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The Southern Conspiracy

by coie - March 30th, 2006.
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It clicked last night.  The light bulb went off.  Realization struck me.  It makes so much more sense.  No, I’m not talking about Algebra.  I finally figured out why people are so nice to us and the Suarez Family out here.  We are not charming in the least bit, and that's what got my suspicions going.


You see, in Tennessee everybody is related, and they are getting kind of tired of marrying their second cousins.  So when our families came along with 10 kids in haul, they got to thinking that BerthaLoo and Bubba didn’t have to marry their dad’s cousins on his mom’s side twice removed after all.  No matter that we are lunatics.  All they know is we aren’t related to them already.   So they put on their most friendly faces and gave us a hearty southern reception.  Ohh, I just knew something was fishy.


I wouldn’t be surprised if people have all 10 of us lined up right now without us or our parents knowing.  Crazy stinkin' Southern Conspiracy. 

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  1. CAgirlwithasoutherndrawl

    oh yipes!

    you are on to us! I knew I talked too much.

    oh, brother…er….second cousin…whatEVER

    ~Mrs. Willimas who will someday be related to you

  2. Cute!

    I happen to believe that southern hospitality is also genuine…however, while we are native Floridians, we aren’t from “these parts” – where everyone is related to everyone else. I tease my daughters-in-law that they married my sons because they knew for certain that of all the young men that live here, they were NOT related to them!

    It is still a small world, however. See if you can follow this…we raised my brother’s son, Michael, who eventually married a beautiful young lady, Lizbeth, from Panama, now a U.S. Citizen. Michael’s dad, my brother, married a woman from Ohio, who he met in California. Dorothy, my brother’s wife, grew up in foster homes in Ohio. She had 13 siblings from various fathers. Dorothy decided to try to find her mother (to obtain a health history) and found her living here in Florida. One of Dorothy’ sisters was also living with their mother, and when Dorothy went to her mother’s home, she saw a photograph of a little boy she recognized. She recognized him as being a little boy that Michael’s, my nephew, wife Lizbeth’s mother had adopted! Are you still with me? That meant that Michael ended up marrying his step-cousin’s (through his step-mother) step sister! Wild, eh?

    Mrs. Hunter – who married someone she KNOWS she is not at all related to in ANY way! =)

  3. Southern people…humph

    Yeah, I’ve wondered why southern people are a little weird….no I’m just kidding! I am from the south…so…basically I am calling myself awkward!

    Which I am.

    I love your blog! and your awkwardness…..


    Untitled Comment

    You found out! Who tipped you off?

    I think you are doijg to much thinking this week!

    Stop thinking or you may guess what else we are up to …fsdjkafhasdkjfhsdakfj

  5. Untitled Comment

    yup! that sounds just about right….


    Good one, Coie.

    Hey, we had it planned out how the kids in my family can marry off to get the most brothers/sisters-in-law.


  7. Untitled Comment

    You’re not too far off! Scary, huh? Fortunately, none of my family was born in Tennessee!

    Nope, our family likes you all because you’re strange, like us! We’ve been searching a long time with others with such a warped sense of humor. Jackpot!

    Mrs. Smylie or Letitia or whatever you call me!

  8. Oookay, so….uh…pahahaha!

    Oh, my goodness! Coie you are So funny!!! ( But that was a joke-wasn't it? ) Anyways, I love ya and I can't wait until you come to CA!

    Bye Coie!


    P.S. I am trying to fill a quota of 300 comments that I post and I can't comment unless someone responds to a comment that I have posted. So please post back!

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  9. Untitled Comment

    It depends on if they were born and raised here or not. Some people (like us) moved here from another state…it’s just them local hillbillies that done lived in these here parts all their lives that are all related! 🙂

    have a great day,


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