-written and clever and b/c it gives me hope that homeschooled children CAN and DO turn out WELL!

    Winner 3: Give me your most embarrassing story.

    MY most embarrassing story was when I was about YOUR age. A girl at school asked me to tell her my most embarrassing story and I told her all about this time that my male friend’s fly was undone and how I was not sure if I should tell him because I did not want him to think that I was looking! But THAT is not the worst part of the story! I thought the friend was just making small talk! I did not think about the fact that she was on the school newspaper staff and I was shocked when in the next edition of the TALON there was a column entitled “MY MOST EMBARRASING MOMENT” which featured my story! That WAS sooooo embarrassing and it still makes my skin crawl to think about it today and I am 36 years old! I think it contributed to my wanting to homeschool my children! LOL!

  21. Untitled Comment

    Winner 1: How did you find HSB and why do you like it? Cindy Rushton told me about Homeschool Blogger and I have become addicted since joining last June. We are on the road a lot now that we are in the states on furlough and I just can’t stand it when we stay places that don’t have internet access. Three days is the most I can handle going without blogging. I like blogging because I am able to keep in touch with family and friends about what is going on in our busy lives and also, I’ve met a lot of wonderful HSBers like Jewels2Texas, Patricia from Pollywog creek, HomeschoolRuby, Cindy Rushton and I’m hoping to meet Spunky Homeschool next month! Maybe, I’ll even meet you on my way home….

    Winner 2: How did you find my blog and why you read it? Your mom talks about you a lot so I stop by from time to time.

    Winner 3: Give me your most embarrassing story. Well, one day when I was in high school, I ………… OK, NO WAY!! Not even for a free t-shirt. I’m still turning red just thinking about it.

  22. Untitled Comment

    OK, here’s an embarrassing story. I was a substitute teacher when John and I were newly weds. He was a police officer and worked odd hours. I was called in to teach one morning and he had worked late the night before. So I got dressed as quickly and quietly as I could without turning on lights and making too much noise. I was at school for a while and as I was walking around the classroom, helping the students with their papers, I realized that one of my heals on my shoe was lower than the other one and I thought I had broken it. When I looked down, I realized that I was wearing two completely different, but both black, shoes! There wasn’t anything I could do. I certainly couldn’t go home and John had left for work by the time I figured it out. I had to walk around all day in those mis matched shoes for the rest of the day and hope that no one would notice.

    You’re not going to print these stories on a t-shrit, are you? That would be embarrassing!

  23. Okay, I'm shooting for one of the three so here goes…

    1. I found HSB through Nancy Carter. At first when I saw her blog at the end of all her emails I thought it was really a kinda dumb thing. I mean what is a blog??? And who had ever heard of one. I don’t remember how much longer it was that I began reading her blog….and then others…and then others….and then I thought…..Hey, maybe I could do this too. For the longest time I struggled with what to blog about and wrestled with getting lots of people to read it. Now I just write and if someone reads it I love it. If not, I have a great journal for the kiddos.

    2. I found your blog on a RANDOM BLOG hit and loved the frog. I thought, “This girl’s gotta be interesting for her blog to look like this!”

    3. Do you REALLY want my most embarrassing story? Yikes. I’m scared to tell it. So, I’ll pick this one. I love horses. While living in Memphis TN I got to go to several horseshows. Since I once rode and participated in horseshows I loved it. One day (before kids) while riding around with my husband we saw signs for a Steeplechase. I was so excited. I had not been to a steeplechase in a very long time. So following the signs here and there I was almost giddy. Out into the country we went, turning here, turning there. When we finally got to the Steeplechase it was a subdivision. I was liked a balloon that had just been popped. My husband got quite the kick out of it and tells the story often. It’s always good for a laugh!!!

    Oh, just in case you need to know……I’m an XL (smile)


  24. Oh, wow, Coie!

    That game is tough! I played a little bit this afternoon, and my score was huge! HAHAHAH! My kids liked watching me play, so I am sure they will be checking it out and beating my score!

    Have a great day! Tami

  25. i want a shirt

    #1 I found hsb through the magazine webpage when i subscribed. soon after i started blogging,

    #2 i found your website through your mom and more recently through the company porch where i heard i could win a shirt. i read it because i hope to someday have a kid your age who is homeschooled and likes their mom as much as you seem to.

    #3 my most embarassing moment? oh, there are so many. most recently i decided to try riding a bike. they say you never forget how. oh how wrong “they” are. i forgot how to use the handbreaks, collided into my daughter, tried to avoid hurting her so i feel off and got a huge knot on my chin. lovely. everyone asked, “what happened?” it was so embarassing to say, “bike accident.”

  26. Hello

    nice t-shirt. looks good on you. here’s my stories and i’m stickin’ to it. LOL

    1. Last summer i typed in the word blog on my search engine and ended up on HSB. I have stayed here at the blog because of the wonderful people from every age group. It is awesome here at the blog. so much info and so many heartfelt stories. most of the time i am just reading instead of typing.

    2. I found your blog because i wanted to see the new t-shirts. i love the frog. when i was a little girl i frog gigged with my dad. your frog is cute. Have you ever ate frog legs??

    3. My most embarrasing moment was when i was in the 10th grade and i had this huge crush on an older guy(12th grade). anyway, high platform clogs were all the rage for shoes and i was walking across the gym floor toward him and fell flat on my face. i was too shy to ever look his way again. LOL

    God bless you sweetly~~deb

    I just love looking at everyone’s comments. thanks for sharing….

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