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Whoa! it's me!

by coie - July 27th, 2005.
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Hello Everyone!


I'm leaving in a few hours for TN.  We are moving the Suarezes out there.  They are my cousins– check out their blogs!  Paul, Luke, Levi.  Julia doesn't have a blog yet, but maybe soon!


I just got into HTML and redesigned my first template for my sister.  It took me about 1 hour just to find the right colors.  I excitedly called, “Emmiko!!  Come here and check out your blog.  Look what I did to it!”.  She's very truthful and in 2 seconds decided, “Mmmmmm, I don't like it.  Those look like apples, not peaches.” Soooo, HSB will be using it instead.  :):)


Teens/Kids- look for a bible study to be coming soon!  I, along with Kristin, Tim, and Jake are working on setting it up currently.  We are hoping to launch it in the HSB chatroom in September.  ADULTS!  We are looking for adults to attend these “chats”.  Please contact me at Coie @ (take spaces out) if you are willing to be there. 


That's all I have to talk about right now…but my next post should prove amusing.  🙂

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  1. You're taking them to TN??

    And then going back to CA and back to TN again?? You be crazy, girl!

    I'll try to get Peaches loaded to the gallery before the week is out so others who may be more appreciative of it can use it. 🙂 And you can change your sis's template at any time, I got the graphic saved on my puter.


  2. Yup

    That's the plan, ma'am! Leaving tonight…get back in a week or so…decide if we move out there…and maybe go out there….

  3. Hello!

    Sounds like fun, Coie! When we moved last time, our friends and cousins came with us, and we had a BLAST!

    Have fun! (^_^)


  4. Untitled Comment

    ok, i'm ready for you to come home, Coie. hurry up and come home. and when you come home, please clean up your messy room.

    love momsie

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