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I Chopped Off My Daddem's Afro

by coie - March 31st, 2006.
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Bwahaha.  I just cut my dad’s hair for the first time.  I hardly got a warning either.


“Coie, you’re going to cut my hair tomorrow.”  *Grin*

“Uh oh…I don’t think I can do that.”

“Sure you can!”

“But ummm….errrr….the clippers are really crummy.”

*Frown* “They used to work didn’t they?”


*Grin* “Then we can fix ‘em!”


So dad pulled out the clippers, cleaned them up and I got to work.  I was really stressed because I’ve well, um, had some pretty bad haircutting experiences with my cousins…when I was 11.  *snort* Yeah, Uncle Paul has pretty much banned the word “haircut” from my mouth.


Dad laughed while I snipped away and said, “You are the calmest girl.  The [younger] girls are going to spaz out when they get to cut my hair.  I’ll be sad when you leave.”


“Well, you can always come over to my house for a haircut.”


“Aww, thanks.  But I actually meant when you die.  You’re not moving.”


I ended up doing a “stellar” job as dad put it.  😉  Sooooo, who’s next?  Coie’s Cuttin’ Corner is up and running.


**UPDATE** Here are BEFORE and AFTER pics of my Daddems.  No, this is not to portray the change of emotions, but change of hairstyles.  Keep that in mind.

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    Untitled Comment

    If I decide that growing my hair out is just “too much” I know who I will call.

    Mr Joe has banned me from cutting any of my childrens hair. So if I need theirs cut, I will call you. If we ever get one of those dogs that needs prepping and trimming. I will call YOU! You will get all our business. Tracy cuts her own hair. NOW that is scary! fkdjfhkdfjhdsfkjhdsfjkasd

    Do I get to see you tomorrow? I heard your momsie may be coming to town.

  2. iluvmy3chickiesandtheirdaddy2

    Hey Coie….

    the chick with all the talent!! Maybe you can start highlighting your mom’s hair too!!

    Great music on your blog!!

    Mrs. Perkins

  3. ByHisGraceInColorado

    Hey there Coie!

    I love your new pic! And man,you did a number on your dad. Sorry! LOL.

    Just kidding. I have had fun looking at your blog, really liked the audio blog and am jealous cuz I know not how to do it. And the music is cool on here too. Hmmm. Someday I am gonna get smart! Can I join your dumbination club? I would fit right in!

    P.S. thanks for the great help on biographies! Oh, and tell your mom I got my announcement email for the CBA convention in Denver again, and am HOPING we can all go again!!!!! Beg and plead with her and auntie, OK?????? Then this year I will bring Mary Rose and we will have SO much fun ok?????

    Your Mom keeps saying she misses me, so tell her to put her money where her MOUTH is. LOL


    Mrs. B.

  4. CAgirlwithasoutherndrawl

    Untitled Comment

    I actually snorted when I read that. It is a very good thing that my coffee wasn’t ready or there would be big problemos here.

    My favorite part? “I meant when you die. You are not moving.”

    ~Aunt Spiff that rhymes with Biff which sort of rhymes with buff, which I ain’t

  5. and to think….

    i spent 1200 hrs in beauty school…..

    great job Coie!

  6. Untitled Comment

    Great haircutting.;) My dad wouldn’t let me go within 10 feet of him with the clippers. Hehehehehehehe. LoL.



    p.s. You changed your avatar AGAIN?! LoL!

  7. Untitled Comment

    your dad is going to murder you if he finds out you put those awful pics up of my. my heavens.

  8. Untitled Comment

    HA!!! Coie’s Cuttin’ Corner. I like that.

    Coie, Auntie needs a haircut. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    heh heh

  9. Coie!

    Hey girl! Nice job on Geo’s hair! How’s Tennessee treatin’ ya? I miss it!

  10. Hair

    I cut my own hair.

  11. Hair

    I cut my own hair.

  12. Untitled Comment

    great job on the hair. your dad looks like a nice and funny man.

    i cut all three of the boys hair and their dad when he lets me.

    saves tons of money for us.


  13. Good for you, Coie!

    Yeah… my mom made me cut HER hair a few months ago… boy was I ever nervous about THAT!

    But it turned out OK.


  14. Untitled Comment

    You wanna cut my hair? It needs cutting or something.

    I like your avatar, I’m thinking of changing mine to the pic I have up now……..the things I do for contests.

    0:) Amber


    Hey Coie

    You did an AWESOME job on your dad’s hair. I cut my mom’s hair and my own. I would like to get my beautician’s license.


  16. you forgot somethings

    the eyebrows

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